Our Daily Legends tournaments are available to all partypoker players regardless of the size of their bankrolls. Buy-ins start at a mere $1.10 and increase all the way to $1,050. It does not matter if you play at the low end or the top end of the buy-in scale, you are treated to the same excellent format and structures.

partypoker player Deano Robb is a fan of the Daily Legends tournaments and both the Legend of the Week and Boosted Daily Legends promotions. The dad of two boys, who lives with his wife-to-be in Buckingham, United Kingdom, spoke exclusively to the partypoker blog earlier this week.

“I always enjoyed playing cards with my family members as a young boy, mostly at caravan parks around the UK. My favourite game was four of one and three of the other, which most people call Rummy!”

“I discovered poker when I was 17-years-old after seeing my mother’s partner playing a card game on his computer. He explained what poker was, and it did not take long to sign for a play money account at an online poker site. I only played for fun until I was around 21, which is when I started playing home games with a bunch of friends twice a month.”

The Ever-Evolving Game of Poker

Deano Robb winning the DTD PLO event

Poker has gone through many changes over the years. Strategies that were once considered cutting edge are no redundant; the game continually evolves. It is the constant evolution of the game that keeps Deano coming back for more.

“The thing I love most about poker is the way it keeps evolving. I have been playing on and off for nearly 20 years, and I still feel like I am learning every day. I watch a lot of streamers and try to take things from each of their games to benefit my own.”

“By the way, congratulations to Jaime Staples on his recent biggest score. I really enjoy his stream and admire the commitment he puts into his game.”

Deano put what he had learned over many years grinding to good use in November 2019 when he took down a £275 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha at Dusk Till Dawn for £6,000, something he considers his best poker achievement to date.

“My best poker achievement was winning the DTD500 Omaha event. Although I could be wrong, I think that it was the first PLO event held at Dusk Till Dawn. I won a ticket via a $10 satellite. I’d wanted to go to DTD for a while but never thought my first time there would end in a victory! I’ve won many football trophies, but none made me prouder than the trophy I won that day.”

Free Ticket + Bird Droppings = $8.8K Score

Deano Robb and a friend

Poker is a mixture of skill and luck, and Deano’s luck was undoubtedly in when he secured an $8,800 score to launch his poker career. They say it is good luck if a bird poos on you from above. That happened to Deano while on holiday, and it resulted in a large, four-figure prize.

“I’d received an email saying I’d received a $22 ticket, but I was away with my partner and son, and it was out last night because we were going home early. I told my partner about the free ticket and that it expired tomorrow (it did not, I just wanted to play poker!), so she said to use it. I played from 19:00 through to 06:00 on my phone and managed to take second place. She was so angry with me until I mentioned the fact I’d won $8,800, which is still my biggest score! The funny thing was that a load of seagulls had poo’d on our bags, which is obviously seen by some as a sign of luck! I’ve been waiting under seagulls’ flightpaths ever since!”

Bird droppings or no bird droppings, Deano continues to get his grind on at the partypoker tables. His favourite event on the Daily Legends schedule is the $11 buy-in SuperStack, thanks to its structure.

“You start with 300 big blinds, and I just like the format. It is a lot of chips and relatively slow blinds. You do not see structures like this unless you are lucky enough to play in the high rollers, plus I like being able to make adventurous plays that do not result in you busting out after making one mistake.”

Reduced late registration, limited re-entries, and a finish time that means you can get to bed at a reasonable hour are just some of the Daily Legends’ features that have proven popular with our players. Deano also loves the fact you can use them to build a bankroll even from a lowly position.

Legend of the Week Promotion is “Insanely Good”

“I cannot praise the Daily Legends and the promotions enough. Having to save for my wedding in May 2022, I had to withdraw most of my poker bankroll and start from scratch playing $0.02/$0.05 cash games. I managed to win a $12.50 satellite ticker from a $5,000 freeroll ticket awarded by one of your promotions. I then qualified for the $125 Open and came fourth for around $900.”

“I have played on partypoker for around five years now, and I’ve never seen such a good promotion rewarded tournament players. It’s usually cash game players get this, and cash players get that. Obviously, that is where the stakes are higher, and the biggest money is made, but there are so many players like myself who just enjoy MTTs.”

Deano has managed to finish as high as 14th in the Legend of the Week leaderboards, which resulted in a bunch of free tickets heading his way. It is this promotion that Deano says every tournament player should get involved with.

“Any MTT players looking to come over to partypoker right now are doing so at the perfect time if you look into the Legend of the Week promotion and the tickets it offers. You can build a bankroll from spending only $25 per week (2x $2.20 tournaments, six days a week), plus the tickets you gain from finishing in the top 100 make it possible to win more. It is an insanely good promotion for MTT players.”

“I used to tease Colette, the Facebook group admin, in saying bring back the Click & Collect promotion because it was the only MTT promotion I could remember, but this one is far better, and I really hope it is here to stay.”

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