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I admit it, I’m thinking of not playing an event at the WSOP this year because I am scared I will get pi**ed on. Like Phil Hellmuth, I have realised that I no longer have what it takes to keep up with the kids. They have worked me out and will flush me out.

If you aren’t in Vegas you wouldn’t have seen the new marketing initiative by PokerNews, it is actually a sophisticated market research strategy, we paid millions for this. I want people to tell me what they think of me! Despite that, I will not take it to heart I will let it all wash over me.

I heard the person to christen these mats was Mike Matusow. That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, he’s been raining down on me for weeks. So many of you have asked via Twitter what my reaction to his attacks on me is and I just say this. I love Mike the Mouth, not enough to have his babies but whatever he says I will still love the troubled genius.

I was watching an old show the other day where we both featured, he makes me smile at the table – at least he doesn’t sit there with a hoodie, sunglasses and top of the range headphones saying nothing. He sits there spurting absolute nonsense and makes the game entertaining.

Mike Matusow doll giveaway

I don’t really hate anybody, I love to needle Phil Hellmuth (I may be found in the restrooms but his face was on a beer that tasted of urine) but I don’t hate him, quite the opposite actually.

Why else do I have dolls made up of famous poker players so they can be in my company 24 hours a day. It is with this in mind that I have decided to give away for permanent adoption my Mike Matusow doll (signed by Mike of course) to one lucky reader of my blog.

Post the player you dislike the most and the reason why on this blog post below (entries only selected from comments on this blog) and I will choose one lucky winner.

Be original, make me laugh. Remember a Mini Mike is for life, just not for Christmas! Good luck.


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