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After 49 hours (they snuck in an extra hour on the end) of cash game fun and frolics, it’s Tony G who has emerged as the winner of the Big Game V, the PartyPoker sponsored pro leaving Dusk Till Dawn with a spring in his step and £150,450 in his pocket.

Also shining was Jennifer Tilly, underrated by some, but proving this weekend that she’s a tigress of the felt with impressive earnings of £66,925.

At the other end of the spectrum, DTD Head Honcho Rob Yong (thanks for having us!) suffered the biggest deficit with a very round £50,000 loss, whilst poor Keith Johnson will have been doing an extra 20 miles per hour down the M1 after dropping £35,000.

But enough of the maths; the big news of the day was that, despite the presence of larger-than-life characters such as Robert Williamson III, Mike Matusow, and that cheeky rascal Luke Schwartz, it was Tony G who set the event alight with glimpses of his boisterous antics of yesteryear and his incredible ability to get the action going when it threatened to go stale.

In the end, he became the centrepiece of the game, and was ultimately involved in the headline pot of the entire event when his aces held up against queens and ace-king to capture a gargantuan pot, and the biggest of the weekend. From there, he didn’t look back, and not only did he continue to inflate his stack, but he kept us entertained in the process.

So, all that’s left now is to thank Dusk Till Dawn for their hospitality, Matchroom for their professionalism, and the PartyPoker readers for following the action. As Jesse May used to say in his Late Night Poker days, “Cash me out!”


Winners and grinners:

Tony G: +£150,450
Jennifer Tilly: +£66,925
JP Kelly: +£27,775
Robert Williamson III: +£26,350
Roland De Wolfe: +£25,675
Kristijonas Andrulis: +£18,625
Ben Carpenter: +£16,875
Andrew Moseley: +£12,625

Downers and frowners:

Rob Yong: -£50,000
Keith Johnson: -£35,000
Mike Matusow: -£29,350
Per Linde: -£24,200
Sam Trickett: -£23,700
Martins Adeniya: -£21,700
Neil Channing: -£21,050
Roberto Romanello: £-15,000


We didn’t quite get that final behemoth of a pot that we were hoping for, but there was at least a smidgen of amusement on the last hand as Toby Lewis took us out in style by nicking the blinds with [7x][2x].

As Porky Pig famously said, “That’s all, folks.”


On the penultimate hand, Devilfish opened the hijack for £500 with , only for Andrew Feldman to apply the pressure from the button with a three-bet to £1,150 with .

Toby Lewis, however, had other ideas, and consequently four-bet to £3,800 with . Devilfish ducked out of the way and Feldman made the call.

Despite any promise of a big pot to satisfy our last-minute thirst for action, Lewis simply took it down there and then with a continuation bet of £4,500.


In a battle of the blinds, Neil Channing and Andrew Feldman reached a flop with and after Feldman slow-played his bullets preflop. Channing led for £500 and Feldman once again trapped his foe with a smooth-call, leading to a turn. Channing check-called a bet of £1,350, and then £4,325 on the river before being shown the bad news.


Not since my first date with Mrs. Snoopy has there been this much excitement – it’s the final PokerNews Bonus pot!!!

Equally thrilling is that Neil Channing snapped it up uncontested with a raise to £650 with .


It looks as though this is now going to be ‘The Big Game V 48.75-Hour Cash Game’. Not quite as catchy to be honest.

In other words, they’re looking to conclude at around 8.45pm.


Power poker from Toby Lewis in these latter stages; he raised to £300 with , Alec Torelli three-bet to £900 with , Lewis four-bet to £2,800 and Torelli let it go.

Lewis currently sitting behind a stack of £23,600.


Neil Channing raised it up to £450 with and Andrew Feldman applied the pressure with a three-bet to £1,350 with . Channing flat-called.

The flop was checked down to bring us to a turn where Channing led – much to the befuddlement of Dusty Schmidt in the commentary booth – for £1,350 and Feldman called.

The river put a straight on the board, and triggered an inevitably nonchalant all-in from Channing, which was unsurprisingly called by Feldman.

Chop chop.


Devilfish kick-started the action with a raise to £700 with . Neil Channing and Toby Lewis called with and respectively.

On the flop, Lewis led for £1,800 and Channing just flat-called. Both players checked the turn, but Lewis was less accommodating on the river and trickled £5,500 across the felt.

Initially, I assumed that Channing was making a high variance check on the turn in order to induce a bluff on the river, but he chucked away his two pair and allowed Lewis to steal the pot.


Seat 1: Devilfish — 22,550
Seat 2: Neil Channing — 16,000
Seat 3: Andrew Feldman — 30,275
Seat 4: Toby Lewis — 19,500
Seat 5: Alec Torelli — 34,250
Seat 6: Sam Trickett — 58,125
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — 18,350
Seat 8: Andrew Moseley — 14,150


Devilfish is showing signs of cracking as he busts his initial $10,000 buy-in, whilst at the other end of the poker seesaw, Sam Trickett is mounting a mini-comeback, and at least ensuring that he doesn’t go home with the unwanted title of ‘biggest loser’.

It was a strange hand in the end, that involved an almost incomprehensible verbal exchange that made me feel as though I was stuck in an old people’s home. With Sam Trickett raising to £700 with , Devilfish three-bet to £2,000 with and Trickett just flat-called.

On the flop, Devilfish continued the tale with a bet of £4,000. Trickett didn’t like it (obviously fearing hands like jacks and queens), but ultimately raised £15,000 to essentially put his opponent all in.

At this point, a conversation ensued that reminded me of the famous Looney Tunes ‘duck season rabbit season’ scene involving Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. I’ll let you decide who is which:

Trickett: “You on a draw, right?”
Devilfish: “No.”
Trickett: “If you have tens, you’re in bad shape.”
Devilfish: “Really? If I have tens, you’re in bad shape?”
Trickett: “I wouldn’t Hollywood.”
Devilfish: “Sam. If I have tens, you’re in bad shape?”
Trickett: “Er… I’m winning.”
Devilfish: “If I have tens, you’re in bad shape?”
Trickett: “No.”
Devilfish: “No what? Are you lying to me?”
Trickett: “No, I’m not lying. What if I’ve got tens?”
Devilfish: “I wish you hadn’t said that about tens, because I have nines, which is the same as tens.”
Devilfish (after he’d called and seen the cards): “But you said if I have tens you’re in bad shape.”
Trickett: “No, I said you were.”
Devilfish: “I wouldn’t even have thought about it otherwise.”

In the end, Devilfish did indeed make the call and Trickett had miraculously and accidentally got his opponent to call with an inferior hand. A blank turn and river later and the pot sailed over to the local boy, whilst a bemused Devilfish was left to top up for £20,000.


Neil Channing raised to £450 with and Toby Lewis smooth-called with .


Channing continuation bet £725 and Lewis called.

Both players checked the turn before Channing spiked two-outer with the . Channing fired out a bet but Lewis quickly released his hand.


Poker players are like buses. No, not constantly late and covered with a layer of urine on the top deck, but arriving in mass after waiting ages for just one to arrive.

Joining the party now is local boy and high stakes cash player Andy Moseley.


Alec Torelli was immediately followed by Andrew Feldman who has taken Seat 3 in-between Neil Channing and Toby Lewis.


Alec Torelli has returned to the table for what I believe is the third time; he’s looking to recover a deficit of £11,350.


The game has been dying a painful death for a while now, but the last hour or two have been particularly dry. It’s amazing how much the game tightens up in the absence of action players like Tony G and Viffer. Let’s just hope that those who are stuck get desperate in the closing hour and give us a bit more bang for our buck.


Nobody wants to be a part of this club, but at least Sam Trickett has one final hour to recuperate his losses.

Rob Yong: -£50,000
Keith Johnson: -£35,000
Sam Trickett: -£32,200


Will Fry lasted all of one hand. After spotting that the blinds had gone up to £50/100 with a £200 button ante, he racked up his chips and made a swift exit. At least he can say that he broke even in a game with some of the UK’s toughest cash game players.


With just over an hour remaining, we’re going to be treated to a bit of Fry (but no Laurie); EPT winner Will Fry is in the house and snapping up seat five with 10 bags to gamble with.


Seat 1: Devilfish — £20,925
Seat 2: Neil Channing — £15,375
Seat 4: Toby Lewis — £24,825
Seat 6: Sam Trickett — £38,650
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — £18,600


After a plucky performance that would make Rocky look like a quitter, online qualifier Fredrik Keitel has succumbed at the hands of Sam Trickett.

Keitel had been teetering on a double-or-bust encounter for a while, and when he open-shoved for £8,800, he finally got his wish. Channing tanked over in the small blind but eventually made the fold, but Trickett fancied a gamble in the straddle and looked him up with .

