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Flippen333 is one of the most recent PartyPoker qualifiers to the WSOP Main Event. You can be the next one to win the $14,000 WSOP package!

Here is what Flippen333 had to say about the win…

Tell me how your WSOP satellite went. What route did you take? What were the key moments in the satellite?

I bought in the $80 satellite, there were a bit over 80 players so 8 seats for the $750 satellite. In the $750 satellite there were 63 players, so 3 WSOP seats.

Even as there were only 63 players this was one of the hardest tournaments I’ve ever played. There were 62 very strong players, only one weaker player so I was very happy to make it to the last 3.


I raised with A10s in the second level, got reraised by one of the blinds with 10 4, he got a bit annoyed with my raises. Flop was 10 high and I called his flop and turn bet, he checked the 10river and then called my big river bet.

I called a 3xbb raise in the SB with JK, flop was 910x, I bet the flop, he called. Turned the nuts (Q), I checkedraised him, he overbet allin. This was pot for chiplead with only 2 tables left. I was very lucky to hit the turn and even more lucky my opponent wanted to play for his stack in that hand, he had way to many chips to go allin there.

11 players left,  I was in top 2 and called an all in on a 9 high flop allin with A10 and FD, he called my PF raise with A9 and pushed on flop, I didn’t hit and was down to average stack.

When we were down to 6/7 players and the blinds were high I called a reraise allin after I raised PF with AJs, he had AQ and I was lucky to hit my flush or otherwise I would have been crippled, after this player got eliminated everyone started to play very tight so I was able to build my stack to a safe position by raising a lot of pots.

Tell me about your PartyPoker story. How did you get started playing with us? Why do you like to play at our tables?

When I started playing online I’ve tried a couple of other sites as well but never liked playing there, I’ve always most enjoyed playing at PartyPoker.

Could you tell me about your offline experience? Did you ever play one of big events like WSOP or WPT?

I’ve never played  the WSOP or a WPT before. In 2007 I qualified for the Pokernews cup though in Melbourne on PartyPoker.

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against at WSOP and why?

Not really. Hopefully I don’t have to play guys like Phil Hellmuth and Matusow, I don’t like to listen to my Ipod when I play but I have to listen to music when I’m at a table with guys like that.

What is your advice for players who want to emulate your success in the next Party tournament?

All I can say is keep playing. I wish everyone good luck. Hopefully many Partypoker players will make it to the WSOP this year!


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