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The final $200K Guaranteed Sunday of August saw 956 players exchange $200 for 5,000 tournament chips and the chance to become a partypoker Sunday Major champion. That champion is Dutch World Series of Poker bracelet winner Vincent “FLAMEBOY” Van Der Fluit who ran hot but played hotter to finish at the top of the leaderboard once the tournament ended. His prize? $23,400, which could have been even more had he turned down a deal with runner-up somni_451 as the tournament fizzled out.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (August 31, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 Makemyday_1 142,026
2 RASMEDBUR 632,781
3 aggr0vated 554,515
4 L-Terra 220,729
5 R3BUZ 258,340
6 Robinfish 237,256
7 somni_451 384,261
8 FLAMEBOY 1,748,799
9 Mr.Ingenious 601,293

FLAMEBOY was burning bright at the nine-handed final table thanks to his huge stack that contained more than 36% of the total chips in play, making the tournament his to lose.

Two hands into play at the final table, a massive pot of over one million chips was created and once the dust had settled, former $200K Guaranteed champion aggr0vated was heading for the proverbial early bath.

With blinds of 7,500/15,000/1,500a, FLAMEBOY opened to 30,000 from middle position and Mr.Ingenious flat-called from the next seat along. The next two players folded, putting the action on aggr0vated in the small blind. He raised to 130,000, which folded out both the big blind and FLAMEBOY, but Mr.Ingenious had other ideas and was going nowhere.

Instead, Mr.Ingenious raised all-in for 728,948 and aggr0vated called off his remaining 397,815 chips and was at risk of elimination.


A huge hand so early on could have gone either way, yet it was Mr.Ingenious’ hand that remained true, as the five community cards fell to improve Mr.Ingenious to a set of jacks and to boost his stack to more than 1.3 million.

Next to fall was Robinfiish who can count himself unfortunate to run into a powerhouse hand – the exact same powerhouse hand – in back-to-back encounters with somni_451.

The first of those hands saw Robinfish open-shove for 290,056 from the button with and somni_451 call off the rest of his 254,506 chips with . The board flirted with the idea of helping Robinfish, but alas it did not and he was left with only 35,550 chips, or around two big blinds.

Robinfish committed the last of his chips during the next hand, pushing all-in when first to act in the cutoff. From the button, somni_451 three-bet to 53,100 and both blinds folded.

It was the again for somni_451, the exact same holding as on the previous hand, and those kings won again as the of Robinfish connected with the board, but not as hard as somni_451 did.

Shortly after sending Robinfish to the rail, somni_451 came from behind to bust R3BUZ. First, RASMEDBUR raised twice the size of the big blind and made it 60,000 to go from early position, only to see R3BUZ re-raise all-in for 198,280 chips from the cutoff and somni_451 cold-call from the button. Both blind mucked, as did RASMEDBUR, leaving the of R3BUZ to go into battle with the dominated of somni_451.

It was a battle that looked set to go R3BUZ’s way because the first four cards onto the felt were , which left somni_451 drawing to a five for a chop or a jack for the win. It was the latter that happened; the completed the board and sent R3BUZ home.

A battle of two short stacks resulted in the loss of Makemyday_1 in sixth place. The player named after Dirty Harry’s famous quote, moved all-in from the button for eight big blinds with and L-Terra called off his chips from the big blind with . Had those fives lost, L-Terra would only have had 19,906 chips in his stack, but thanks to the run out, he ended the hand with 365,210 instead. Game over for Makemyday_1.

By the time the next player fell, FLAMEBOY was still sat with almost the same number of chips that he started with, but that was all set to change.

A min-raise to 50,000 from somni_451 was called by FLAMEBOY and then squeezed all-in for 671,081 by RASMEDBUR in the small blind. The players folded back to FLAMEBOY and he called to put RASMEDBUR at risk of elimination.

It was another coinflip scenario, FLAMEBOY’s trailing the of his opponent. FLAMEBOY was only trailing until the flop where he became a 91% favourite to win the hand. That flop was followed into view by the and , to bust RASMEDBUR and give FLAMEBOY the honour of becoming the first player to burst though the 2 million chip mark.

On the next hand, another coinflip went the way of the lesser holding to send L-Terra to the sidelines. L-Terra moved all-in from the small blind for 240,710 with and somni_451 beat him into the pot with a call in the big blind, holding .

By the river, the board read and with that L-Terra was gone and only three players remained in the hunt for the title of $200K Guaranteed Sunday champion.

Those three became two when Mr.Ingenious busted in third place at the hands of somni_451. Mr.Ingenious hadn’t fared too well during the three-handed stage and was by far the shortest stack at the table when his final hand took place.

With blinds now 15,000/30,000/3,000a, Mr.Ingenious min-raised to 60,000 from the small blind and then instantly called when somni_451 set him all-in for his remaining 323,112 chips. The reason for the fast call became apparent when he flipped over , but somni_451 still had a 32% chance of cracking those kings.

The flop was safe as house for Mr.Ingenious’ pocket kings, although the on the turn certainly was not. The on the river failed to alter the course of the hand, and Mr.Ingenious bowed out in third place, good for $10,100.

Going into the heads-up battle, FLAMEBOY trailed somni_451 by 1,797,238 chips to 2,207,538, yet after handful of hands was a huge chip leader himself.

A preflop raising war broke out that resulted in FLAMEBOY being all-in with against the of his sole opponent. A board reading kept the queens best and catapulted FLAMEBOY to more than 4 million chips, leaving somni_451 with 745,526.

The contest was over a mere six hands later.

FLAMEBOY raised and then called when somni_451 moved all-in for 661,026 in total. FLAMEBO flipped over and was way ahead of the that he was facing. The board gave FLAMEBOY a real sweat, but the river put his hand back on top, busted somni_451 and won him the tournament and $23,400 in cash!

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (August 31, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 FLAMEBOY $23,400*
2 somni_451 $21,400*
3 Mr.Ingenious $10,100
4 L-Terra $7,600
5 RASMEDBUR $5,500
6 makemyday_1 $4,000
7 R3BUZ $3,180
8 Robinfish $2,500
9 aggr0vated $2,000

*reflects a heads-up deal

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