An board – and a wince from Channing – later and Keitel was pushing up the poker daisies.


Strange one for you:

Toby Lewis raised to £300 with , Sam Trickett three-bet to £1,300 with and Lewis flat-called.

The board was checked all the way down and the bullets picked up the pot.


Roland has finally racked up his chips; he leaves with a profit of £27,525.


Roland De Wolfe announced he was leaving; that was about 20 minutes ago and he’s lost thousands since.

On his last hand, Devilfish raised with and Toby Lewis () and De Wolfe [) called.

The flop was checked round, only for De Wolfe to lead for £1,000 on the turn. Both opponents called.

De Wolfe bet again on the river, this time £2,000, and after Devilfish has stepped out the way, Lewis flat-called to collect the booty.

The action has wilted since Tony G departed, but rumour has it that Luke Schwartz is waiting in the wings and should inject a little life into the table.


Roland De Wolfe raised to £400 with and received three callers: Fredrik Keitel with , Devilfish with and Neil Channing with .

Everyone checked the flop before De Wolfe led for just £200 on the turn. Kietel called.

Not for the first time, De Wolfe made quads, the river coming the to give him four aces. He bet another £200, and Keitel called.


Toby Lewis opened for £300 with , only for Fredrik Keitel to move all in for £9,400 with . Unsurprisingly, Lewis made the fold.


The curtain has come up for the Tony G show; he’s exiting with a mouth-watering profit of £156,325 and, unless someone performs a miracle of biblical proportions, will be the biggest winner of this year’s Big Game.

Meanwhile, Devilfish has started to blow into his harmonica, although nobody is quite sure why.


Fredrik Keitel has doubled through his short stack of £3,975 courtesy of Neil Channing, standing firm against on an ensuing board.


Seat 1: Devilfish — £21,125
Seat 2: Neil Channing — 21,000
Seat 3: Tony G — £177,925
Seat 4: Toby Lewis — £19,275
Seat 5: Roland De Wolfe — £60,825
Seat 6: Sam Trickett — 19,925
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — £22,775
Seat 8: Fredrik Keitel — £4,225


Fredrik Keitel has allowed himself to get pretty short; he just open-shoved all in for £3,775 with to pick up the blinds and ante uncontested.


Roland De Wolfe limped for £100 with , Fredrik Keitel called with , as did Neil Channing with , Tony G with and Sam Trickett with .

De Wolfe bet £400 on the flop and only Trickett called.

The turn was the action card, although it didn’t actually create that much action; Trickett bet £1,000 and De Wolfe called.

Both players checked down the river, and De Wolfe took it down.


After some rallying by Tony G, players have agreed to increase blinds of £50/100 and a £200 obligatory ante on the button.


Neil Channing – who’s chasing losses of just over £8K – min-raised under the gun to £100 with , only for Fredrik Keitel to three-bet to from the small blind. Channing check-called.


Channing called a continuation bet of £500, before leading out on the turn with his flush. Keitel released his hand.


Not a bad day at the office for these guys (and gal):

Tony G: +£148,575
Jennifer Tilly: +£66,925
JP Kelly: +£27,775
Robert Williamson III: +£26,350
Roland De Wolfe: £20,725


There was an orbit or two of six-handed play, but then both empty seats were filled: Neil Channing in Seat 2 and Sam Trickett in Seat 6. “There’s something fair about that,” commented Jesse May in the commentary booth. “Bring back the losers!”


Seat 1: Devilfish — £29,525
Seat 3: Tony G — £171,253
Seat 4: Toby Lewis — £12,275
Seat 5: Roland De Wolfe — £46,600
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — £16,625
Seat 8: Fredrik Keitel — £11,125


The PokerNews readers have pulled back their bows and released two arrows in a double eviction. The two men targeted were Martins Adeniya and Kristijonas Andrulis.


Glimpses of yesteryear as a suited and booted Devilfish came in to replace the departed Roberto Romanello. He then eradicated any nostalgic factor by performing some sort of weird dance. “It looks like he’s having an epileptic fit,” observed Roland De Wolfe.

Ironically, he arrived to the lyrics of “Stuck in the Middle With You”, and then sat in seat one.


Amusingly, following that huge pot, Anna Marie Long popped by to announce that the next hand was the PokerNews pot, and chucked a monkey into the pot.

“Make it £1,000!” boomed a confident Tony G as he massaged the pot with an additional £500.

“Anyone else going to chip in?” he asked.

“You should be chipping in every hand,” replied Mike Matusow.


I joined the action on a flop, with four players having invested preflop:

Tony G:
Roberto Romanello:
Fredrik Keitel:
Roland De Wolfe:

A quick glance at the line-up of hands soon reveals that catastrophe lies ahead, but with Tony G flat-calling Romanello’s £2,000 bet and Keitel coming along for the ride, there was an increased chance that Romanello would be able to perform a Houdini and escape from the hand.

The turn wasn’t quite the scare card required, and he duly fired out a bet of £10,000. Tony G flat-called, whilst Keitel resisted the temptation to chase his draw. The river came the , and with Romanello tapping the table, Tony G immediately announced all-in to leave his opponent with the most painful of decisions.

Tormented by the thought of unraveling all his hard work, Romanello seriously considered releasing his two pair, but despite dwelling for a good few minutes, he was simply unable to let it go and made the call.

“F***,” responded Romanello as the cowboys hit the felt. “Nice hand.”

As Romanello called it a day (“It’s been a pleasure, guys, I’m done), Tony G swamped the pot with his arms and scooped in the chips with a devilish smile. And who could begrudge him that Cheshire cat grin? He’s now £154,100 to the good and running the show!


Seat 1: Roberto Romanello — £49,900
Seat 2: Martins Adeniya — £8,800
Seat 3: Tony G — £116,725
Seat 4: Toby Lewis — £13,500
Seat 5: Roland De Wolfe — £46,975
Seat 6: Kristijonas Andrulis — £34,325
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — £14,100
Seat 8: Fredrik Keitel — £16,075


The action is weirder than an episode of Twin Peaks at the moment as Tony G and Roberto Romanello clash in a surreal, but strangely amusing pot. With a straddle on the table, Romanello raised to £375 with and was met by calls from Tony G () and Fredrik Keitel ().

The flop came and triggered checks from Keitel and Romanello, followed by a bet of £1,600 from Tony G. Keitel folded, and Romanello seemed close to following suit, but then suddenly offered Tony G a proposition, suggesting, “I’ll call, but only if you agree that it goes check, check on the turn.”

Despite the interruption of Mike Matusow commanding everyone to “Hurry the f*** up!”, Tony G agreed and Romanello threw in the call. The Poker Gods were obviously bored upstairs as the turn, naturally, came the case ten, the , to give the Welshman an unlikely lead.

After the agreed check, check, Tony G – having improved his hand to two pair – led for £3,000 on the river, but was met by an overbet from Romanello who bumped it up to a whopping £13,025. Tony G squirmed in his seat, but eventually dug out a fold and mucked his hand, somehow escaping with the bare minimum and with his monster stack in tact.


With the recent excitement beginning to peter out (and Tony G no longer offering everyone in the room as many drinks as they want – fortunately for him, DTD is far from full), there was another vote in which the players once again declared who they wanted to see the crub. After multiple appearances, the man hitting the bricks was Alec Torelli.

Waiting in the wings is Toby Lewis, who returns after a brief stint during the night.


More action than an entire series of 24 at the moment as we encounter yet another fun-packed hand. This time it was Martins Adeniya who found the bullets, and he naturally stuck in a raise for £150 with . Nemesis Tony G called with , as did Roland De Wolfe and Mike Matusow with and respectively.

Four-handed to the flop, a struck the felt to fire another thorn into Adeniya’s side and launch Matusow into the lead with trips. Adeniya bet £600 and everyone called. The turn came a potentially action-inducing but after Tony G had led for £3,000 and De Wolfe flat-called, Matusow somehow managed to find the fold, as did Adeniya who knew his rockets were beat.

Look away now Matusow… as the river came the . Both remaining players checked, and after De Wolfe’s offer to split the pot was rejected, Tony G snapped up the pot.


As another one bites the dust, online qualifier Fredrik Keitel enters the lion’s den with £8,000 to his name.


In the blink of an eye, the Big Game V has transformed into the Tony G show, with the PartyPoker sponsored pro feeding our nostalgia and proving that the boisterous, charismatic, outspoken Tony G that caught everyone’s eye those many moons ago still runs rampant in the world of poker.

