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Things started well for me at Aussie Millions 2011. I already visited some tennis matches which is always good for me to see these players.

As former semi-pro player and coach I love to see tennis live. I also had good seats in the 4th row directly behind the baseline which is much better than beside the court. Back to poker.

I got a quite soft table with players who are respecting my plays, so they don’t keep fighting me. I could get a lot of blinds very cheap and no hard action was happening.

Unfortunately the 2 worst players on the table were busted out after about 2 hours. And I did not get any chips from them.

My key hands were mainly nuts which I value check/raised or just bet very big and my image was working pretty well, because I got marginal calls there.

Also as I was bluffing cheap I got the right situations. Then I lost [Ax][Kx] vs [5x][5x] preflop all in against a shorty but won nearly the same amount of chips with vs on flop all in against another shorty.

Then I was involved in a big hand against Roland de Wolfe (again). We met each other in some other events, of course the Big Game 2008 as I bluffed him with [7x][2x].

So I opened UTG, he called and the big blind called. Flop . Big Blind checked, I c-bet very small, Roland raised, I called. Turn , I checked, he bet, I called. River and I did miss my gutshot flush draw  and trips “draw”.

That would be a big pot with implied odds if I would have hit the straight or [3x]. If I would have hit the flush it would go check / check I think. Even with the [Qx] on the river he decided to not value bet, because he was not expecting me to call a worse hand — I would call with [Ax][Kx] or especially [Ax][2x].

End of day 1b, I folded [Kx][Jx] on a [Jx][7x][4x] board and my opponent showed me [Ax][Jx]. I reached day 2 with 53k chips (20k starting) and average was 54k. Blinds 500/1k, so enough space to play with.

Then the was exposed, I had [Tx][Tx] in the big blind. The small blind opened, I 3-bet him, he shoved, I instantly called, he got [Ax][Kx] and I was about 60/40% favorite, especially as was already out. He also could push worse hands than this, like [9x][9x], [8x][8x], or [Ax][8x]. So I lost this thing and was OUT. Good game, good luck and see you soon!


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