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Pascal Lefrancois added the Caribbean Poker Party (CPP) Super High Roller title to his massive list of poker-related accomplishments and is now $585,175 better off as a result.

Lefrancois overcame 83-opponents on his way to his bumper prize, including battling with Team partypoker’s Sam Trickett and Isaac Haxton at the final table. Here’s how that final table went down.

CPP #04 Super High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Pascal Lefrancois Canada $585,175
2 Adrian Mateos United Kingdom $370,477
3 Claas Stoob Austria $253,129
4 Sergi Reixach Mexico $179,037
5 Sam Trickett United Kingdom $131,621
6 Isaac Haxton Canada $102,872
7 Daniel Colpoys Mexico $84,837

Daniel Colpoys’ time at the seven-handed final table was limited as he was the first player out of the door.

Blinds were 150,000/300,000/37,500a and Claas Stoob opened from middle position to 600,000. Adrian Mateos folded which put the action on Colpoys in the cutoff. He three-bet to 2,700,000 and called off his remaining 2,145,951 chips when Stoob set him all-in. It was for Colpoys but for Stoob. The board ran and Colpoys busted.

Things then went horribly wrong for Haxton. He lost a huge pot to Trickett with a set of sevens versus Trickett’s set of aces, which Trickett hit on the river. Despite clawing back some of those lost chips, Haxton was the next to fall.

Haxton Bows Out in Sixth

Haxton open-shoved for 10 big blinds on the button with and Mateos called from the big blind with . Those snowmen stay intact when the five community cards ran .

Trickett, who started the final table as the shortest stack, eventually busted in fifth place for $131,621. The British superstar lost all but a couple of big blinds when his failed to get there against Stoob’s dominating . That micro stack went into the middle on the next hand with which ultimately lost to the of Lefrancois.

Fourth place went to Sergi Reixach after he min-raised to 1,000,000 with on the button and Lefrancois three-bet to 3,250,000 from the small blind with . Reixach responded with a four-bet all-in worth 14,275,890 in total, a bet that Lefrancois called. Reixach flopped a flush draw but Lefrancois’ hand held as the board ran .

That hand gave Lefrancois more than 42.6 million chips almost double the amount of any of his last two opponents.

Heads-Up Set as Stoob Busts Out

Those two opponents became one when Stoob ran out of steam after a 1.5 hour three-handed battle. Lefrancois moved all-in from the small blind with and Stoob called off his 10 big blind stack with . Stoob needed some help from the community cards, but it never arrived as they fell .

Mateos eventually fell in second place.

Lefrancois started the one-on-one battle with Mateos holding a 52,978,072 to 31,021,928 chip lead. The high stakes specialists traded blows without really making any headway. It was going to take something out of the ordinary to bring the tournament to a conclusion.

That happened during the 400,000/800,000/100,000a level. Lefrancois opened to 1,760,000 with and Mateos called with . The flop came down and Mateos check-called a 1,200,000 continuation bet. Mateos checked again on the turn, Lefrancois tested the waters with a 4,800,000 bet which was called.

The river was the completing Mateos’ Broadway straight, but improving Lefrancois to a full house. Mateos checked for a third time, prompting Lefrancois to fire an all-in bet which covered Mateos’ 22,870,428 stack. Mateos called and discovered he’d made a very expensive second-best hand.

Mateos collected $370,477 for his runner-up finish while Lefrancois banked $585,175 and the title of Super High Roller champion.

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