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It is growing increasingly common for a Brazilian player to walk away with a Legend of the Week. Walisson Rangel is just one of a long line of Brazilian grinders who has earned themselves the right to call themselves the Legend of the Week.

In February, Walisson won Leaderboard 2 of the ongoing promotion, which players earn points for by playing in the $5.50 Five Diamond and Headhunter Daily Legend tournaments. You may have bumped into “EmporerBeansss” as he battled his way through each of the tournaments’ fields.

Becoming a Legend of the Week Without Knowing

Walisson Rangel

Walisson may have become Leaderboard 2’s Legend of the Week, but he did so without even knowing about the rich rewards for doing so!

“I didn’t pay attention to the promotion, so it surprised me seeing I had won two tickets worth $320. It was totally natural for me because I already play these tournaments every day. Luckily, I had a great week. Maybe if I was concerned about the rankings, I would have taken different decisions to avoid variance and I wouldn’t have got there. I’m glad I got this result naturally.”

Walisson considers himself a semi-professional player who plans to play full time in the future despite holding an engineering degree. He is part of the 4Bet Poker school and currently plays low-stakes tournaments but is keen to move up to the point he can call poker his main souce of income.

“Today, my average buy-in is $11 and I am working to move up. I expect to be playing an average buy-in of $33 by the middle of next year. ”

The up-and-coming Brazilian star combines a busy poker schedule with plenty of studying away from the tables in an attempt to rise up the ranks faster.

“In the beginning, I took courses to encourage my hobby to be profitable. I got good results and then I decided to dedicate myself more. Today, I am in my second yer of the contract with the 4Bet Poker team, and I study through their program. At the same time, I subscribed to Reglife, a poker school run by Yuri Dzivielevski and Gustavo Mastelotto, I have a routine of at least two classes per week and a few more hours studying.

The Daily Legends’ Structures and Schedule Are Great

Walisson is a big fan of our Daily Legends. They were designed to be tournaments that levelled the playing field for everyone. We removed the ability to use Heads-Up Displays (HUDs), eradicated bots, reduced both late registration and the number of permitted re-entries, and designed a structure that allows for a sleep-friendly finishing time without turning the tournaments into a crapshoot.

“I really like the structures and fields at partypoker. The tournament schedule is great and it has improved after the changes in 2020 [introduction of Daily Legends]. The fact that the late registration is shorter is great because the fields end up being slightly smaller, too.”

Walisson continued his impressive run in our Daly Legends in March. He took down the $3,000 guaranteed The Flash for $572 and finished as the runner-up in the $5,000 guaranteed Headhunter for an additional $397. It is only a matter of time before we see Walisson taking down another Legend of the Week title with results like these.

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