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Our players have strived to hit our loyalty programme’s top tier, Diamond Club Elite, ever since it launched.

Becoming a Diamond Club Elite member requires generating $200,000 in rake over a 12-month period. It’s hard work, but definitely worth the grind because it locks in a whole host of benefits, including 60% cashback, a Caribbean Poker Party Main Event package and a MILLIONS Online entry.

How long do you think it would take you to reach Diamond Club Elite status? It took Giuseppe “JOJEPE” Calio a mere 46-days! That is some serious volume logged.

Calio is American-born but has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina since he was 13-years-old.

Discovering Poker

Giuseppe Calio in action at the poker tables

He discovered poker during a football pre-season and what a discovery that turned out to be.

“Before dedicating to poker, I was a footballer. Some poker games were set up in our rooms and it quickly caught my attention. I started playing tournaments, I slowly climbed stakes until I reached high stakes. Today I am dedicated to SPINS Ultras at partypoker. I’m part of a bankroll and coaching stable known as CheckCheck.”

Surprisingly, Calio didn’t set out to hit Diamond Club Elite, it just kind of happened as he got his grind on in our SPINS Ultra tournaments. As a professional poker player, Calio knows he has to log plenty of volume to negate the variance of poker.

“I wasn’t exactly focused on the Diamond Club Elite, instead I focused on playing my best poker. By dedicating myself to a game where luck dominates in the short term, I must try to minimise this factor with a large volume of studying and playing. I’ve been fortunate to understand very early in my career that my salary is directly related to the phrase ‘dollars per game’ which basically dictates that the more I play, the more I earn. The Diamond Club Elite has been a great reward for my effort!”

Up to 12-Hours Playing SPINS Ultra Every Day!

Reaching Diamond Club Elite in a mere 46 days is no mean feat and took some serious dedication, as you can appreciate. Eight hours of playing SPINS Ultras each day, sometimes 10-12 hours, became the norm for Calio as he explained to the partypoker blog.

“My grind days are quite intense. The alarm sounded at 06:45, I prepared breakfast and was playing poker by 07:00. The idea was to work a minimum of eight hours a day, but there were days when I played for 10-12 hours when the leaderboards demanded it.”

Calio played upwards of 70-hours per week, something he was able to do by eating healthy and exercising.

I hired a nutritionist to provide me with a food order that allows me to feel energised during grind days and to be able to withstand the long hours.”

Despite the long hours at a computer screen, Calio has no plans to slow down, not even slightly. His parents raised him to become a person who loves what they do and to be happy in themselves. That’s certainly working out for him; he’s very happy right now.

“I found poker eight years ago and I am very happy with it. My plan is to continue to keep my foot on the gas and continue playing at this intensity. I want to be able to travel to participate in big events and grow our SPINS stable. If I continue with this happiness, I will not stop playing in the near future!”

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