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Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States and is a legendary figure. Eisenhower is also the alias Christian Jeppsson is known as in online poker circles. Jeppsson took another step forward to legend status on May 20 when he was crowned the WPT Online Championship champion, an accolade that came with more than $920,000.

WPT Online Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Christian Jeppsson Sweden $923,785
2 Viktor Ustimov Russia $865,542
3 Jukka Koskela Finland $477,333
4 Nikolay Ponomarev United Kingdom $317,583
5 Alexander Clark United Kingdom $221,733
6 Pascal Hartmann Austria $151,443
7 Sam Greenwood Canada $103,837
8 Pascal Teekens Netherlands $66,775

Only eight players returned to action in the $3,200 buy-in WPT Online Championship. Jeppsson held the chip lead going into the final table, but the dangerous Sam Greenwood was hot on the Swede’s heels.

Netherlands’ Pascal Teekens was the first player to bust. The Dutch grinder got his hands on a $66,775 prize, although it took 90-minutes of action to lose the first player.

Teekens can count himself unlucky with his exit hand. He jammed for 4,097,508 at the 150,000/300,000/42,500a level with and Viktor Ustimov snap-called in the big blind with . No help arrived from the board and Teekens busted. Teekens’ exit locked up six-figure scores for the surviving seven players.

Greenwood busted in seventh despite starting the day second in chips. Greenwood’s 2.2 big blind shove from the small blind with was called by Ustimov holding . Ustimov jumped into the lead on the flop of the board and stayed in front. Good night, Greenwood.

Pascal Hartmann saw his tournament end at the hands of Jeppsson. Jeppsson raised to 770,000 in the cutoff. Hartmann three-bet to 2,940,000 in the small blind, and Jeppsson jammed for 16,246,392. Hartmann called off his remaining 10,447,996 with and Jeppsson showed . A final board reading handed the massive 30.2 million pot to Jeppsson and saw Hartmann crash out in sixth.

Then There Were Four

Alexander Clark then fell in fifth-place for $221,733. The British player was in the small blind and he limped in for 350,000 with before calling off his 5,003,816 stack when Ustimov set him all-in with . A five on the flop wasn’t what Clark wanted to see and his tournament came to an abrupt end.

It didn’t take long for the tournament to lose another player, that player being Nikolay Ponomarev. Ustimov opened to 880,000 and called when Ponomarev jammed for 10,077,468. It was for Ponomarev and for Ustimov. The five community cards fell to reduce the player count by one.

Third-place and $477,333 went to Juuka Koskela of Finland. Koskela lost a large pot to Jeppsson before pushing his last 12 big blinds into the middle with . Ustimov called in the big blind with and turned a ten on the board.

The tournament clock was paused because Jeppsson and Ustimov looked at the numbers for a potential deal. They liked what they saw and a deal was struck. Ustimov banked $865,542 with Jeppsson collecting $913,783. This left $10,001 for the eventual champion.

Ustimov clawed his way back and took the chip lead at one stage, but Jeppsson put his foot firmly on the gas. The final hand took place during the 250,000/500,000/60,000a level. Ustimov opened to 1,000,000 and was called. The flop fell . Jeppsson check-called a 1,399,152 bet, leading to the turn. Jeppsson checked again, Ustimov bet exactly 5,000,000 only to see Jeppson check-raise all-in. Ustimov called off his remaining 15,809,152 with only to discover he was drawing dead against of Jeppsson. The meaningless river completed the hand and awarded the title to Jeppsson.

David Peters Wins $10,300 High Roller

While Jeppsson was marching onto victory, David Peters was making his way to yet another title. This latest victory saw Peters bink the $10,300 High Roller event, outlasting 100-opponents to lock up $247,450.

Peters defeated David Gent of the UK heads-up, leaving Gent to scoop $176,750. Third-place finisher, the legendary Andras Nemeth, won $126,250, the only other six-figure prize on offer.

Earlier at the final table, Dan Smith and Fabrizio Gonzalez fell in eighth and seventh-place respectively. Jorma Nuutinen cashed in sixth for $50,500 with Mark Davies of Ireland felling away in fifth for $65,650. Daniil Kiselev of Russia was the fourth-place finish. He hauled in $88,375.

Place Player Country Prize
1 David Peters Costa Rica $247,450
2 David Gent United Kingdom $176,750
3 Andras Nemeth Hungary $126,250
4 Daniil Kiselev Russia $88,375
5 Mark Davis Ireland $65,650
6 Jorma Nuutinen Finland $50,500
7 Fabrizio Gonzalex Mexico $40,400
8 Canada Canada $32,825

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