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France’s Roger Hairabedian emerged as the biggest winner after over 12 hours plays in the Big Game VII, which preceded the bwin WPT Merit Cyprus Classic. Big Roger finished $37,600 up after competing at the table for the entire duration of the game.

Roger, as well as recent Road to Old Trafford winner, Sam Trickett were the only two players to survive evictions and play the entirety of the game.

The biggest loser on the night was Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi who was down $20k. The blinds were consistently 50/100 with a $200 straddle added. According to commentator Jesse May there were two big stories emerging from the cash game:

All Hail King Big Roger

“One of the biggest pots of night was when Big Roger was losing 30k – he was very quiet looking dead and buried and had his hat on backwards – nothing was going right. Big Roger left the table briefly and came back with his hat pulled to the side like a new age rap star and began his comeback.

One of biggest pots of entire session saw Big Roger get locked up in pot with Nikolay Blinov – well known on Russian scene as prodigious gambler and backer of players. Heavily supported in public vote, Blinov been in game since the start – he was holding QQ and took a stand with Big Roger – convinced Big Roger was bluffing but Big Roger had pocket kings and had flopped a full house and bet all the way building a pot of over $50k. That pot took big rog from red to black and he never looked back,” said Jesse.

Does Dominik Nitsche own Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates in live games?

“One of most talked about hands was Jungleman’s attempted bluff on Dominik Nitsche. Even though Dominik is only 22-years-old he has been on the road for four years. In the last year he has won a WSOP bracelet and the WPT South Africa title. This was first time squaring off against the big guys in the cash game. Nitsche played his pocket kings very deceptively and by the end he had lured Jungle into thinking he could be bluffed. Jungle bet 10k into a 4k pot – two pairs were on the board – it looked for certain like Jungle had got a full house – with the size of bet it seemed Jungle was certain Nitsche couldn’t call. Nitsche stared at Jungle for two minutes and then called! Jungle was the most shocked guy in room and later on Nitsche said: “It is really a bet you can never call but I think I have a live tell on the Jungleman. He may be king of online game but I have played more live hands.” What might that tell be,” added Jesse.

Marvin Rettenmeier Wins the WPT HIGH ROLLER $10.000

And if that wasn’t exciting enough the other great news to come out of the World Poker Tour Cyprus was that PartyPokers very own Mad Marvin Rettenmaier proved he was on fine form by winning the the $10,000 High Roller Event during the World Poker Tour! The guy is clearly unstoppable! The final results were as follows:

1 Marvin Rettenmeier – Germany $ 182.505

2 Roger Hairabedian – France $ 124.103

3 Antranig Demirdjian – Lebanon $ 82.207

4 Yevgeniy Maslennikov – Kazakhstan $ 62.210

5 Artem Vezhnekov – Russia $ 50.784

6 Mıkel Brıt Beramendı – Spain $ 42.214

7 Vladimir Troyanovskiy – Russia $ 35.549

8 Nichan Khorchidian – Lebanon $ 29.836

9 Şiyar Erzen – Turkey $ 25.392

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