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With 104 players buying into the World Poker Tour London Main Event there are 2,600,000 chips in circulation. Of those 104 entrants there are 78 players still with chips in front of them, making the average stack 33,333 or 83.33 big blinds if you are that way inclined.

The biggest stack we have found out there, and it is a big out there, is that of Raul Paez. The Spaniard has added to his stack since the last time we checked on him and he now sits with 79,200. Maybe our prediction of him blowing a large percentage of his stack will not come true.

Other players who have chips aplenty include Jack Salter (61,700), Frenchman Manuel Bevand (61,800), Karl Mahrenholz (64,400), the impeccably dressed Jamie Burland (59,000) and London-based German pro Manig Loeser (56,000).

The likes of Benjamin Pollak (23,900), Morten Mortensen (34,300) and Simon Deadman (26,200) are all hovering around the average stack. As is Ludovic Lacey who earlier in the day was nursing a micro stack. Obviously things have turned around for the EPT San Remo champion.

Zimnan Ziyard (17,250), Jerome Bradpiece (15,800) and Mitchell Johnson (11,700) find themselves at the wrong end of the counts and, though are anything but short thanks to this superb blinds structure.

The casino is rocking now as thrill-seeking punters play blackjack, roulette and various other table games. The cash tables in the poker room are full to bursting too, with no limit Hold’em and pot limit Omaha games running. Get yourself down to Aspers Casino Westfield and revel in this superb atmosphere. Go on, you know you want to.

Who do you think will end Day 1A as chip leader?

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