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The Big Deal took place at partypoker on November 14 and it brought online poker and eSports together. This unique format pitted online poker and gaming streamers against each other in a battle for the lion’s share of $50,000 and, of course, those all-important bragging rights.

Beyond the Summit, experts in eSports streaming, put together an amazing production — that you can watch here — throughout the event that saw 48 stars grind it out at the partypoker tables. The special format saw each entrant receive three lives and when that third life was lost, the busted player’s Twitch followers raided the person who sent them to the rail.

“Bamyleaf” was one of the army of gaming stars who started the tournament with high hopes of walking away with the $12,000 top prize. Unfortunately for Amy, her tournament in 19th place, a very respectable finish considering the quality of the players in the field.

The Big Deal Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 NikkyMousee $12,000
2 BroughtCabbage $9,000
3 AKT_ZeroS $6,000
4 MaximusBlack $4,500
5 OmarsComing $3,500
6 Hei KID $2,500
7 JeffGross $2,000
8 Khezuyep $1,500

The least anyone at the eight-handed final could take home was $1,500, not bad at all for an invitational event. That prize went to “Khezuyen” who got their stack in on the turn of the board with only to run into the of the highly entertaining “MaximusBlack” who burst into song on his popular stream upon winning the pot and jumping up the payout ladder!

Our very own Jeff Gross was the next player to bust. Gross came unstuck when his 6c] lost to the of “AKT_ZeroS”. Gross was drawing dead by the turn of the board.

“Hei KID” and “OmarsComing” fell by the wayside in quick succession. The former jammed all-in with and ran into the dominating of “BroughtCabbage”. A final board reading reduced the player count by one.

OmarsComing pinned their hopes on and will count themselves unlucky to run straight into the of BroughtCabbage who was running hotter than the sun!

Four-handed play ended with the elimination of MaximusBlack, much to the disappointment of his legion of fans. He called a shove with on the river of the board only for AKT_ZeroS to show for the flush.

MaximusBlack took to Twitter to update his fans about his impressive result. He revealed he gained an impressive 1,100 subscribers in addition to banking $4,500 in prize money.

Third-place went to AKT_ZeroS despite them being the chip leader after MaximusBlack busted. It took more than an hour of intense action before AKT_ZeroS finally busted. His demise was confirmed when he limp-called off his 13 big blind stack with when “NikkyMousee” jammed from the small blind with . A queen on the turn of the board sent AKT_ZeroS to the rail and the tournament into the heads-up stages.

NikkyMousee took a 4,314,279 to 935,721 chip lead into the one-on-one battle with BroughtCabbage. It didn’t take too long to press home that advantage.

The final hand saw BroughtCabbage limp with before calling NikkyMousee’s shove that he made with The cemented NikkyMousee’s lead, with the turn leaving BroughtCabbge in desperate trouble. The landed on the river to gift NikkyMousee unnecessary trip aces, the title and $12,000 in prize money!


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Thank you to all the streamers who made The Big Deal a roaring success. Thanks too to the masses of fans who supported The Big Deal from start to finish and really made this tournament extra special.

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