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When we travel to the various World Poker Tour events, we often see the same faces turning up to each tournament. These grinders are known to us by sight and in name, but we can also pick out other lesser-known players from several hundred meters away.

As a rule, poker players will be sporting a hoodie, a rucksack, an iPad in hand and a pair of designer headphones with Dr Dre Beats seemingly being the headphones of choice for many – the lead image to this post shows two players from WPT National London in their trademark poker player gear.

Seated just behind our two iPad, Beats sporting heroes is a poker player who looks nothing like his fellow grinders, although he is a very talented one. Looking at Chris Bjorin you would never in a million years pen him as being a poker player. His combed grey hair, blue V-neck jumper and blue-and-white pinstriped shirt that is open at the collar make him look more like a businessman who is having a day off. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bjorin is one of poker’s unsung heroes, one who isn’t interested in being in the limelight. Instead Bjorin prefers to “get it quietly” and he does get it, if by it you mean money! Bjorin, who is from Sweden but lives in London, has amassed almost $5,500,000 from live poker tournaments in his career and he is looking to add to that impressive total by going deep at WPT National London. At time of writing Bjorin is sat behind 26,700 chips, having added 1,700 chips during the first level of play.

Other notable chip counts

Raul Paez – 35,200
Lucille Cailly – 25,300
Karl Mahrenholz – 25,000
Simon Deadman – 25,000
Gaelle Baumann – 24,600
Fabrice Soulier – 24,200
Ludovic Lacay – 23,400
Mark Inizan – 16,800

Do you dress like a typical poker player?

What do you wear to the poker tournaments you compete in? Do you have lucky pants?Let us know in the comments below and remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook now!


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