The Catherine wheel was initially spun by Kristijonas Andrulis who made a standard raise to 150 with rags. As it happens, his timing was worse than a broken Rolex as Rob Yong stumbled upon two seats down and duly three-bet to £700. Martins Adeniya also peeked down at a premium hand and flat-called with .

But if Yong and Adeniya had found monsters, then Tony G had the lovechild of Godzilla and King Kong lurking on the glass with those beautiful bullets, . Although the American Airlines were boarding passengers and preparing for take-off, we didn’t expect them to rocket into the air with the velocity they did, as Tony G promptly announced all-in as if moving in preflop for circa £85K was a standard occurrence.

“All-in?” inquired the table inquisitively.

“Yeah, all-in,” confirmed Tony G as the smiles diminished.

Andrulis chuckled with a shrug and released his hand, but Yong’s body language suggested that he was in for the long haul. Sitting upright in his chair with his arms folded, he informed the table that he had pockets queens ( to be precise), forgetting, I can only assume, that Adeniya was still in the hand. After a brief pause, he announced call and the table simmered with excitement.

Then, much to their shock, the action halted on Adeniya who seemed in a state of severe quandary. “Don’t call,” advised Tony G as Adeniya pitched up tent in the think tank. “Don’t call.” After his offer to reveal a card (which would surely have altered Adeniya’s decision) fell on stony ground, Tony G requested the clock. A countdown wasn’t required, however, as Adeniya made the call.

With the hands on their backs, the dealer placed a onto the felt. “That’s quite a safe flop,” observed Tony G with a smirk. If the flop was safe, then the turn was like the Bellagio vault, and by the turn it was all over, Tony G was the victor of a mammoth pot and had sent two, wounded players busto in one foul swoop.

“There’s nobody else who can do this, only Tony G!” he exclaimed with his arms aloft. “This is the greatest show in the world!”

“Bring on more of them,” he continued, carefully evading the word “Russians”. “Give him a refill.”

“I’m going to tip like no one has ever tipped before.”

As I raced off to ringside to hang around Tony G with my notepad in hand in the hope of a Spring bonus, a stunned Yong wandered around the table shaking hands with his opponents before exiting stage left. But as Yong sucked up a £50,000 loss, Adeniya took a deep breath and called out for chips, keen to stay in the game and attempt a recovery.

As for the Gster, he’s now crushing the game and it’s going to take a crowbar and a tub of Vaseline to prise the smile from his face.


So far, it looks like rejoining the table was worth his while, as Tony G is now in profit by £67,755 and ahead of Jennifer Tilly who left with £66,925. Now, if he wants to keep his spot at the top, all he has to do is hit the cashier, but judging by the look in his eyes, he’s hungry for more…


It would appear as though Tony G didn’t leave the game after all; his stack remained on the table during dinner and he’s now returned to the table.


After a good rest and a refilled tummy, the players have returned to the felt fully replenished and raring to go. Alec Torelli, in particular, must have downed one too many coffees as he cold-four bet bluffed on the very first hand back.

With Rob Yong starting us off by raising to £200 and Roberto Romanello repopping to £575 with , Torelli put in a third raise and bumped it up to £2,000. Yong got the message, but Romanello was going nowhere and, after considering the five-bet, eventually opted to flat call.

Surprisingly, both players checked the flop, Torelli waiting until the turn before continuing his assault with a £2,500 bet. Romanello called. The river saw a second consecutive barrel fired, Torelli trickling £6,000 into the middle on a stone cold bluff. Romanello calmly deciphered the hand for a few minutes and then made the call to take down the pot with ace high.

A mistimed move from Torelli means he’s now back down to a stack of £35,800 and taken a perhaps unnecessary chunk out of his profit.


Players are now on a break with play resuming in just around 60 minutes time. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the following counts:

Seat 1: Roberto Romanello — 31,850
Seat 2: Martins Adeniya — 21,500
Seat 3: Tony G — 85,200
Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 62,300
Seat 5: Roland De Wolfe — 44,350
Seat 6: Kristijonas Andrulis — 29,950
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — 17,700
Seat 8: Rob Yong — 22,575


With Tony G departing at the upcoming lunch break and declaring his desire to leave with a larger profit than Jennifer Tilly (who won £66.925), there was plenty of banter over the last 15 minutes with Roland De Wolfe in particular ultra keen for Tony G not to achieve that feat.

On the final hand, Tony G was about £5,000 short, and thus almost guaranteed to partake in some way in the upcoming hand. Whilst De Wolfe crossed his fingers and hoped Tony G received a walk, Mike Matusow had other ideas, and decided to dip into volatile waters with a raise to £300 with . Tony G looked down at and made the inevitable call.

The flop missed both players, and Tony G knew that he had to create some action – and then get rather fruity – if he were to have a chance at fulfilling his goal. We all knew he would; the only question that remained was how much will it cost him if he is unable to succeed? Well, were about to find out, and as he bet £1,000, Matusow made a brave raise to £2,500 with just jack high.

Not one to stand down, Tony G showed no hesitation in three-betting to £5,500, but, in hindsight, perhaps, and with regards to his initial aim, it was somewhat of a faux-pas as Matusow folded and although Tony G captured the pot, he departed with a profit of £65,250, and so was just a mere £1,675 short.

If only Matusow had made a hand, then we could have really had some fun.


Rob Yong opened for £500, Tony reraised to £1,500 and Yong flat-called.


Tony G bet £2,000 and Yong called.


Check, check.


Both players checked again, Tony G correctly commenting “jack’s good” before the cards were revealed.


Tony G is still the big winner on this table. He’s up £66,900 for the big game. Suffering today, but also in profit is Roland De Wolfe with £19,700, while Alec Torelli has recovered from his earlier encounter with Jennifer Tilly to grind out a profit of £19,075.


We appear to be entering into the Twilight Zone as Roland De Wolfe makes an uncharacteristic, and ultimately expensive play. Tony G started things off with a raise to £300 with , eliciting flat-calls from Roland De Wolfe and Kristijonas Andrulis with and .

The flop favoured the Lithuanian, but, surprisingly, it was De Wolfe who got busy with Andrulis leading for £400, Tony G calling with top pair and the Triple Crown winner bumping it up to £2,000 with air. Kristijonas opted to smooth call, and Tony G stepped out of the way.

On the turn, De Wolfe dipped into his stack to extract £4,400, which, again, Kristijonas called. The dealer lay a river onto the felt, but De Wolfe showed no interest in that third barrel and swiftly held his white flag in the air. Not sure where he stood (should he value bet or bluff?) Andrulis eventually tapped the table, and subsequently scooped the pot.


I joined a curious hand on a flop where Roland De Wolfe bet £1,000 with and Rob Yong flat-called with . Both players checked the turn, but on the river, and after Yong had checked, De Wolfe put in a mind-boggling overbet of £7,500 into a pot of just £2,250 to really send Yong into a spin.

Yong was understandably perplexed, but the mind games would be pushed a step further as De Wolfe revealed the . Nevertheless, Yong resisted temptation and chucked away his hand, although that one might eat away at him for an orbit or two.


Disaster for Welshman Roberto Romanello who sank a spade into the ground and just kept on digging. It was Kristijonas Andrulis who set us off on the road to destruction with a standard raise from early position with . Romanello three-bet with before calling a small four-bet from Andrulis.

The flop smacked the Lithuanian square in the face, while also giving Romanello a little something to get jiggy with. Andrulis led for £2,600, Romanello flat-called and we saw a turn. Now armed with a full house, Andrulis opted to check, which would turn out to be a lucrative decision as Romanello tapped the table behind, before filling up himself on the river.

As expected, Andrulis moved all in for £6,500 (after, understandably, a minor Oscar-winning performance) and Romanello bit his arm off like a hungry hippo. An awkward silence fell on the table, forcing Romanello to do a double take. “What does he have?” inquired a stunned Romanello as he leant over the table.


Seat 1: Roberto Romanello — 37,700
Seat 2: Martins Adeniya — 24,275
Seat 3: Tony G — 75,675
Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 64,850
Seat 5: Roland De Wolfe — 50,000
Seat 6: Kristijonas Andrulis — 13,925
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — 15,250
Seat 8: Rob Yong — 23,825


Roberto Romanello raised to £300 and was called in numerous spots:

Roberto Romanello:
Martins Adeniya:
Tony G:
Roland De Wolfe:
Rob Yong:

Despite the potential of supplying blood for the vampires on the rail, the flop offered little in the way of action with Tony G taking it down there and then with a bet of £1,500.


Some people just can’t keep away; Roland De Wolfe has returned to the table armed with a £40,700 stack, a fresh face and a replenished vocal cord.


