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Our Daily Legends tournaments continue to prove extremely popular thanks, in part, to the way they’re structured. The limited late registration period and the fact there’s only a single re-entry allowed means everyone playing our Daily Legends MTTs does so on a level playing field.

We had a superb success story earlier this week when Ukraine’s “Dau_na_chai”, Andrey to his friends, won not one but two of our Daily Legends on the same day for combined prizes of $10,000.

Andrey lives in Odessa, Ukraine and is something of a veteran of the online poker world, having started playing eight years ago.

“I only play tournaments,” Andrey told the partypoker blog, and I would say PKOs are my favourite format. I also enjoy football, but poker is definitely my main passion and takes up most of my spare time.”

It’s a special feeling to win multiple tournaments in one day

The poker aficionado logged into his partypoker account on October 26 and registered for a bunch of tournaments. The Magnificent 77 and The Predator were among the MTTs adorning Andrey’s screen. A few hours later, Andrey was the last player standing in both those events, adding around $10,000 to his bankroll!

“It is a special feeling to win multiple tournaments in one day. It was a very good day because I also won the $22 Predator on the same day as the Magnificent 77!”

Andrey didn’t have matters his own way because he was extremely short-stacked at a crucial stage of the Magnificent 77.

“I was down to only five big blinds after the bubble burst. I just simply tried to not lose any all-ins and it worked!”

It sure did work and Andrey eventually emerged victoriously. He wasn’t particularly deep stacked at the final table of The Predator, but kept his cool, had a little luck, and got the job done.

“I had 15 big blinds at The Predator’s final table. I doubled up with pocket nines against sixes and then clashed with the chip leader with queens versus ace-king. We both put in 30 big blinds each even though there were plenty of short stacks alive. I got lucky and won the hand. After that, it was easy to play as the chip leader.”

Limited re-entries are a big hit

Even if he didn’t enjoy a double victory, Andrey would still be a big fan of the way our Daily legends are set up.

“I really like the recent changes to the tournaments at partypoker. To be honest, I prefer not to make more than one re-entry myself so I am happy that regulars can’t purchase multiple re-entries.”

More on the Daily Legends

Our Daily Legends run around the clock in a variety of formats and with buy-ins to suit all bankrolls. The two events Andrey took down are two of the most popular Daly Legends tournaments.

The Predator is a $22 buy-in 8-Max No-Limit Hold’em tournament with $40,000 guaranteed. Cards are in the air each da from 18:15 CET and there are $2.20 satellites feeding into it.

The Magnificent 77 is all about number seven. It costs $77 to enter, is played on seven-handed tables, and everyone sits down with 77,000 chips! $25,000 is guaranteed to be won and you can win your way into this daily event via $7.70 satellites!

Check out the full Daily Legends schedule right here.

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