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T8yourmoney from Canada is our latest winner of the $14,000 package to the WSOP Main Event. You can win your package now! Here is T8yourmoney’s story:

What route did you take to the final WSOP satellite?

I first played a $75 satellite, winning a ticket to a $750 satellite qualifier. I played that, and managed to finish top 4 out of 80 runners.

Tell me how the final WSOP satellite went.

Had pretty easy sailing, guys bluffing when I had the nuts, picking good spots to pick up blinds and antes, etc.

What key hands and big decisions did you have to make?

Well, my key hand wasn’t much of a decision, but it decided everything for me. We were 5 handed (5th got nothing, 4th got the seat), I was short stacked, with one other guy a little more than me. Everyone else was comfortably ahead of us.

The other short stack min raised, I’ve picked up  in the SB. I decided to put the maximum pressure on him, and shove all in. He snap called, and showed [Ax][Ax]. I hit 2 clubs on the flop, and the flush on the turn. He was out a couple of hands later, and the 4 of us left won our seats.

Tell me about your PartyPoker story.

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I originally started maybe 7-8 years ago, I was pretty green in the poker department. I didn’t start-up again on Party Poker until early 2010. Started playing PLO and NLHE tournaments, and have done quite well since my return. I have played mostly live cash and tournaments before that.

Tell me how you feel about your Vegas trip.

I was extremely pumped to win this trip and I expect to come home with a good cheque, if not a bracelet. Being from Western Canada, Vegas is a convenient destination, and thus I’ve been there numerous times in the past, though this will be my first trip for the WSOP.

What do you think about WSOP?

WSOP is the holy grail of poker (The Main Event at least), and it is in most players dreams to win a bracelet.

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against at WSOP?

Tony G and Sammy Farha. Their TV antics are very entertaining.


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