Mystic Meg watch out, as on his very first hand, Andrulis nonchalantly threw in a raise of £600 from under the gun with , before receiving calls from Roberto Romanello and Tony G who held and respectively.

But action player or not, there was little Andrulis could do on the flop as Tony G led for £2,000 with his open-ended straight draw. Andrulis didn’t get fruity and made the fold, allowing Romanello to put in a check-raise to £6,125 with his middle set.

Tony G must have felt some bad vibes, as he didn’t fancy this one and released his hand.


With two seats free in the middle, the table is like the Grand Canyon and in desperate need of bodies. Fulfilling half that task is Kristijonas Andrulis of Lithuania who has come armed with £15,000 and a cheeky, mischievous grin that could perhaps signal that he is a confident, action player. Let’s hope so.


Winners and grinners:

Jennifer Tilly: +£66,925
Tony G: +£64,400
Williamson III: +£31,606

Downers and frowners:

Sam Trickett: -£40,450
Keith Johnson: -£35,000
Mike Matusow: -£29,375


Lisa Marie Long has spoken and Robert Williamson III has become a victim of the public vote and consequently evicted from the DTD house.

“Finally,” beamed the American. “Thank you.”

Play continues six-handed.


Seat 1: Roberto Romanello — 34,650
Seat 2: Martins Adeniya — 17,500
Seat 3: Tony G — 81,825
Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 66,300
Seat 6: Robert Williamson III — 46,600
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — 15,850
Seat 8: Rob Yong — 33,575


It’s gone so bad for Keith Johnson today that I wouldn’t be surprised if he slipped on  a banana skin on his way out to the car park. His swan song was sung with in the end, his three-bet of Tony G’s open with [Ax][9x] (£200 to £800) was met by a cold four-bet from Rob Yong who was sitting pretty with . Johnson moved all in for his remaining £8,725 stack, but was called quicker than a hiccup.

“There is no way a queen is coming here,” claimed Jesse May with authority, but he was wrong in his prediction as the board came a cruel, teasing to seal Johnson’s fate. The river was met with a few sympathetic oohs combined with many sadistic chuckles and poor Keith Johnson was sent hurtling towards the rail with an awkward limp and a grimace on his face.


Keith Johnson’s timing is off today; he three-bet Martins Adeniya’s open of £300 to £900 with just , only for Adeniya to four-bet to £2,100, as you might do if you held . Johnson didn’t do anything wacky and immediately threw away his hand.


Keith Johnson opened to £300 with in early position and received action from Rob Yong (), Martins Adeniya () and Tony G () in the big blind.

Tony G led for £600 on the flop receiving a call from Johnson, before taking it down on the turn with a bet of the same amount.


Alec Torelli made a standard raise under the gun with only for Rob Yong to three-bet to £900 with . Torelli didn’t mess around; he four-bet to £3,000.

Yong made the call and we reached a flop, which was checked to the turn. Check, check again, but on the river, Torelli made a value bet of 3,500, confident that his ladies were ahead.

Yong fondled his chips briefly, but ultimately managed to get away from the hand and slide his cards across the felt.


Seat 1: Roberto Romanello — 36,725
Seat 2: Martins Adeniya — 20,000
Seat 3: Tony G — 77,575
Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 65,150
Seat 5: Keith Johnson — 10,175
Seat 6: Robert Williamson III — 46,625
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — 14,825
Seat 8: Rob Yong — 24,825


Whilst the table slump into their seats and request extra strong coffee, a debuting Martins Adeniya skips in to Seat 2 fresh as a daisy and eager to take advantage of the fatigue on display.


In a surprise vote, the players agreed to an impromptu eviction. One player who wishes he hadn’t was JP Kelly, as he has been forced to exit stage left. He departs with a nice profit, but seemed rather besmirched as the results were announced, and clearly wanted to stay in the action.


Everyone seemed to be involved in this one as every man and their dog reached a flop of with some sort of vested interest in the three community cards. Keith Johnson led the way by betting £1,000 with , before being limit-raised to £2,000 by Mike Matusow who had one seat down.

Rob Yong was stoic on the outside – but likely setting off party poppers inside – as he flat-called with for the flopped straight/nuts, whilst Kelly resisted temptation to chase (obviously heeded the words of a rhyme a wise man once told me: “Those who chase straight and flushes go home on public buses”) and reluctantly made the fold.

Before the river had barely touched the felt, Matusow was announcing all-in for his final £6,850, and was called even quicker by Yong. “That’s it,” observed Tony G as Matusow released his hand, but no one seemed to have noticed that the American could still split with a nine.

But, by now, it was too late, and although those in the truck desperately required their curiosity satisfied, no river was dealt and we were left with a slightly bitter taste in our mouth, as was Matusow who was once again forced to call for chips.


Mike Matusow raised to £350 with and received three callers: neighbour Rob Yong with , Tony G on the button with and Robert Williamson (do I have to add ‘III’?) – who was, mathematically, the favourite to win the hand – with .

The flop rolled out and the action checked to Tony G who chucked £1,500 into the middle with his gutshot Broadway draw. Yong was the only caller and we reached a turn where Matusow fired a second barrel (£3,000), unaware that he actually had his man dominated. Yong flat-called, but proceeded to check-fold to a bet of £6,000 on the river, albeit after a dwell, which was either an attempt to save face, or a genuine consideration for a check-raise bluff.


Tony G has no intentions of sitting on his winnings, and clearly wants to overtake Jennifer Tilly and leave this year’s Big Game as top dog. On his last hand, he opened to £300 with , leading to a three-bet to £900 from Keith Johnson who held . Roberto Romanello seemed achingly tempted to play his , but let it go, which presented Tony G with the opportunity to pick it up there and then. He four-bet to £3,000, and Johnson conceded his hand.


I joined the action on the turn of a board with Rob Yong donning his balaclava and attempting to commit daylight robbery with . JP Kelly was having none of it, however, and called the £1,600 with .

Kelly missed his flush, but spiked a bullet on the river to give him top pair, the toppest top pair, in fact. Yong was unfazed by the card and, as expected, fired another barrel to the tune of £3,100. Kelly quickly called, but it would have been interesting to see if he would have made the same decision with just ace high.


Rob Yong found aces… Woot! Woot

… and managed to pick up the blinds.


It’s been a frustrating day for the entrepreneur.


Following his decimation of Mike Matusow, Tony G now boasts a profit of £52,200, although he’s still trailing the fine efforts of the future Mrs. Snoopy, Jennifer Tilly, who walked away with a sumptuous £66,925.


Score on the doors:

Seat 1: Roberto Romanello — 38,450
Seat 2: J.P.Kelly — 44,325
Seat 3: Tony G — 73,200
Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 57,200
Seat 5: Keith Johnson — 11,300
Seat 6: Robert Williamson III — 38,200
Seat 7: Mike Matusow — 10,175
Seat 8: Rob Yong — 25,650


Suited connectors normally leads to a raise, so it was of no surprise when Mike Matusow bumped it up to £300 with in early position. Rob Yong called with one seat down, but JP Kelly was less accommodating with his in the small blind and duly made it £1,300 to play. Matusow folded; Yong called.

Yong proceeded to check-call £1,400 on the flop and check down the turn and river. Kelly seemed tempted to value-bet on the end, but may have feared a weak ace as he tapped the table behind to pick up the pot. His stack is now on £44,425 whilst Yong has slipped a tad to £25,650.


That defeat means Mike Matusow is now a whopping £34,250 down, and starting to regret his trip across the Atlantic. He’s joined in the red by Keith Johnson who is £19,850 to the bad, while Dusk Till Dawn Head Honcho Rob Yong – who, incidentally, has been involved in more pots than anyone at the table – is also struggling with a loss of £10,875.


After a period of inactivity, the action suddenly exploded like Mount Vesuvius as four players found strong/matching hole cards. JP Kelly kicked us off with a raise to £400 with ; Tony G and Keith Johnson called with and respectively, but Mike Matusow increased the price of poker to £1,525 with . Kelly called, as did Tony G, whilst Johnson ducked out of the way.

The flop was a dud, but after the table checked, a hit the turn to give Tony G an early Christmas present. Matusow checked, as did Kelly, allowing Tony G to lead for £2,000. Matusow made the call and Kelly relinquished his small pair.

On the river came a , and Matusow made the expected check, likely with the intention of reevaluating if Tony G bet. The PartyPoker pro did indeed throw some money into the pot, but perhaps slightly more than expected as he waved all in for £55,925.

Of course, Matusow didn’t even possess half that amount, yet was still faced with a tough decision with his second pair. But despite this, he made the call relatively quickly (clearly expecting his foe to turn over some missed draws a lot of the time), but was soon shown the bad news as Tony G revealed his house.

