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Daniel Dvoress has done it again, he’s won yet another massive event after taking down the WPT Montreal Mike Sexton Classic on February 1.

Twenty players returned to the action for Day 2 of the $10,300 buy-in event with Dvoress leading them back into battle. He stayed in control throughout proceedings and emerged as a worthy champion, a champion with $294,346 in prize money in tow.

WPT Montreal Mike Sexton Classic Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Daniel Dvoress Canada $294,346
2 Aram Zobian Canada $200,307
3 Mike Watson Canada $140,396
4 Eelis Parssinen Finland $96,228
5 Jon Van Fleet Canada $70,817
6 Anssi Kinttala Finland $55,156
7 Nino Ullmann Austria $44,616

A whole host of stars busted before the seven-handed final table. Pascal Lefrancois, Roberto Romanello, Kolja Luecking, and Christian Jeppsson were the first casualties of the evening. Ali Imsirovic, Niklas Astedt, Kevin Macdonald, Patrick Pedersen, and Philippe Pellerin followed suit.

Spanish superstar Adrian Mateos crashed out in 11th place before Arseniy Malinov’s exit left the number of entrants in single figures. Ami Barer busted in ninth-place before Dvoress set the final table in a hand that is typical of how he’s running of late.

Dvoress Busts Two Players to Set Final Table

The blinds were 17,500/35,000/4,375a and Dvoress moved all-in on the button with . His shove covered both blinds combined, and both blinds called all-in! Nino Ullmann called of his 682,003 stack with and Aleksejs Ponakovs called off his 508,430 chips with . Dvoress flopped trips on the board.

This hand left only six players at the final table and Dvoress’ stack towered over all of them. His stack contained almost 5.3 million chips with 12.5 million chips in play.

Finnish pro Anssi Kinttala’s tournament ended in a sixth-place finish worth $55,156 when a clash with Dvoress – who else – didn’t go to plan. Dvoress raised slightly more than a min-raise to 110,000 and quickly called when Kintalla three-bet all-in for 774,145. It was for Dvoress and for the Finn. The jacks held and Kintalla was gone.

Another Double Elimination!

Former MILLIONS Online champion Jon Van Fleet and Eelis Parssinen were the next players heading for the exits. Eelis Parssinen open-shoved for 18 big blinds with , Van Fleet called all-in for 425,955 in the small blind with and Dvoress tossed in the calling chips from the big blind with . A final board reading busted both Van Fleet and Parssinen. Double eliminations are a rarity, two in one tournament is quite ridiculous!

Mike Watson fell in third during the 30,000/60,000/7,500a level. Dvoress raised to 132,000 on the button with , Aram Zobian three-bet to 538,750 with and Watson four-bet jammed for 2,074,606 with . Dvoress ducked out of the way, but Zobian called. Dvoress would have won the hand had he called because the five community cards fell . Watson crashed out in third for $140,396 and heads-up was set.

The Watson elimination hand gifted Zobian a significant chip lead but Dvoress was far from out of contention. A player of his quality always has a chance if they have only a single chip left in their stack.

Dvoress Misses His Flush But Hits a Runner-Runner Straight

Dvoress reclaimed the chip lead and never looked back. The final hand saw Dvoress raise to 144,000 with before calling Zobian’s three-bet to 607,000 which he made with . The flop fell . Zobian checked and Dvoress checked behind. The turn brought the into play and Zobian bet exactly pot-sized, or 1,229,000. Dvoress called. Dvoress completed a straight on the river and it was game over. Zobian ripped it in for 2,269,930 and Dvoress beat him into the pot with a snap-call.

Good game for Zobian who won $200,307 and an even better game for the unstoppable Dvoress who banked $294,346 and the title of champion.

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