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My sponsors have introduced a great new series of promotions: ‘There Has Never Been A Better Time To Play At’ It is true, there is now the chance to win a WSOP package every day, Daily Spring Million giveaways, a 100% reload bonus and the ability to fast track to VIP status.

What they didn’t mention, however, is that my bankroll has increased by over £150,000 thanks to the weekend’s Big Game and that no matter who takes to tables they will be crushed by an Aussie crocodile with Lithuanian stripes on the run of his life! There has never been a better time for ME to play at… bring it on.

Sunday was an amazing day at the Big Game at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham. Was going to quit at lunchtime a little bit up, then carnage – I TOOK EVERYTHING THEY HAD and all done on a revolutionary new interactive stream on

I came in with my bike and my dolls in a basket and ended up having to remove the dolls and get a new bigger basket to fit all my winnings in! I wanted to be the overall winner and ended up the monster winner.

Try, Trust and Be Happy

Some of you will know that I am very keen on getting involved with start-ups. After all, look at all those on ChipMeUp that profited from my destruction of the Big Game! I have also invested in a couple of other projects.

Play in the biggest poker event! Win your WSOP Main Event $14,000 package for free!

As you will see in the picture above I am looking at market share in the hairdressing market. Toni and Guy – on your bike – I am just disappointed I couldn’t call my new salon Tony and G. Of course, I do not cut hair myself personally but it doesn’t help me thinking that it is a good market to get into. Just getting the Devilfish’s custom is likely to keep it afloat.

Look at my brand values on the window, they also equally apply to my sponsors “Try, Trust and Be Happy.” You also cannot forget the ‘Special Dry Cut For Split Ends!’ There’s never been a better time to be a hairdresser!

This isn’t the only start up I am involved in. Have a look at this – what do you think? Have I got Expert Insight? Nobel prize winning economists, poker players, investors and sports coaches available to hire on the internet. I think the potential for this is huge – it is a significant change to the whole world of ‘coaching.’

By the way, one of these is a real business venture I am involved in and one isn’t. I will have a short back and sides please.


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