“We’re playing the game now,” chuckled an elated Tony G in the aftermath as a deflated Matusow looked on in silence.


The big three winners of the Big Game V currently at the table are:

Tony G: +£39,450
Robert Williams III: +£27,375
JP Kelly: +£23,275


Mike Matusow’s beginning to open up his game now with a raise to £400 with , but his timing’s worse than a broken Rolex as Alec Torelli three-bet to £1,550 with . Matusow made a stand and opted to call, but then quickly folded to a continuation bet of £2,100 on the flop. It’s just not working out for Matusow today, and he has to be careful not to dribble away too many trips trying to hit flops; he currently has a £13,400 stack.


The blog’s revolving doors are spinning as I relieve Chingster23 of his duties and return to my seat for the next half a day. Taking a glance at the line-up, I’m delighted to see bracelet winner JP Kelly has taken to the felt, but a little disappointed that Sam Trickett and Jennifer Tilly are only present in spirit. I have a sadistic affection for degeneracy (or, more accurately, witnessing degeneracy in others), so I was severely hoping that someone would be echoing Viffer’s feat from last year and playing for the duration. But, alas, my wish to watch someone painfully struggling to make it the end hasn’t come into fruition, but we should still be in for a fun 12 hours of poker fun and frolics, especially with the returning Tony G threatening to add some spice to the day’s play.


Tony G has just arrived back in the game on his bike. There was even an arse cleavage shot for his legions of female admirers. For his poker playing admirers he returns with £70,150.


It is time for another eviction via player vote.

Three players are exempt – Rob Yong, Mike Matusow and Keith Johnson.

The player with the highest V-Chip is Rob Yong but he is already exempt.

Here are the votes:

Romanello voted for Torelli

J.P. Kelly voted for Torelli

Per Linde voted for Torelli

(I think all of those votes had to do with the fact he was giving them a hard time)

Torelli voted for Per Linde

Johnson voted for Per Linde

Williamson voted for Per Linde

Matusow voted for Per Linde

Yong voted for Per Linde.

In fact it wasn’t Per Linde they voted for, it was Peer Linde, Pear Linde and Peer Linde.  Whatever his name he played very well and was very unlucky to be booted out while doing his bollocks.


Alec Torelli is trying his very best to be exempt from the public vote. How about a five bet bluff?

Rob Yong raised to £200 and Romanello three-bet on the button to £1,425 holding . This has been a common move for Romanello as has the re-raise from J.P.Kelly. Kelly didn’t disappoint and he four-bet to £2,600 with from the small blind. Kelly has been raising Romanello all night and Torelli is an astute player. He was holding in the big blind and he five-bet to £6,000 and he forced Kelly to have a hand. One by one Torelli’s opponents folded quicker than the 1945 Origami Champion of the world Mr Foldit.


One of the quietest Pokernews Bonus pots we have had was one by Rob Yong. Williamson III raised to £200, Matusow called and Yong raised to £1,500 with pocket jacks and everyone folded.


This Keith Johnson guy. If you were to ask me what age he was I would say between 21 and 49 – Jesse May


Rob Yong raised to £400 holding and Per Linde three-bet to £1,800 with . Rob Yong called and we saw a flop of . Yong bet £2,600 and Linde called. The turn was the and both players checked. The river was the and again Yong checked trying to get to showdown. Linde had other ideas and he moved all-in for £10,400. You have to admire his courage considering he is a big loser in this game. Yong thought for a long time before folding and Linde told him that it was a bluff.


Roberto Romanello has been patient all night long. He just had a wonderful opportunity to win a huge amount of money but let it slip through his fingers. We don’t know what was going through the Welsh Wizards mind but we can’t help feeling he played the following hand like his was playing in a tournament and not in a cash game setting.

Matusow raised to £200, J.P.Kelly raised to £1,100 and Romanello called. The flop was . Romanello had [5x] [8x] and J.P.Kelly had [ax][kx]. Romanello checked, J.P.Kelly bet £3,300, Matusow folded and Romanello just called. The turn was the – was this the time for Romanello to make his move? Romanello checked, Kelly bet £2,000 but Romanello just called again. The river was the Romanello checked for the third time J.P.kelly bet £3,300 and Romanello called.

“I have two pair.” Said Romanello.

He flipped over his [8x] [5x] and a confused J.P Kelly ditched his hand.


Romanello opened with and a £200 bet. Per Linde, J.P.Kelly and Rob Yong all called.


The flop had more clubs that Captain Caveman’s car boot and everyone checked.

Turn: Linde bet £500 and Yong raised to £2,000. Yong and Kelly folded and even Linde managed to lay his over pair down.


In terms of large pots it has been a very quiet 12-hours since Jennifer Tilly won the biggest pot of the night in her £89,150 argument with Torelli.

Step up to the mantle J.P Kelly and Rob Yong. Yong raised with and J.P.Kelly called with . When the flop came down everyone in the media room said.

“Oh no!”


We knew it was all going in and everyone knew the seasoned pro was going to win it. Yong bet £700, Kelly bet £2,500, Yong bet £5,200, Kelly moved all-in and Yong snap-called.

The pot size was £50,610 and Yong got to his feet.



Yong’s chips were pushed into the arms of Kelly and after initially deciding to leave he returned with some more dosh; and so he should because he has played quite well since he sat down.


“This is the show that people get voted off right?” Asked Matusow.

“Can I make a bet? Can I bet who the next person to be voted off will be? Can I say it out loud?” Asked Matusow.

Someone told him to go ahead.

“Him! The Man in Seat 3! He hasn’t said a word!” Said Matusow.

Per Linde is the man sat in seat three. He didn’t say a word!


Up to Date Leaderboard

  • Robert Williamson III +£30,175
  • J.P.Kelly +£7,210
  • Rob Yong +£4,025
  • Roberto Romanello +£1,475
  • Keith Johnson +£925
  • Mike Matusow -£9,275
  • Alec Torelli -£12,825
  • Per Linde -£24,100

The player with the current highest V-Chip is Rob Yong.


Rob Yong found pocket kings and raised to £200 and Alec Torelli was the only caller holding .

The flop suited both players when it came down . Torelli checked and Yong bet £400 before Torellu check-raised to £1,550.

“Is this the guy who played the jack-four hand?” Rob Yong asked Matusow (referring to the first hand Matusow ran into when he arrived at the table).

Yong called and that was the last of the action. The turn of and river of were both checked.

“I am not betting because there is nothing I beat that will call anyway.” Said Yong.


Mike Matusow raised to £350 with , Rob Yong called with as did Per Linde in the blinds. The flop was and Per Linde bet £600. Mike Matusow was next to act and he called with his top pair. Rob Yong was the guy with the monster draw and he raised to £2,100 and both players folded.


Poor old Per Linde. He continues to play extremely well but is experiencing his short burst of negative variance at the Big Game V.

Keith Johnson raised to £300 holding , Robert Williamson III three-bet to £1,175 holding and Per Linde flat called from the straddle position holding .


Everyone checked the flop.


Linde bet £2,000, Johnson folded his pair and Williamson called looking for an over card or a diamond.


Linde checked at the sight of the ace. Williamson made a tiny value bet of £2,000 and Linde did not give his opponent the satisfaction and he folded his hand.


J.P.Kelly is playing very well and is very active. He just opened with to £300 and received four callers. He c-bet a flop of for £1,100 and took down the pot. This is an example of numerous pots that he one in order to keep his head above the redline.


The Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong has sat down in seat 8 with £20,000


Biggest Winners

  • Jennifer Tilly— £66,925
  • Tony G—£50,150
  • Robert Williamson III—£26,350
  • Roland De Wolfe—£26,050
  • Ben Carpenter—£16,875
  • Devilfish—£14,875
  • Marc Koehler—£10,760
  • J.P.Kelly—£5,610

Biggest Losers

  • Sam Trickett—£40,450
  • Per Linde—£22,575
  • Viffer—£14,775
  • Luke Schwartz—£11,575
  • Toby Lewis—£11,135
  • Alec Torelli—£10,050
  • Andrew Feldman—£8,775
  • Mike Matusow—£8,325


Current Stack Sizes

  • Robert Williamson III —£36,350
  • J.P.Kelly —£25,610
  • Keith Johnson —£20,300
  • Roberto Romanello —£16,300
  • Mike Matusow —£6,675
  • Alec Torelli —£33,950
  • Per Linde —£17,425


Mini Leader Board

  • Robert Williamson III +£26,350
  • J.P.Kelly +£5,635
  • Keith Johnson +£5,300
  • Roberto Romanello +£1,300
  • Mike Matusow -£8,325
  • Alec Torelli -£9,300
  • Per Linde -£23,350


Robert Williamson III raised to 250 with and Cang Phan three-bet to £850 holding and Williamson made the call.

