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poker player dolls

I loved the film Gremlins but, surprisingly, I was also a fan of Gremlins II ‘The New Batch.’ Here is my new batch – can you recognise them all? Though I am still undecided about playing in the WSOP I am staking a team. This is my terrapoker army. As you can see there are some strong and weak areas.

The idea is that selected PartyPoker WSOP qualifiers will look after the team and have them at the table with them – take it that I am giving them the guiding hand from afar!

Power, heart and commitment have been channelled into the dolls and I am even considering creating a betting market on which doll makes the deepest run in the Main Event. I think it is a good idea considering I originally bought them for Zasko to grind his teeth on.

Who do we have here? My Team colleagues Kara Scott and Dragan Galic are perhaps not the best ones – after all how could I do Kara justice through a doll?

There’s Durrrr, Laak, Roland de Donkey, Annette and the Seiborg. My personal favourites are Robert Williamson III and Jennifer Tilly – I had to pay for the extra stuffing in certain areas.

Then of course there is Howard Lederer (pins optional). I already have Negreanu, Hellmuth, Devilfish, Matusow (which will be biking its way to one lucky reader soon) and Bruno Fitoussi, while legal reasons mean the Phil Ivey buddy will not be making the trip to Vegas.

I have been talking to my sponsors and I am hoping to offer copies of my buddies through the loyalty store very soon.

In the meantime, do you have any suggestions on what I should do with my new team? I hope to put them at the tables at the WSOP but they don’t stand up so well so am a little worried. $50 in their PartyPoker account goes to anyone who gives me a creative solution I choose to use! Ideas have to be submitted in the comments below.


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