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The Monster Series came to a thrilling conclusion on November 16 with both the Main Event and Mini Main Event crowning their champions. Almost $45,000 was the top prize in the Main with $4,500 in prize money making its way to the winner of the Mini.

You can watch the final day’s action from the $300,000 guaranteed Main Event via our Twitch channel.

Monster #26 – Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 goldennnname $44,964
2 GamblingCabin88 $31,546
3 sraaaaaaaa $20,217
4 Kaikki rahat $13,272
5 scrwooj93 $9,087
6 enrico_bm $6,156
7 Galochinha10 $4,302
8 adddo19 $3,223
9 Lingonberry $2,643

The nine-handed final table saw everyone guaranteed at least $2,643 for their efforts, the sum collected by “Lingonberry.” The open-shoved nine big blinds with and “sraaaaaaaa” called on the button with . Those jacks held and Lingonberry busted.

Eighth-place went to “adddo19” who saw “goldennnname” open the pot from middle position. Adddo19 was in the big blind with 2.5 big blinds and called it off with . They were against and busted despite flopped a ten because the board ran .

“Galochinha10” then lost a crucial coinflip in a battle of the blinds. “Kaikki rahat” initially limped in the small blind with before calling Galochinha10’s 14-big blind shove with . The king-queen missed and the player count reduced by one.

The final six became five when “enrico_bm” bowed out. The check-raised all-in with for their last eight big blinds on a flop only to lose to the of “GamblingCabin88”.

Another coinflip sent “scrwooj93” home in fifth-place, goldennnname opened from under the gun with and scrwooj93 pushed all-in for a handful of big blinds from the big blind with . The board ran out void of drama and scrwooj93 was gone.

Five-Figure Scores All Round

The last elimination left four players in the hunt for the title, each now guaranteed a five-figure prize for their $55 investment. The first of those juicy prizes went to Kaikki rahat whose lost to the of GamblingCabin88 in another battle of the blinds.

Heads-up was set when “sraaaaaaaa” was sent to the showers in third-place, a finish worth $20,217. They shoved 11 big blinds from the button with and was called by goldennnname with . The board busted sraaaaaaaa.

Goldennnname went into the heads-up battle with GamblingCabin88 holding a 4,019,721,429 to 1,870,611,510 chip lead. A few minutes later, the champion was crowned.

The final hand saw goldennnname limp on the button with and GamblingCabin88 took the bait and pushed all-in for 16 big blinds with . An board was the last of the tournament. GamblingCabin88 took home a deserved $31,546 for the second-place finish with goldennnname banking $44,964 and the title of Monster Series Main Event champion.

Monster #26 – Mini Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 DENNIS61MALCA $4,508
2 GoodDay66 $3,163
3 tongan.Crip $2,030
4 M4tiGen $1,334
5 yayaylmLorde $915
7 HemosPasado $435
8 andyzican $326
9 gitschn $267

The Monster Series Mini Main Event crowned its champion too, that champion being “DENNIS61MALCA”. Victory in this $5.50 buy-in event was worth an impressive $4,508.

The champion was one of four partypoker players to turn that $5.50 investment into a four-figure score. Fourth-place finisher “M4tiGen” saw their bankroll swell by $1,334 before “tongan.Crip” reeled in the $2,030 third-place prize.

We already know DENNIS61MALCA took home the $4,508, they did so after defeating “GoodDay66” heads-up, leaving the runner-up to secure the $3,163 second-place prize.

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