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Canadians, both by reputation and historically, are really, really nice people. Visitors to the country are always quick to note how beautiful the landscape is and how polite the people are. But make no mistake: you don’t want to make us angry. Especially when it comes to poker.

Little known fact:

Canada has never failed to successfully defend its borders. And if we decide we want to invade, we’re pretty damn tough. Just ask those that played in this summer’s WSOP. Canadians represented less than 5% of the fields in the 2013 World Series, yet we captured over 15% of the bracelets, and have a player in great position for the final table of the Main Event (Montreal’s Marc McLaughlin).

Don’t be surprised if…

So this November, when the World Poker Tour makes it’s return to Canada for the first televised event in over 5 years, don’t be surprised if the wonderful Canadian hospitality doesn’t extend all the way to the payout cage.

When the WPT made it’s triumphant return to Canada last year, a record number of players turned out for the main event. Players from all over the globe made the trip to Montreal, one of the most beautiful and fun cities in the world.

Who’s the boss?

And while us Canucks were gracious hosts off the felt, we made sure to establish just who’s the boss when it came to poker. Canadian pro Jonathon Roy made mincemeat of the foreign invaders, capturing first place and the almost 800K payday that came with it.

When the WPT returned to Montreal in the spring for the Spring Championships, any would be invaders were once again repelled by a Canadian, when Amirmasoud Babakhani of Toronto captured the title.

But we are polite folk here north of the US border. That’s why, from November 29th-December 5th, we will once again throw open our borders for everyone, as the 2013 WPT Montreal will take flight. And this time, the Canadian beatdown of the rest of the world will be available for all to see, since the main event will be a fully televised affair, complete with Mike, Vince, Tony, and the Royal Flush Girls.

We’ll welcome you with open arms…

So come November, the city of Montreal and the country of Canada will welcome poker players from around the world with open arms. We will show you the culture of Montreal, the fantastic nightlife of the city. We will show you the wonderful food and drink to be had in a cultural centre like Montreal. We will show you our most polite, soft-spoken, well mannered personality. But when it comes to poker? We will show you the door…

About The Author

Chris Tessaro is a radio personality, journalist, and actor in Canada. He hosts ‘The Poker Show with Chris Tessaro’ on Sportsnet Radio Fan590, the biggest sports radio station in the country. He also writes the only syndicated poker newspaper column column in Canada, running every Wednesday in the Toronto Sun. You can follow him on twitter via his handle @ChrisTessaro

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