The flop was and as soon as we saw it we knew it spelt trouble for the qualifier. Each and every time a qualifier has come up against a seasoned professional in a flip situation (on my shift) they have lost. Williamson checked, Phan bet £700, Williamson check-raised to £4,200, Phan moved all-in for £7,025 and Williamson called.



What did we say!


We just gave Cang Phan credit for winning a pot and then he does this!

Phan found the aces and raised to £300. J.P.Kelly, Alec Torelli and Keith Johnson all called.  The flop was not too bad for a pair of aces . Keith Johnson bet £600 with complete air and Phan raised to £1,800. J.P Kelly had a flush draw and he four-bet to £3,600 after asking Phan for a count.

Phan went into the tank and we thought it was hollywood but when he popped up from the tank he folded!!


Party Poker Online qualifier Cang Phan has just won his first decent sized pot. It was a family pot with six people seeing a flop and turn.


Phan, holding for the flush draw, bet £1,100. Alec Torelli was next to act and he was holding for top pair; but was the meat in the 6 player sandwich. He took his time and looked to his left before deciding to fold. Robert Williamson III was holding and he made the call.


Both players missed and it was a case of he who bets wins. It was Phan to his credit who stuck his money in first. It was £3,650 and the bluff got through.


Robert Williamson III raised to £250 holding and both Per Linde and Keith Johnson called.


The action checked to the raiser and he bet £450. Linde called with his sneaky set and Johnson folded.


Again Linde checked in order to extract a bet from his opponent but the sight of the king was enough to put Williamson into pot control mode and he too checked.


Linde knew that Williamson had a queen and he very cleverly checked for the third time. Williamson bet £1,050 and the only question left to answer was the size of the check-raise. It was £3,300 and Williamson snap-called thinking he probably had the best hand. Linde finally gets some luck to go along with his good play.


Mike “The Mouth” Matusow has just blown £8,000 in a matter of a few minutes.

J.P Kelly raised to £200 with and there were three callers including Matusow holding .

The flop was and Matusow was in a mess. He bet £1,000 and Kelly min-raised him. Everyone folded and Matusow made the call leaving himself with £2,000 behind. The turn was and Kelly moved £3,000 into the middle.

“I have top pair but I don’t think it is any good.” Said Matusow before making the correct fold.


Mike Matusow sat down with a little cuddly toy effigy of himself. He looked down and immediately saw and raised to £200. J.P.Kelly made a loose call on the button with and Alec Torelli saw an opportunity in the small blind to make a squeeze. The price was £900 to play and Torelli was holding . Matusow made the call and Kelly folded.


Not a bad flop when you are holding . Torelli didn’t mess about and he bet out for £1,500. Matusow got straight into the groove and raised to £3,150 with ace high. Torelli checked with Matusow that he started with £10,000 and then he bet enough to put The Mouth all-in. Matusow who had already invested 40% of his stack in this hand folded and had a nice little argument with Torelli.

“You don’t even play poker anymore. What the hell are you doing in this game anyway?” Matusow asked.


Local boy Keith Johnson has just robbed his piggy bank of £15,000 and has joined Big Game V. Also joining the game is Mike “The Mouth” Matusow who has bought in for £10,000. Johnson is in seat 5 and Matusow in seat 7.


Luke Schwartz who has played longer than anyone else in Big Game V has called it a day after playing for over 27-hours.


The man who cannot lose a flip, Roberto Romanello, has just got all of his dough in the middle against Alec Torelli and in a flip and guess what? He won it! Roberto’s pocket jacks evading any potential attack from an ace or a king and he now has around £15,000 in front of him.


Eviction Time

The Pokernews online viewers have voted and the two players with the most votes and at risk to leave are Per Linde and Andrew Feldman.

The player who got the most votes was…Andrew Feldman!

Andrew Feldman is absolutely gutted especially being evicted just after losing the Pokernews Bonus pot to Torelli.


Pokernews Bonus Pot!

Kara Scott has just added £500 to the pot so it will be like vultures surrounding a carcass any minute now.

What is it about these pots? It is pure machismo nothing more and nothing less.

There were two straddles making it £200 to play and Alec Torelli raised to £1,000 with . Andrew Feldman three-bet to £2,775 with but then Torelli bit back with a four-bet of £5,975 and Feldman incredibly called.

The Pokernews bonus pot flop was and the action did not slow down. Torelli bet £5,500 and again Feldman called. The dealer gave us a turn and Torelli moved all-in and Feldman folded.


Who Is In The Money?

  • Robert Williamson III +£27,750
  • Andrew Feldman +£3,925
  • J.P.Kelly -£3,415
  • Roberto Romanello -£6,775
  • Luke Schwartz -£11,575
  • Alec Torelli -£12,675
  • Per Linde -£28,475


A new Party Poker online qualifier Cang Phan has just joined us. He has £8,000 and the seat previously occupied by Toby Lewis. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope he is a degenerate gambler and loose-aggro maniac because the past few hours have been sloooooowwwww.


Toby Lewis has decided to call it a (short) day. He has left the number eight seat and it may well be filled by Mike “The Mouth” Matusow very soon.


In the very next hand Romanello three-bet Robert Williamson III again. This time the American was much weaker holding but he called nevertheless.  The flop was and a Romanello bet of £750 won the pot.


Roberto Romanello’s timing is a little off in this game. Robert Williamson III raised to £150 with pocket queens and Romanello three-bet on the button with . Williamson, who always seems to get himself in these marvellous situations, four-bets to £1,850 and Romanello folded.


Luke Schwartz raised to £300, Toby Lewis called before J.P Kelly three-bet to £1,100 holding a pair of kings. Schwartz called with a pair of tens and Lewis folded.


Both players checked.


Schwartz check-called a £1,400 Kelly bet.


Schwartz check-folded this time. The bet from Kelly was £3,000 and Schwartz told his opponent he thought he had Jacks before folding his hand.


J.P.Kelly has just topped up £5,000 and then won the players first seven-deuce game. All of the players (except Robert Williamson III) have agreed to hand over £300 each if a player wins a hand with seven-deuce.

There were five people observing a flop of and it was left to Schwartz to have a stab at the pot when he bet £700 holding . Toby Lewis had the button and and he raised to £1,850. J.P.Kelly was seated in the big blind holding the mighty and he three-bet to £3,050 and everyone folded. Kelly had a smile as wide as the Cheshire Cat when he peeled back his hand and was showered with £300 from each player on the table (except for the extremely smart Robert Williamson III).


Alec Torelli limped in early position with .  Robert Williamson III called with and Luke Schwartz raised to £300 with . Roberto Romanello was sat on the button holding and he decided it was a good spot to make a move and he three-bet making it £1,125 to play. Torelli then put his plan into action and four-bet to £4,000. It was such a strong moved that Schwartz actually folded his pocket Jacks. The money went to Torelli after Romanello also ditched his trash.


We have all had our one hour dinner break and filled our guts with a fried breakfast. Now onto the poker and our first hand was a split pot.

Toby Lewis raised with to £150 and J.P.Kelly called in the blinds with [5]. The flop was , Lewis bet £250 and Kelly raised to £600 and Lewis called. Both players checked the and turn and river and the spoils were shared.


Luke Schwartz and Andrew Feldman have clashed again and this time it was Feldman who came out on top.

Schwartz opened up with a raise of £300 and both Romanello and Feldman called.

  • Romanello:
  • Schwartz:
  • Feldman:


Schwartz bet £800, Romanello folded and Feldman called.


Feldman hit his wheel and checked to Schwartz who didn’t let his nemesis down when he bet £2,000. Feldman check-raised to £6,375 and Schwartz called with his double belly buster.


A Schwartz brick. Feldman counted out a bet but Luke’s hand was in the muck before it crossed the line.


A Full Monty Leader Board As Our Director Katie Hearns Calls It

  • Robert Williamson III +£25,935
  • Luke Schwartz +£3,925
  • Andrew Feldman -£4,425
  • Roberto Romanello -£6,325
  • J.P.Kelly -£6,585
  • Toby Lewis -£8,700
  • Alec Torelli -£18,450
  • Per Linde -£30,175


Lewis had just sat down with his new £10,000 stack when he found underneath his chin. He raised to £300 and both Feldman and Williamson III called.


A perfect flop for Lewis and he celebrated it with a c-bet of £700 and only Feldman called holding .

Both players checked the turn before Lewis value bet the river and Feldman folded.


