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Imagine how amazing it would feel to wake up on a Monday morning, check the account balance of your partypoker account and seeing an extra $43,446 staring back that wasn’t there 24h hours ago. That is exactly what has happened to eugencoop771, the latest winner of partypoker’s flagship Sunday Major, the $200K Guaranteed Sunday.

The latest edition of this value-packed tournament kicked off at 18:30 GMT and by the time late registration had ended there were 1,114 players bought in and a prize pool of $222,800 created. This huge sum of money started to be distributed once 160 players remained, with a min-cash worth $423.32, a final table appearance worth $2,005.20 and the champion claiming $43,446.

The final table was set at 3:51 a.m on Monday morning where players were busy drinking caffeinated drinks in order to keep themselves alert. There would have also been the not-so-small matter of adrenaline pumping through their veins at the prospect of becoming a $200K Guaranteed Sunday champiom.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 amaze1 219,439
2 geiserich1 1,078,346
3 xandermuhren 327,988
4 wwwsop 337,478
5 Riad77 481,149
6 Donk-quixote 145,329
7 eugencoop771 958,211
8 Spewtardfish 1,277,962
9 TWO-Chainz 413,378
10 dani2611 318,720

Three hands into the final table and a hand took place that filled Eugencoop771 with confidence and sent xandermuhren to the rail in 10th place. Riad77 min-raised to 30,000 from UTG+1 and two seats over eugencoop771 called. The action folded to geiserich1 in the small blind who called, as did xandermuhren in the big blind.

Four-of-a-kind Part 1

The flop was checked to Riad77 who bet 55,000 only to see eugencoop771 raise to 110,000. The small blind folded, xandermuhren cold-called and Riad77 folded. The turn was the and both players checked, leading onto the river. Xandermuhren bet 45,000 into the 410,000 pot and then quickly called when eugencoop771 set him all in. xandermuhren showed but was destroyed by the of eugencoop771 that had made quads!

Three hands later and Donk-quixote lost a crucial coinflip to bust in ninth place. Down to 138,129 chips and the blinds being 7,500/15,000/1,500a, must have looked like the nuts from under-the-gun so it is no surprised that Donk-quixote moved all in. Three seats across, TWO-Chainz called with what turned out to be and when the queen and jack-less board ran out it was game over for Donk-quixote.

The whirlwind pace continued as Riad77 lost out to eugencoop771 to crash out of the tournament in eighth spot. After the action folded to Riad77 in the cutoff, he min-raised to 30,000. Next to act was eugencoop771 on the button who clicked it back and set the price to play at 50,000. Riad77 did not believe that story and promptly moved all in for 282,449 and eugencoop771 called with his to discover he was in a coinflip against Riad77’s pocket sevens. Those pocket sevens remained the best hand all the way to the river of the board, that queen on the river sealing Riad77’s fate and propelling eugencoop771 into the chip lead with seven players remaining.

Another couple of orbits passed before eugencoop771 won another race against a pair of sevens to eliminate amaze1. Amaze1 open-shoved for less than eight big blinds from under the gun with and was looked up by the of eugencoop771 on the button. It was a race that was soon over as eugencoop771 paired his jack on the flop and neither the turn or river helped amaze1 out of their predicament, sending amaze1 to the virtual rail.

Another scalp for eugencoop771

Six became five a short time later when, you guessed it, eugencoop771 sent another player home early. TWO-Chainz shipped in his 262,787 stack (blinds 10,000/20,000/2,000a) into the middle with from under-the-gun and eugencoop771 woke up with pocket tens in the big blind. The board was no help to TWO-Chainz and he crashed out in sixth place.

Amazingly, after the early flurry of eliminations, it took 98 hands for another player to lose their chips and it was cruel hand that robbed geisericj1 of his chips. The unstoppable eugencoop771 min-raised to 60,000 from the cutoff and geiserich1 defended his big blind with a call. Geiserich1 initially checked the flop before check-raising eugencoop771’s 60,000 bet to 150,000. Eugencoop771 called. The turn prompted geiserich1 to overbet shove 629,492 into the 450,000 pot. Euegenecoop771 called and showed but was way behind to the of his opponent. Geiserich1 must have been fist pumping in anticipation of a massive double up,that was until the river improved eugencoop771 to better two pair hand and geiserich1’s tournament came to an abrupt end.

Four-of-a-kind Part 2

Remember earlier in the article when eugencoop made quad deuces? Well he did it again to send dani2611 home for an early bath. Dani2611 raised to 60,000 and eugencoop771 called in the big blind with . The flop fell and both players checked. The quad-completing was the turn card and it was met with a 60,000 bet from eugencoop771 and a call from his sole opponent. The river was checked by eugencoop771, bet to the tune of 73,500 by dani2611 and check-raised to 147,000 by eugencoop771. dani2611 moved all in for 376,405 in total, like you would had you made a full house with your and eugencoop771 made the easy call with the stone cold nuts.

Eugencoop771’s ridiculous run of form continued as he sent wwwsop home in third place. Wwwsop opened from the button to 60,000 and then called as eugencoop771 three-bet to 120,000 from the small blind. The chip went flying into the middle of a flop, wwwsop being all in with against the seemingly crushed of eugencoop771. The turn kept the tens ahead, but the river gifted eugencoop771 a full house and resigned wwwsop to third place money.

Going into the heads-up battle, eugencoop771 held a 3,920,810 to 1,553,190 chip led over Spewtardish a led that Spewtardish couldn’t seem to close, despite eugencoop771 never really pulling away — until the last few hands at least.

The final hand too place at 05:32 a.m on Monday morning during the 20,000/40,000/4,000a level. A min-raise from eugencooop771 was met with an all in bet of 561,090 from Spewtardish and a call from the hot-running eugencoop771. Having already eliminated seven opponents, eugencoop771 must have been confident his was going to come from behind to beat the of Spewtardish. And come from behind they did. By the turn of the [c] board, eugencoop771 had improved to a straight and eliminated Spewtardish in second place. What an amazing run by eugencoop771, eliminating eight of his nine opponents!

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw

Rank Player Prize
1 eugencoop771 $43,446.00
2 Spewtardish $23,059.80
3 wwwsop $14,593.40
4 dani2611 $12,365.40
5 geiserich1 $10,137.40
6 TWO-Chainz $7,909.40
7 amaze1 $5,681.40
8 Riad77 $3,676.20
9 Donk-quixote $2,562.20
10 xandermuhren $2,005.20


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