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Earlier in the week we brought you the thoughts of two of our twenty-seven online qualifiers for the Aussie Millions. ‘Carlton_hahn’ told us how he almost missed the final qualifier and ‘Kavinda111’ explained how he won his $12,000 package without depositing a cent.

Today ‘ThundrXpress’ tells us about his hope of meeting Phil Ivey at the tables , ‘MWT55’ explains how multi-tabling helped him to stay awake in the latter stages of the tourney and Bakspejlet can’t wait for his first offline tournament.


I bought in directly after spending at least the same amount in the $70/$140 satellites with absolutely no success there…=)

After a very shaky first two hours, I had a nice streak with some sweet setups in my favour taking me into the top ten places and from there I tried to keep control over my position in the field and not waste any chips. I had a good feeling with 26 players to go, but from there it was very sweaty with the smaller stacks doubling up quite frequently. I just tried to hang in there, and figure out which players were most likely to fold almost all of their holdings and play accordingly.

This is gonna be my first live tourney ever! I should probably do some preparation to adjust to live play or chances are I will be smashed at the tables down there. Expectations are high nonetheless, it will be exciting for sure!

I´ve always wondered how it would feel like to have Phil Ivey staring you down for a two minute period, so that would probably be a memory/scar for life!


I have been playing poker for about five years, the last two I have been relying on it as my sole income, so I guess that makes me a pro. I mostly play cash, NLHE up to 25/50 and PLO up to 10/20. I play online tournaments with moderate success and this will be my first major land based tournament, so despite having played a lot of poker I am really excited and from my experience I know that PartyPoker really takes care of their players.

I bought directly into Sundays’ tournament and without a doubt it was one of the sickest I have experienced: after about 3hrs play I had managed to double my stack without much risk and within the next hour had got to 200k, again without putting my tourney at risk. I am in Thailand at the moment and with the time difference and my lifestyle I had been awake for 36hrs and was falling asleep between hands, so I rattled up a few tables of PLO to keep me focused! (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for your bankroll…).

So I am in a comfortable situation and get dealt QQ in 3rd position and open 3x, the hijack calls and the small blind shoves, he has a similar stack to me, perhaps I can fold but it looks like a chance for me to cement my position, I call, hijack passes, and he flips over KK and I’m out, but I look again and see I have just over 5k left.

Blinds 5k/10k and call next hand with K4o,no one else calls and I manage to treble up against the blinds with K high! Next hand I shove, I forget the hand, nobody calls. So I’m in the big blind with J4,nobody raises and the button calls! Small blind completes and we all check a low board the turn brings a jack I shove, fold, fold.

So suddenly I am at nearly 100k,in the small blind with K4,and it folds around to the button who open shoves 600k, I honestly thought it was a great spot and virtually insta call, he shows 89s and my hand holds, nearly 200k!

For the next couple of hours I manage to increase to 400k without taking a flop. We are now down to 30 odd players and the longest foldathon ensued for another couple of hours and the players were whittled down very slowly no one taking a chance, and I managed to maintain my stack till the nerve shredding end.

With $15,000 or nothing at stake everyone was feeling the pressure, and this majority contributed to me managing to qualify, to be honest too many of the medium stacks refused to get involved and I should have been eliminated, and this is an important lesson for sattelites and tourneys in general: you have to be prepared to get involved and at least maintain your stack, put pressure on your opponents, nobody did this until near the end and it was too late for some, and 20 fortunate players are going to Oz, and I very much look forward to seeing you all out there.

As for my aspirations for the tournament: I have very little experience with deep stack tournaments and I will have to adjust to longer levels, but I feel confident of my ability to take on any table I am at. But as to the the wider considerations of strategy in a tournament of this type, I have a lot of preparation ahead of me!

Although I haven’t been to Australia, I have family there and look forward to seeing them, and having as much fun as possible regardless of the result.


I won two subqualifyers to get to the qualifying event Sunday 13. of December. My start was a OK, but after a while, I lost heavily on a river flush, which left me with some 60 % of my starting stack.

About 20 minutes later I trippled on pocket JJ. My two opponents each had AQ, and on the flop AQ came up. I was lucky on the river and hit the J!

Later on I was all in with AJ and won. Shortly after, I had my second period of very bad cards, and without that win, I would probably have been out.

Throughout the rest of the tournament, my cards were alright, and I won some pots frequently, with best hand being JJ once again.

I have never played offline tournaments before. I have some years of experience from online tournaments for fun mostly. I hope to be among the last 50 players of the tournament. I hope to meet some of the fine Danish players. But I surely can wait to play them until the final table. :)

I have a lot of work, I must do before leaving Denmark. So there will be no studying of poker on my part until the tournament.


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