The only man to play in every Premier League is Tony G. He’s had a fifth a third and a second despite this he says he’s, “just glad to be in there and playing.” Never a man of few words we caught up with him to get his thoughts on the PartyPoker Premier League VI.

Tony G on Poker

The man’s been playing poker for a lot of year’s and he’s got some great advice for all newcomers…

“You get to improve in life, you get to learn a lot of different skills, poker’s all about self-awareness, being aware of other people, what they’re thinking, what they’re trying to do.. The more poker you play the better you become at life skills too.”

“But poker is about balance. Poker can be a great part of your life, but it shouldn’t be your life, find other things to do find other hobbies, business or work or skills. Poker should be an addition to everything else, don’t just live for poker, live for life. Don’t just be a poker player.”

“When you win a big tournament you have to stay humble, you can’t fall in love with money too much, how much you’ve won and how big you are now. That’s not fun. I love to play. I love to win. But no win has changed my life either way so that’s how I want to keep it.”

Tony G on Jungleman

Perhaps there’s one player in the Premier League who hasn’t headed Tony’s advice…

“The Jungleman, to be around him is awkward, is painful. But if I could swap bodies with another player in the Premier League then I’d swap with the Jungleman just to know what’s in his head. The guy’s got no social skills whatsoever he’s the most awkward person I’ve ever seen in my life. It’d be fun to be Jungleman for one day.”

Tony G on trash talking

He’s not called the Mouth from the South for nothing…

It’s got to be fun, you’ve got to do it when someone loses not when they’re winning or when they get lucky against you. Let them enjoy that. Once you crush them and they’re down and out that’s the time to put the foot in and make it really hurt.

I’ve done a lot more trash talking than Luke Scwhartz, he’s a young kid still on the block, but he’s getting older everyday. Time will tell at the end of the Premier League who the better trash talker is. He’s done some things, I’ve done some things it’s up to the public to judge, I don’t think I can judge someone against myself.

With the Premier League VI being streamed live you’ll be able to see if he can trash talk the competition into oblivion.


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