Toby Lewis folded two hands before finding in his third hand. That is good enough to play for £10,000 stacks against the Luke Schwartz range – it is just a shame he had pocket Kings. Five ten-less cards later and Lewis left the table and walked over to the cash desk to get some more money. 3 hands and down £10,000! At least Lewis can raise a smile.


Per Linde has brought his girlfriend to Nottingham and she is watching him from the rail. I hope she doesn’t ask him to take her shopping tomorrow because he may not have any money left after this!

Linde and Robert Williamson III got all the money into the middle and the end result was a £10,000 rebut from Linde.


Williamson III:


Roberto Romanello raised to £225 with , Per Linde called with and Luke Schwartz did what he does best; he three-bet out of position with trash . Both players called and we had a hefty pot going into the flop.


Schwartz bet £1,600 as he has done each time he has squeezed and been called pre flop. Romanello’s hand was too strong and he made the call while the Swede Linde moved out of the way.


Schwartz picks up some equity and used it to his advantage when he bet £3,100 and again Romanello made the call.


Schwartz moved all-in and put all of the pressure back onto Romanello. They have both been messing about with the seven-deuce game and this was what was bothering Romanello.

“Do you have seven-deuce?” Asked the Welshman.

He took his time as he always does and eventually folded. Schwartz showed the bluff.

“You have been beating me up so I had to get one through you.” Laughed Schwartz.


Toby Lewis has just filled the seat left by the recently departed online qualifier.


As we wave goodbye to Saturday and say hello to Sunday we lose another player. Party Poker online qualifier Linus Hjulstrom raised to £450 holding and Andrew Feldman three-bet to £1,425 holding . We were expecting the money to go in pre flop but Hjulstrom had more restraint than us and just called.


Exactly what Hjulstrom wanted – it’s just a shame that Feldman wanted the exact same thing. Feldman bet £1,175 and again we were expecting the money to go in but the qualifier just called.


Feldman decided Hjulstrom needed a helping hand so he threw him some rope in the form of a check. Hjulstrom grabbed the rope, tied it around his neck and leaped off the chair. It was an all-in worth £4,650 and Feldman snap-called.


Hjulstrom left the table and we continued with seven players.


Current Winners and Losers

  • Robert Williamson III +£8,610
  • J.P.Kelly +£4,015
  • Roberto Romanello +£875
  • Linus Hjulstrom -£1,625
  • Luke Schwartz -£10,575
  • Andrew Feldman -£11,525
  • Per Linde -£17,050
  • Alec Torelli -£25,525


Incredibly five people saw a flop that contained more hearts than Clintons Card shop on valentines day and none of them had a heart.


Schwartz may not have had a heart but he did have two pair. I mean that is exactly why he played in the first place right? J.P.Kelly had top pair but we didn’t see the kicker and it was the two of them that clashed. Schwartz made it £500 and Kelly raised to £1,250. Schwartz made the call and then won the pot on the turn. The turn card was the and a £2,000 bet did the trick.


Is Luke Schwartz getting soft as the time etches away?

We joined the action on a flop of .




Schwartz was first to act and he bet £700 and both players called in search of their fabled deuce. The turn offered the deuce hunters some added outs . Schwartz bet £2,200 and Torelli had a little think. Then the man who has lost the most money at the table raised to £6,000. Feldman mucked instantly. Schwartz was holding TPTK and facing a raise and he folded. Torelli earning a great bunch of chips.

Schwartz decided to rest his head on the table and have a power nap.


Luke Schwartz raised with the mighty making it £475 to play. The Schwartz psychic ability had left him temporarily because he walked into a couple of monsters. Roberto Romanello got his cards dirty for the first time when raised to 1,325 on the button holding . J.P.Kelly was in the small blind and he had and everyone was expected the booming four-bet but he misled us all when he just called.

The action folded around to Andrew Feldman who was holding and you could sense a David v Goliath moment when he made the call. Schwartz mucked his trash and we had three hands staring at the dealer as he dropped a flop of . J.P.Kelly could be forgiven for thinking it was a good board for the ladies. He bet £1,800 and Feldman raised to £4,350. Romanello folded and Kelly just called. The turn was an interesting and Feldman moved all-in. Kelly thought long enough for the clock to be called before finally folding.


Luke Schwartz lost quite a bit of money to Andrew Feldman when his very good river bluff was picked of by Feldman. Since that moment Schwartz has three-bet the Feldman raise with impunity and Feldman has called the three-bets with equal gusto. Here is an example:

Alec Torelli raised, Feldman and Williamson called before Schwartz three-bet from the big blind to £1,200 holding . Torelli and Williamson folded and Feldman called. The flop was and Schwartz was always favourite to win this pot. He bet £1,400 and Feldman folded.


With all of the changes in this game it has gotten a little flat in the past hour.


Feldman straddled to £100 and Schwartz straddled to £200. J.P.Kelly raised to £700 with and Per Linde looked down to see the snowmen on the button . He decided the three-bet was the weapon of choice and he made it £3,100. The two degens in the straddles folded and J.P.Kelly made a very loose call.


Kelly checked to Linde; probably laying a check-raise trap, but Linde checked back.


Kelly bet £3,000 and Linde called.


J.P.Kelly bet again and Linde folded.

After the hand Linde topped up another £10,000, Feldman topped up a further £5,000 and Roberto Romanello joined the action and takes the number one seat.


So no surprise that Luke Schwartz has the coveted V-Chip spot. Here he is getting himself a sandwich and a lot more money!

I caught the action on a flop of . Linde had and the coveted flopped set. His opponent was Luke Schwartz who was holding for absolute thin air! Schwartz loves to fire with thin air and he made it £800 and Linde called. The turn was the interesting because it turned Schwartz’ hand into something worth holding. He fired his second barrel of £3,600 and Per Linde called again. The river was the gin card for Schwartz . Schwartz immediately announced that he was all-in and proceeded to munch on his sandwich. Linde asked Schwartz how much he had.

“More than me mate.” Said Schwartz.

Linde made the call and his profit dropped straight down to -£12,300. Schwartz continues to grind his way back up to the redline.


Apologies for saying earlier that Ben Carpenter left immediately after winning his big pot against Feldman. I have since learned that he did not leave voluntarily. He left because his 4 hours of play were finished.


It is time for the Weakest Link style eviction process. It is going to be determined by player vote.

The two people who had the most votes were Alec Torelli and Roland De Wolfe and drum roll please……Roland De Wolfe you have been evicted please leave DTD now! Roland De Wolfe you have been evicted please leave DTD now!

Here is whom voted for whom.

  • Roland de Wolfe voted for Robert Williamson III
  • J.P.Kelly voted for Alec Torelli
  • Per Linde voted for Alec Torelli
  • Alec Torelli voted for Andrew Feldman
  • Andrew Feldman voted for Roland de Wolfe
  • Robert Williamson voted for Roland de Wolfe (because he looked like he needed sleep apparently).
  • Luke Schwartz voted for Roland de Wolfe
  • Linus Hjulstrom voted for Roland de Wolfe

Luke Schwartz was exempt because he had the highest V Chip.


Kara Scott has just flung a £500 chip into the middle of the table. That means one thing – it is the Pokernews Bonus Pot. Basically, it is time for everyone to go nuts. It has nothing to do with the £500 it is just pure pride.

Luke Schwartz straddled to £100, Roland De Wolfe called with , Per Linde called with before Alec Torelli spotted an opportunity to three-bet squeeze to £1,000 holding .

De Wolfe and Linde both called and we had a £3,875 Pokernews Bonus Pot.


De Wolfe flopped the absolute nuts and bet £3,500 and everyone folded.


Andrew Feldman welcomes J.P.Kelly to the table by three-betting him. Kelly folding pocket eights in his first hand to the ace-queen of Feldman.


If you count falling asleep at the table as a sign of tiredness then Luke Schwartz is very tired.

He soon perked up though! Kara Scott slinking over to the table to introduce J P Kelly into the number two seat enough to stir some life into Schwartz.


Per Linde introduced himself to the table with a raise of £200 holding . Luke Schwartz had made the initial straddle and he three-bet with the Nessie like and it was for £850. Per Linde was going nowhere and he made the call.


Schwartz continued his aggressive line with a bet of £1,300 and Per Linde decided to float.


Schwartz has always taken the opportunity to barrel the turned ace when has had air and this hand was no different; £3,100 was the price and Per Linde decided on a pot controlling call.


Schwartz knew he couldn’t win the pot so he fired a third time. It was £3,100 again and maybe it was a bet borne out of tiredness? Linde made the easy call and makes a good start.


