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On June 24, 2016, we announced partypoker and the Playground Poker Club had joined forces in a strategic partnership that would see several major tournaments take place at Canada’s premier poker destination, including the CAD$500,000 guaranteed Canadian Grand Prix.

Now it is time to tell you all about the Canadian Grand Prix so you are armed with all the information that you need to qualify, or buy into, what will be Canada’s must-play poker tournament of 2016.

The Canadian Grand Prix is a CAD$109 buy-in (USD$85) tournament that takes place online at partypoker and at the Playground Poker Club. Players, that’s you, can play your Day 1 online or in a live setting, or even do both if you so wish.

You can play as many Day 1s as you wish because the Canadian Grand Prix is a Phased tournament, meaning it has multiple Day 1s, or “phases,” which you can play. Each phase ends after a predetermined number of levels, and if you have chips in front of you at the time the Phase One ends, you progress to Day 2, which is held at the awesome Playground Poker Club.

If you’re not happy with the size of your stack (let’s face it, we never are), simply enter another Phase One and try again. Those of you who progress to Day 2 with more than one stack need to be aware that you can only take your largest stack through to Day 2 with you, all other stacks are forfeited.

Online Day 1s commenced at 7:00 p.m. EST on Sunday 7 August, and there are 20 of them in total. To see the full online schedule, click this link, or better still, head to the Live Events tab in the partypoker tournament lobby where you can see and register for all of the Day 1s.


There are also eight live Day 1s held at Playground Poker Club. These kick off on Friday 2 September, and the full schedule can be viewed by clicking this link and scrolling down approximately half of the page.

Win An Extra CAD$50,000 With a Golden Chip

Although the Canadian Grand Prix doesn’t need any spicing up, we have decided to throw into the mix the Golden Chip promotion, which could net you an additional CAD$50,000 on top of your winnings.

Earn Golden Chips by playing in the Golden Chip satellites – schedule can be found here – and they are yours to keep for the entire tournament, so long as you make a Day 2. If you have a Golden Chip in your possession and go on to win the CAD$500,000 Canadian Grand Prix, we will add an extra CAD$50,000 to your prize, how amazing is that?

For all the information about Golden Chips, including terms and conditions, click this link and head to the Canadian Grand Prix promotion page on the partypoker site.

Qualify For The Canadian Grand Prix For As Little As $0.01

Head to the partypoker lobby, click the Live Events tab, and you’ll find a Playground (PG) section with all of the Canadian Grand Prix satellites and online Day 1s. You will notice that it is possible to start the qualification process via a Live Event Tickets tournament that costs a single cent, yes $0.01, to enter.

There are also some value-packed daily satellites costing $22 to buy into, which have at least two $85-seats guaranteed.

Imagine playing for a share of CAD$500,000 after only investing $0.01 to do so. Stop imagining, and start making your dreams become a reality with partypoker and the Playground Poker Club.

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