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Ray Parlour’s trophy cabinet is brimming with silverware following his hugely successful 15-year football career. Parlour is a man who’s accustomed to winning, which is what he did last week at the partypoker tables.

Parlour was invited to play in the FootyAccums Night League Game on May 25. The £5.50 buy-in tournament attracted 2,265-entrants who created an £11,325 prize pool, Parlour, playing under his footballing nickname of “TheRomfordPele”, took down this tournament and got his hands on the £657.26 top prize plus an additional £735.97 worth of bounty payments.

FootyAccums Night League Game Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 TheRomfordPele £657 £735
2 PabloTheGibbon £654 £63
3 Jarksey £422 £54
4 Onixxxa_92 £280 £156
5 mjolly93 £196 £34
6 Oakley2020 £133 £34
7 Lyons98 £91 £92
8 CoshBrowny £59 £45

Parlour made more than 500 league and cup appearances and scored 32 goals. He won three Premier League titles, the FA Cup four times, the League Cup, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, and the FA Community Shield on three occasions. Parlour even represented England on the international stage 10-times.

Winning football matches gives you a buzz like no other, but winning this tournament came close for Parlour.

“It feels absolutely amazing! I’ve never won a tournament of that size with thousands of people and it’s a real buzz sitting on that final table and an even bigger buzz when you win!”

Parlour isn’t a complete novice when it comes to playing poker, far from it. There’s every chance you battled with him without knowing it because he’s played online poker plenty of times before. We asked him when he first started playing poker.

“It was more at Middlesbrough, but I’ve always been a poker player online. We did play other card games in the early days at Arsenal.”

Parlour Really Rates Teddy Sheringham

Playing poker is common among footballers, especially on the long journeys to away games up and down the country, and across Europe. Some are much better players than others, but one player stands out the most in Parlour’s eyes.

“With my England head on, I’d say Teddy Sheringham who has actually been involved in some big money tournaments. He was very good, kept a cool head like he did on the pitch and with England is where I played mostly.”

These days, Parlour works as a pundit for TalkSPORT and is a regular on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast. Brazil has a penchant for nice restaurants and a reputation for liking more than his fair share of booze! How much of the £1,400 Parlour won at partypoker would be left if he took Brazil out to dinner?

“Depends on what mood Alan’s in and the venue. If he’s in a drinking mood and it’s an expensive venue there wouldn’t be much change left! Also depends on who he brings along with him.”

Playing football at the highest level for 15-years and still being involved with his beloved Arsenal, it’s no surprise Parlour would choose five footballers as his dream opponents in a six-handed tournament.

“I’d have to go for Alan Brazil, of course, then a few of my former teammates: Tony Adams, Gazza, Dennis Bergkamp, and I’d say Teddy Sheringham, but he’d take all the money!”

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