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The Grand Prix KO series kicked off in explosive style with two champions crowned and a handful of other events starting their Day 1s. Plenty of players got off to a flying start, find out who below.

Grand Prix KO #01 Mini 6-Max Top 10 Chip Counts

The Grand Prix KO #01 Mini 6-Max event has seen 2,062 players buy in so far, and only 304 have made it through to Day 2. Nobody has more chips than Lewis Kershaw who bagged up 2,153,569 betting token in his chosen flight.

Kershaw bulldozed his way to the top of the coverall chip count while accumulating $11.41 worth of bounties along the way. Only Ukrainian Roman Shepel, with 2,119,645 chips, has managed to break through the two million chips barrier to date.

That could all change over the coming week because there are five Day 1s taking place every day, each staggered throughout the day to give players around the world access to this value-packed tournament.

It only costs $5.50 to buy into yet there is a cool $50,000 guaranteed.

Place Player Country Bounties Chips
1 Lewis Kershaw United Kingdom $11.41 2,153,569
2 Roman Shepel Ukraine $18.42 2,119,645
3 Joszef Balint Hungary $17.65 1,923,401
4 Simone De Murro Ireland $3.12 1,887,401
5 Norman Gaso Germany $13.89 1,836,633
6 Gia Vinh Truong Canada $16.24 1,694,204
7 Denis Kipnis Russia $5 1,676,530
8 Matthew Gombar Canada $3.75 1,658,026
9 Holger Dillmann Germany $5.94 1,609,730
10 Goran Ostovic Croatia $8.90 1,609,158

Grand Prix KO #02 6-Max Top 10 Chip Counts

Some 1,070 players bought into the 6-Max event across a trio of flights, each costing $55 to enter. One-hundred and sixty-one of those starters are through to Day 2 at the first attempt, and it is the United Kingdom’s Matthew Anderson who is the leader right now.

Anderson finished his Day 1 armed with 1,947,804 chips and $93.75 worth of bounties in his possession. Nuno Victor Lopes is the man in second-place right now; he bagged up 1,627,270 chips and $62.50 worth of bounty payments.

Slightly further down the counts is the Belgian superstar known as Matthias De Meulder. Look out for him on Day 2.

Again, like the Mini 6-Max, there are plenty more chances to get involved in this event, with three flights taing place every day up to and including July 26.

Place Player Country Bounties Chips
1 Matthew Anderson United Kingdom $93.75 1,947,804
2 Nuno Victor Lopes Luxembourg $62.50 1,627,270
3 Josh King Canada $107.81 1,571,148
4 Ivan Sakharov Netherlands $142.19 1,517,161
5 Leonardo Gama Brazil $43.75 1,473,733
6 Marcos Paulo Padilha Moreira Brazil $43.75 1,373,716
7 Matthias De Meulder Belgium $37.50 1,370,16
8 Jose Donato E Silva Suzuki Brazil $68.75 1,301,546
9 Said Mehmedov Russia $25 1,290,159
10 Markus Prinz Latvia $54.69 1,288,701

Grand Prix KO #03 6-Max High Roller Top 10 Chip Counts

The first of 11 flights in the $530 buy-in 6-Max High Roller attracted 179 players, and 26 of those punched their Day 2 tickets. Finnish grinder Tomi Brouk finished in the envious position of chip leader with a 1,719,552 stack. Brouk is already freerolling to the main prize pool prizes having banked $1,687.50 worth of bounty payments.

Others who made it through include Markus Prinz, Claas Segebrecht, Diego Cuellar, Jonathan Proudfoot, and Brandon Adams.

Another Day 1 runs every day at 20:05 BST up to July 26. Why not try to win a satellite into this star-studded tournament?

Place Player Country Bounties Chips
1 Tomi Brouk Finland $1,687.50 1,719,552
2 Johan Schultz-Pedersen Denmark $718.75 1,489,666
3 Lorinc Wehner Hungary $562.50 1,240,498
4 Morten Hvam Denmark $781.25 1,190,492
5 Markus Prinz Austria $1,031.25 1,173,642
6 Julio Chia Peru $468.75 1,002,861
7 Claas Segebrecht Austria $875 985,397
8 Gilles Simon Netherlands $1,000 817,797
9 Igor Alejandro Perez Peredo Bolivia $531.25 769,308
10 Rui Miguel Nougeira Da Silva Croatia $625 753,936

Rosner Wins the 7-Max Turbo

Dutch star Floyd Rosner can call himself a Grand Prix KO champion after he outlasted 262 opponents in the $215 buy-in 7-Max Turbo.

Our very own Joao Simao narrowly missed out on a final table spot when he fell in eighth place for a combined $1,358. Simao’s exit meant a final table appearance for the surviving seven players.

Aleksei Varashev was the final table’s first casualty; Mary Pudmoreff joined him on the sidelines.

Damir Gabdullin, Nikita Kuznetsov, and Jamie Walden crashed out, which left Rosner heads-up against his fellow Dutchman Cornelis Willem De Moree. Rosner got the job done and his hands on a total prize worth $8,607 while De Moree collected $5,389.

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Floyd Rosner Netherlands $4,638 $3,969
2 Cornelis Willem De Moree Netherlands $1,426 $3,963
3 Jamie Walden United Kingdom $837 $2,682
4 Nikita Kuznetsov Russia $1,461 $1,784
5 Damir Gabdullin Russia $878 $1,277
6 Mary Pudmoreff Canada $1,248 $995
7 Aleksei Varashev Russia $706 $750

Ryokkynen Triumphs in the Mini 7-Max

A bumper crowd of 1,141 players bought into the $22 Mini 7-Max Turbo event, and Finland’s Juuso Ryokknen was the player who accumulated all the chips in play. Victory, with bounties included, weighed in at an impressive $2,867.

The Finnish star defeated Iurii Grigorev of Russia heads-up; second-place resulted in $1,800 heading to Grigorev’s partypoker account.

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Juuso Ryokknen Finland $1,393 $1,474
2 Iurii Grigorev Russia $329 $1,471
3 Enzo Pin Brazil $123 $951
4 James Currie United Kingdom $439 $643
5 Ariel Rezende Brazil $134 $437
6 Kirby White Canada $322 $316
7 Alexander Hector Canada $86 $220

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