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Almost every poker player you talk to has either visited Las Vegas or has a trip to Sin City as part of their bucket list. This is true of Croatia’s Jure “ProJK” Kvartuc who hopes to win enough from playing online poker to head to Nevada with his girlfriend next summer.

“I want to achieve my poker dream and go to Las Vegas next summer with my girlfriend. For tha to be possible, I need to make an extra $15,000 this year. I calculated that it will be enough for me and her to go there for 30-40 days and have enough bankroll to play $1/$2 live.”

Jure made some big inroads into his $15,000 target by winning a recent $0.05/$0.10 No Limti Hold’em Cash Game Leaderboard for $1,000. There’s still quite a way to go, but the discipline he showed to top this leaderboard will stand him in good stead.

The Croatian pro started his poker career with only $50 and played $0.01/$0.02 cash games. Jure progressed through the various ranks and was eventually a winning $0.50/$1 player in fast-fold games. He is used t logging a lot of volume at the tables, which made the Cash Game Leaderboard ideal for him.

240,000 hands in a single week!

“I stared on Monday at 10:00 and planned to win the leaderboard. I looked at past leaderboards and worked out that I playing from 10:00 to 03:00 with a few breaks would see me win easily. Each session I played nine fastforward tables for 16 hours per day. Despite this, the race was close for 5.5 days until the guy in second place quit playing on the Saturday. This made a big difference.”

“I went to bed early and finally got a good night’s sleep and made even more cashback points on the Sunday. It was the craziest poker week in my career, I played 220,000 hands! I need to thank my girlfriend for supporting me and taking care of me for the entire week. She made me breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I couldn’t have done it without her, she is the best!”

It’s easy to say what a great promotion this is when you have won it for $1,000. Jure is a fan, but also has some suggestions for improving it in future weeks.

“I think partypoker is doing great things for poker. This kind of leaderboard promotion or better cashback is necessary to keep the poker dream alive. I don’t know if this is a good promotion for casual players because it’s extremely difficult to win if you have a day job. Maybe if the leaderboard wasn’t as top heavy and paid more places it would be better for them?”

“I would also love to see some kind of achievement page where you can track some of the crazy things you did over time on the site, like playing a million hands, or special avatars or badges you can show off on the table. I think that will incentivise more players to grind and do some crazy challenges.”

Play More, Win More

Unsurprisingly, Jure says his number one tip for improving at cash games is to play a lot of hands: experience is king.

“To get better at cash games, play a lot! When I started with poker I was consuming content for a whole day and playing. After you play 300,000 to 500,000 hands, analyse your game and see where you have leaks. Then play a lot more and repeat the process.”

Here’s to seeing Jure heading to Las Vegas and achieving his poker goals. Here’ to you achieving yours too.

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