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Ian Frazer European OpenIan Frazer has been at the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Classic this week.  Read on to see how the PartyPoker ambassador has progressed in the first two days at the Bellagio and a curious appearance from a hungover Devilfish!

At the bottom of the post we have another edition of Ian’s video tutorial series.

WPT Bellagio Las Vegas Day 1

Well I am here, my flight was only 5% full and Vegas seems really quiet, without all the cowboys here for their annual Rodeo festival it would be like a ghost town I am sure. It is also the coldest I have ever witnessed it here, I’m thinking this is going to be 100% working trip and no messing.

I register for the $5000 NLH side event and after 1 hour there is only 50 runners, this is not looking good. I play for 3 hours hardly moving a chip as there are a string of young guns on my table that obviously all know each other and they are persisting in making outrageous moves and raises then showing each other after. I think this is so funny; it’s like a competition between them and there’s loads of whispering going on. I am sure you know what I mean. The others at the table hate this but they’re not really seeing the potential.

I figure it is absolutely no good locking horns with these guys yet unless I have a hand, but then as the blinds get bigger I can use my image to work for me. I feel so confident I will outlast them all and find some good spots.

We are 4 hours into the tourney there are now 118 runners and Devilfish walks in, he is un-shaven, looks like he just got up and tells me he’d been party-in all night and had an hour’s kip (nothing changes then). Well he immediately doubles up and before the end of level 5 has 60k in chips. Ha-ha way to go eh!

Back to my game and I am so card dead it’s a joke AQ twice and JJ in BB with a walk ha-ha. I am down to 6500 there are still 4 of the young guns there but with 3 new players. The blinds are 200/ 400 with ante and I find A7 on the button when a player next to me over raises so I push, he calls with 7 10 and I double up Wallop! The next hand same guy raises again I push with Q2 and he folds. I get this guy again the next round and then make a couple of moves on one of the young guns and I have 48k Luvvly jubbly. We now break and down to one young gun left, I just knew it.

We play another level and there are 52 players left 1st prize $200k, I did get QQ that level but no action.

I get raised from last young gun in 2nd position it’s a weak raise which normally meant ace rag or connecting face cards from him and decide to play I have Jc3c (I know it’s bad, but timing felt good) so I re-pop 4X, I know he doesn’t like it but he calls. Flop Ac2c4x, this is great flop for me and I bet ¾ pot, he tanks and calls. I have to give him credit for an ace and put him on A9- ish, I figure he can’t have A2 or A4 as he would have re-popped it and the initial raise was too small for AK.

However he could have AA the vibe I am getting from him is more like raggy ace and he is worried about his kicker; he started the hand with 20k more chips than me, so I figure he can pass if I don’t hit. Turn comes another Ace, now I am in trouble as I know he has an ace and probably gonna find it very hard to fold even though he thinks I have AQ/AK. I take my time and decide to check hoping for a free river and take a view but if he bets, depending on the size I was going to push representing the big hand or fold.

Well that’s exactly what happened, my check induced a bet, I asked how many he had left to ensure he was aware he can pass and then I pushed and he sighed rocked backwards but then called anyway and was jumping for joy when he saw his A7 against my draw, which I missed. In hind sight I am obviously gutted about being out and playing the hand that way against him, but he did have enough chips to pass and I sold the story perfectly but these plays only work against top players DOH!

Off to the bar and some Chinese!

PS not sure what happened to the fish.

WPT Blog Bellagio Las Vegas Day 2

There are two super satellites going on today for the $15400 main event, plus lots of single table satellites for varying amounts. There are no other tourneys of any value on so I decide to play an $1800 one table; I am first to register and then leave to get some coffee. When I get back, the table is seated and about to start, I am gutted the line up is really strong and I think there is no value here what so ever. The good thing is we get 20k in starting chips so lots of play.

I don’t play a hand for the first level (20mins) and then get AK in BB with a 3 bet and call so I make it 5X and take the pot. The guy to my right who flatted the action said “big bet” as he passed and I said big hand man and left it like that.

One round later I’m big blind the same guy 3 bets me I have 33 so I double the action he re-doubles and I push all in. He thinks for a milli-second and passes I now show one 3 ha-ha I figure this can get me action as I am going to lock up now for a while.

The very next round same guy raises in cut off I have AJ on button and call, the flop comes AK5 he pushes with K9 I snap call and he is first one out. Wallop!

I am now feeling good and don’t get involved at all until we get 6 handed where I put in a few re-raises and accumulate a nice stack.

I stay patient as there are 2 short stacks and I am not giving any free chips. After a cagey few levels, we are 3 handed, Kenna James & Noah (a Vegas & world circuit regular) there is nothing for 3rd $2k for second and $15500 for the winner. After a good bit of fun I eventually get the better of Noah with my KK v 44 and I am heads up with Kenna with a 2/1 chip lead. We are good mates and decide on a split I take $11k and the game is over. I am very pleased with that as it was a tough table.

It is only early and I am playing the main event tomorrow so I decide to watch a show and get some food to keep me out of trouble for the night.

PS Fish was spotted in Pure last night so figured he didn’t make final table.

Ian Frazer’s Poker Video Tutorial

In honour of the young guns that Ian encountered on day 1 of his trip to Vegas this week the European Open champ discusses how to adapt your game to crazy loose players.  We’ve all encountered this problem at the poker table so Ian’s pro tips will come in handy next time you sit down with hyper-aggressive players.  Last week Ian discussed strategy for the early levels of tournament poker. As a Christmas bonus we’ve organised an Ian Frazer bounty tournament for the 27th of December, head over to the partypoker facebook page for details on how to register.


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