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Recently Chris “moorman1” Moorman became the first internet player ever to earn over $10 million in lifetime earnings. And the best part of the story? Well it happened right here on partypoker!

We caught up with Chris to congratulate him and see what advice he could give to anyone wishing to emulate his success.

5 “How To Improve Your Play” tips:

1. Constantly think about and study the game, sign upto an online training site, go over some of your hh, try and reach out and find a group of similarly (ideally better) skilled players to yourself to discuss hands with and develop new lines.

2. Try not to be results orientated, easier said than done but i would suggest evaluating your session performance on a scale of 1-10 on how you played. Don’t just be a high score because you had a big result that day

3. Bankroll management, don’t take too many shots. there is always another poker tournament if you can’t find a way to play a tourney comfortably it isn’t the end of the world missing it. Try and mix in lower stakes tourneys than what you usually play to cut your variance

4. Play to make the top 3 places. Obviously be aware of icm and don’t go insanely against it but you should normally be looking to get involved and chip up as most mtt’s are still very top heavy based payouts

5. Don’t be afraid to put your chips in the middle and go with your gut. Experience is key as a poker player. The more you play the more your gut feeling will improve and be right more often than not. Obviously sometimes you can look silly when it goes wrong but this is really how I have had the most success listening to my gut when something doesn’t make sense and acting upon it.

Now it’s your turn!

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