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Who would you love to write a poker book?

With over $10m in online tournament winnings (more than anyone else on the planet now or ever), close to $4m in live tournament earnings, a World Poker Tour title and a recent win at our $200k Guaranteed Sunday under his belt, what about Chris Moorman?

Well the young hot shot from Brighton is going to do exactly that. It’s going to be called Moorman’s Book of Poker and this is what the genius thinks about the new project. If your curious to get a few tips from the master make sure to read “Chris Moorman: 5 Tips To Improve Your Play”

Why choose to write a poker book now?

Writing a book was something I had never thought I would do. I have been asked numerous times throughout the years for coaching and to make videos for strategy sites and I always said no. When I was approached by my now publishers about doing a book it was something where I felt like I could help others without having to expose too much of myself. I remember reading poker books when I first started and it feels good in a way to be able to give something back and try to help people that want to take their game to the next level.

Did you brainstorm a wide range of book ideas?

When my publishers first suggested completely writing my own strategy book it felt a bit daunting. Also it has been done before – basic poker strategy – so I was only interested if it was going to be something different. I had simultaneously been doing a promo for my new website where I offered to review hands of players and it went over really well. My publisher’s saw that and suggested that angle for the book. It was a perfect fit.

What do you want to achieve with the book?

Once it is all completed I want to know I have put everything I have into it and be comfortable knowing that people will buy this book and it really will be able to help them.

What is the unique selling point of the book?

I have never really provided any poker strategy publicly before. Secondly this book is totally different from anything else out there. You get to actually see hands that a mid-stakes player has played and watch me hyper-analyze them and allow the reader to think about hands in ways they probably never have before.

Is there any chance of a Gus Hansen style follow up based on your LAPC success?

Even prior to winning LAPC we were already discussing possibilities of a second book where I would be discussing my own hands. I think for now we will see how the first book does and go from there. If there is a demand for it, I will write it.

Coming up in Part 2 tomorrow Chris talks about book titles, managing his writing schedule whilst playing poker, favorite poker books and more. Stay tuned!

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