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We love hearing about our players’ success stories. It doesn’t matter if they’ve triumphed in a $0.50 tournament, or have crushed $2/$5 PLO cash games. Every victory is a reason to celebrate.

One partypoker player whose success we’re celebrating right now is Balazs “TheNitor” Szabo. The Hungarian student recently won the $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold’em Cash Game Leaderboard and padded his bankroll with $500, or 1,000 big binds at those stakes.

Balazs lives with his brother in his native Hungary. By day he studies at university, by night he hits the partypoker tables.

“I was born into a gambling family,” explained Balazs, “so I played a lot of different card games from a young age. I started playing online poker when I was 18, but it was only for small stakes. I only play No-Limit Hold’em.”

The Hungarian has improved his skills over the years but still prefers to play in lower stakes games. You’ll probably have bumped into him at the $0.02/$0.05 fastforward tables at some point. It’s at these tables that Balasz won the leaderboard from. Obviously, he’s a big fan of the promotion!

“I really love this promotion. There were similar promotions at partypoker previously but they didn’t seem as good as this one. The best thing about this promotion is that you have the chance to win even if you play low stakes. Everyone has a chance without having to battle with higher limit players. I’ve never seen a promotion as good!

Everyone who we’ve spoken to about the Cash Game Leaderboards states the increased traffic at their limits being a major benefit. Balazs thinks the same.

“There didn’t used to be many people playing in the early hours, but now there are always 100 or more at the tables.”

Balasz decided early that he was going to go for the win. He told the partypoker blog, “finishing second or third was not an option for me.” Victory didn’t come easy, Balasz played between six and nine tables for up to nine hours per day, but it was worth it when he finished at the top of his leaderboard.

“I’m planning on playing higher limits, but I will also withdraw some money too. I always search for better and better promotions, but partypoker is running some awesome ones so I’m planning on staying here and winning those too!”

Good luck to Balazs and to every other partypoker player hitting our tables.

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