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I got a tetchy phone call on Monday – best to say my delightful sponsors PartyPoker weren’t that happy with me.

I missed the first running of the Sunday Bike Ride last Sunday – I fell asleep – what a twit. Customer services calls – I know, I know – I am truly sorry – I’ve got the bike and I rode it.

I wrote recently about being the third most hated man in poker – am I trying to make instant progress in moving higher up the charts?

Added $3,500 of my own money

Anyway, I want to make things good so I have added $3,500 of my own money to this Sunday’s Bike Ride – instead of $1,500 – the prize pool is going to be $5,000. I thought long and hard about how I could use the guiding hand of Tony G to smooth this situation.

I came up with the added money solution – in this case aloe vera and lavender like i suggested in the Annie Duke/Daniel Negreanu dispute wasn’t good enough.

Hard cash is the way forward – after all I will be winning it too! THE TOURNAMENT IS AT THE NEW TIME OF 16:00 ET on Sunday 14th November – it will be morning where I am – there is no chance of me falling asleep then. It costs only 25 PartyPoints to play.

I would have taken Zasko for a walk and will be mentally prepared for a session of donkey killing. I am sorry, much more sorry than I was for calling the clock on Andrew Robl – I promise. There is one big plus about missing last week – the audio options are now ready for the Sunday Bike Ride.

Yes, I can talk to you through the screen whilst I am crushing your souls. Big thanks to Palladium VIP member Laser_Savage for his help with this. Check it out here.

I will leave you with this. Can you believe that a bush cricket has bigger balls than Phil Hellmuth? Unbelievable!


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