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Russia’s “BigLebowski77” is feeling like the Dude (10 house points if you get that reference) after winning Leaderboard 3 of the Legend of the Week promotion and turning his prizes into cold, hard cash.

Taking down Leaderboard 3 awarded BigLebowski77 a $320 and $530 ticket for the ongoing WPT World Online Championships. Those tickets have seen more than $750 in cash hit his partypoker account.

When he is not playing poker, BigLebowski77 is a system administrator in Moscow. Like many players, he discovered poker when he was a student, and still plays to this day.

“I got acquainted with poker back in my student days in 2006-2007. By the way, I studied at the same faculty as the famous poker pro Anatoly Filatov, but we did not know each other personally.

“I stopped playing poker for a long time, until I returned with renewed vigour in May 2018. I still cannot be called a professional poker player because poker is not my main source of income, but this hobby has begun to bring in money. My results over the past 18 months have gone uphill, so I am excited for the future.”

Taking Down The Terminator

BigLebowski77’s bankroll received a boost from the Legend of the Week promotion. He had cashed in the leaderboard previously but did not finish very high. This time was different because BigLebowski got the week off to a flying start.

“From the very beginning of the week, I aimed to enter all the $11 Daily Legends tournaments. Immediately, on the Monday, I dragged in first place in The Terminator. I never lost the first place on the leaderboard thanks to three other small in-the-money finishes that week.”

Our Russian friend wasted little time in putting one of his free tickets to good use, spending on an entry to the WPT Super $320 where he managed to finish in the money again.

“Before the bubble, I had plenty of chips but then I squandered my stack. I was able to climb one pay jump and I won one bounty, so walked away with $756 in total.”

BigLebowski77 saved his $530 ticket for a WPT #08 WPT500 Knockout flight. Unfortunately, it did not go to plan and he crashed out during his chosen flight and failed to progress into Day 2.

Despite not cashing in the $530, playing in such a high profile event has given BigLewboski77 a taste for higher stakes action. He hopes to experience this again via the Legend of the Week promotion.

“It is a great promotion; I love leaderboards and additional value. In this regard, partypoker is the best.”

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