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You probably won’t be familiar with the partypoker player Aleksandr Slobodianik but it’s a name you should try remember. The Ukrainian has the chance to write himself into partypoker’s history books by turning a single cent into a huge prize and a major online title.

Aleksandr has managed to turn a $0.01 centroll entry into a $5,300 seat for the Caribbean Poker Party Online Main Event. He now has a shot at a potentially life-changing prize and all for a $0.01 investment.

We like to make it possible to win regardless of the size of their bankrolls, which is good news for players like Aleksandr who find themselves on a budget.

“My bankroll is small, around $100, so I am playing all the cheapest satellites on partypoker. I really like that you can qualify for the Caribbean Poker Party, Irish Poker Masters, and Big Game; I’ve won $2.20 tickets around 30 times. I tried to win seats from $0.01 quite a few times, I think I got to the $5.50 Phase on five occasions. Only the last try was successful.”

Short Stacked With the $5,300 Seats In Sight

That last shot saw Aleksandr progress to the weekly final that has no direct buy-in available. His particular final had 16x $5,300 seats in the prize pool while the 17th place finisher would win $200 cash.

“In the final, I was the shortest stack when there were only 22 players left and I was 17th in chips. One hand that stood out was when the button opened for 2.5 big blinds and I moved I’ll in for four big blinds with pocket nines. My opponent paused for 40 seconds before folding. We were in the money 10 minutes later but I knew I could win a ticket, which I did with a very short stack.”

The CPP Online Main Event is easily the biggest tournament Aleksandr has ever played in and he plans to spend the next fortnight working on his game to give himself more of a chance of seeing a financial return on his $0.01 satellite win.

Putting The Hours In Away From The Table

“I would like to work on my game more than ever. The best thing for me would be to hire a coach, but I simply can’t afford it. If I’m honest, I’d say my skill level is below average but I am improving. Also, some the weaknesses in my game are definitely psychological. It’s a very expensive tournament so it will be hard not to feel huge pressure, but I will try my best.”

We’re sure Aleksander will give it his best shot and we’re certain his skills are much better than he gives himself credit for. He’s now got almost three years of playing experience under his belt, is obviously intelligent as he’s training to become a doctor, and has stamina because he’s an avid runner.

“One of my dreams is to run 100km in a single week, but it will take some preparation to achieve this goal.”

Before Aleksandr headed back to studying his game and his coursework, he left us with some parting thoughts and good luck wishes for his opponents.

“I want to thank partypoker for an opportunity like this. It was always a dream to qualify for a tournament like this. Even a min-cash could bring me life-changing money. Good luck to everyone and remember that anything is possible.”

Follow in Aleksandr’s Footsteps and Qualify For The CPP Online Main Event

There isn’t long until Day 1A of the $5 million guaranteed Main Event kicks off, but you still have time to follow in Aleksandr’s footsteps and win your way into the $5,300 buy-in tournament.

The CPP Online Main Event satellites are phased affairs and you can buy into any of the stages you wish.

Qualification starts with the $0.01 centrolls that award $5.50 Phase 1 tickets. Progress from Phase 1 and you’ll be battling it out in a $55 Phase 2. Make it through from here and you’ll play in the next available Phase Final that takes place each Sunday at 22:00 CET and has 15x $5,300 seats guaranteed to be won.

The best of luck to Aleksandr in the CPP Online Main Event and to each and every partypoker player who is gunning for CPP glory in the coming weeks.

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