Current Up and Downers

Roland De Wolfe +£21,725

Robert Williamson III +£9,600

Linus Hjulstrom +£925

Per Linde Even Steven

Andrew Feldman -£13,825

Alec Torelli -£22,175

Luke Schwartz -£23,500


Per Linde has just entered the building looking like an awesome James Bond villain. He is sat in seat 3.


Biggest Winners

Jennifer Tilly +£69,925

Tony G +£50,150

Roland De Wolfe +£20,275

Ben Carpenter +£16,875

Devilfish +£14,875

Marc Koehler +£10,760

Robert Williamson III +£10,500


Sam Trickett has taken £19,150 off the table. He has accumulated a £40,450 loss but assures me he is even steven’s from side betting at the table. Trickett has also played for just over 26-hours and who knows we may see him return later?


Andrew Feldman straddled from early position to £100. Roland De Wolfe, who also has a WSOP Bracelet, raised to £300 on the button with . Alec Torelli called with an unknown hand in the blinds before Feldman three-bet from the straddle to £1,200 holding . De Wolfe called and Torelli folded and the two Englishmen saw a flop.


Feldman bet straight into the mouth of the wolf and he swallowed the £1,800 bet up and spat out a £5,000 re-raise. Feldman folded instantly.


We have just lost a WSOP Bracelet winner. Jennifer Tilly has just left after playing 26-hours of uninterrupted poker and leaves with £86,925 in her handbag. That is a profit of £66,925. We salute you Ms Tilly.


Alec Torelli raised to £200 with and Andrew Feldman flat-called holding in the cut-off. Williamson folded and Luke Schwartz three-bet with . Torelli folded, and realising that Schwartz could have absolutely anything here, Feldman decided to peel off a flop.


Schwartz led out with a bet of £2,000. Feldman contemplated a move for a very long time before eventually surrendering his hand.


We have a new Party Poker Online qualifier. His name is Linus Hjulstrom and he has taken the seat vacated by Ben Carpenter.


Ben Carpenter has just doubled up through Andrew Feldman in a classic coin flip.

Feldman straddled to £100 in early position, Luke Schwartz raised to £300 holding and Ben Carpenter woke up with . He made a three-bet of £900 and it folded around to Andrew Feldman in the straddle. He looked at his cards and moved them over the glass and he had a monster – . He played it fast and four-bet to £2,350 and Schwartz folded. Carpenter didn’t need long to make his decision and he moved all-in for £15,150 and Feldman insta-called with £10,800.

It was painless for Feldman as the King appeared on a flop of . The gave Feldman some more outs but none of them were the that appeared on the river.

Carpenter propelled himself into a £16,875 profit and just in the nick of time as his 4-hours were up as soon as the hand finished.


Movers and Shakers

  • Jennifer Tilly +£67,025
  • Roland De Wolfe +£16,475
  • Robert Williamson III +£9,900
  • Andrew Feldman +£8,175
  • Ben Carpenter +£4,000
  • Alec Torelli -£22,250
  • Luke Schwartz -£31,875
  • Sam Trickett -£35,350


Jennifer Tilly has just carved out a £69,150 profit from the Alec Torelli stone. For every winner there is a loser and Torelli has now dipped to a £23,000 loss in this game. The pot was the biggest pot of Big Game V so let’s see how it went down.

Sam Trickett started it all with a straddle to £100. Jennifer Tilly raised to £300 holding in early position. Alec Torelli, who has direct position on Tilly, three-bet to £900 holding and the action folded to Ben Carpenter who decided to set mine from the small blind with . There was no way Tilly was folding in this spot and she made the call.

The dealer gave us a flop of pleasure for Tilly and pain for Torelli. It was , Carpenter and Tilly checked and Torelli bet £1,500 in search of the diamond. Action on Carpenter who made a move at the wrong time when he check-raised to £3,800. Tilly who was sat with the mortal nuts, in this situation, couldn’t believe her luck and raised to £9,000.

This is why the flop was so painful for Torelli. He took a very long time to ponder his next move and it was an all-in move for £41,900. Carpenter got out of the way and Tilly called.

Tilly started to pray as her fate was now in the hands of the cards.



The knaves came to her rescue and she scooped an £89,150 pot. Tilly was still shaking two or three hands after the pot had taken place.

Alec Torelli quickly reloaded to £20,000.


Robert Williamson III forced Andrew Feldman to lay down pocket eights after he three-bet him to the tune of £1,600 holding pocket aces.

Feldman then tried to get that loose change back when he raised on the button with the super strong . Schwartz looked down to see a relative monster of in the big blind and he three-bet to £1,050. Ben Carpenter was in the straddle position and he had the same hand as Schwartz but instead of diamonds he had a selection of clubs . Carpenter made the strong looking four-bet from out of position with a bet of £2,250. Feldman folded his trash with a wry smile. Schwartz faked a big moved but Carpenter showed no emotion. In the end Schwartz dumped his hand and Carpenter won the pot.

Luke Schwartz then added another £10,000 to his stack.


Snoopy has gone back to the hotel for some much needed rest and I (Chingster23) will take you through the next 12-hours of action.

When I left this uncomfortable chair 12-hours ago Jennifer Tilly had position on Sam Trickett and she was winning the majority of the pots between the two of them. I have not had time to read what has happened during my visit to dreamland but it is no surprise to see them in both in action upon my return.

Tilly straddled to £100 and everyone folded around to Sam Trickett who was hiding in the big blind. He looked down to see the and it was good enough for Sam to raise. He made it £600 and Tilly called in position holding .


Trickett flicked out a £1,000 bet and Tilly quickly called. The turn of passed quickly and no more money went into the pot.


Trickett decided he could bet for value and made it £1,000 again. Tilly wasted no time in calling and welcomed Tricketts chips into her inviting bosom. Trickett looked at her hand and gave a look of disapproval.


With my shift drawing to a close, I couldn’t help but release a slight yawn, at which point I realised that two players at the table have been at the office for twice as long as me!

Both Sam Trickett and Jennifer Tilly were present for the starting whistle, and although I’m sure many of our female readers will find Trickett dashing, I must confess that Tilly looks just as radiant as she did 24 hours ago. In fact, she looks like a movie star!


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — 41,575

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — 17,850

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — 41,940

Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 22,825

Seat 5: Andrew Feldman — 38,200

Seat 6: Robert Williamson III — 1,750

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — 37,775

Seat 8: Ben Carpenter — 20,500


Luke Schwartz raised from early position to £600 with , Sam Trickett called with and Jennifer Tilly joined the party with . Nobody seemed interested in the flop, which gave Tilly the green light to take it down with the worst hand by firing out a bet on the blank turn.


When Robert Williams III tried to nick the blinds with a raise to £250 with a paltry , he could never have predicted the carnage that lay ahead. Luckily for the American, he avoided the destruction derby, instead leaving up to Luke Schwartz and Sam Trickett to collide.

After Williamson III had opened, Schwartz three-bet to £700 with , only for Trickett – amid glances towards the TV to watch the final moments of the football – cold four-bet to £2,300 with .

Schwartz quickly called before the deck whacked him on the bonce with a tasty flop. Not one to apply the brakes without good cause, Trickett continued his story with a bet of £3,100, which Schwartz called.

The turn was the , and after requesting an approximate account (circa £15,000, I believe), Trickett bet £4,000, perhaps hoping that his bet would look like one that was intentionally trying to induce a light shove. However, Schwartz had the goods, and was quite content to flat call once again rather than fold out any potential bluffs.

Trickett conceded on the river, and although Schwartz initially appeared to be close to checking, he ultimately opted to move all in for his remaining stack. Trickett smelt a rat that wasn’t there, as he made the call before being shown top two, which was a country mile ahead and good enough to give Schwartz both the pot and much-needed double through.

Trickett meanwhile – and despite his bravery – is sliding downhill quicker than a jellied eel on a water slide and is currently in the red by a gut-wrenching £41,275. Still, we’re yet to reach the halfway point, so if he can avoid eviction, there’s still time to recover those losses.


I’m unsure of the preflop figures, but Andrew Feldman and Luke Schwartz reached a flop with and respectively. Feldman led out and Schwartz called.

Both players checked the turn, but on the river Schwartz bet out an unexpected £200, perhaps looking to induce a value raise from Feldman. If that was the case, then his plan fell into place as Feldman did indeed raise, making it a total of £2,600. Schwartz responded by making it £9,200, thus leaving Feldman with a genuinely tough decision.

Feldman thought for longer than Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’, and the their bitter past and long-term rivalry was surely thrust to the forefront of his mind. Meanwhile, Schwartz remained cucumber cool – even when Feldman revealed the strength of his holding – but was clearly dying to show a bluff, or a “pwn” as the Internet kidz might say.

Unfortunately for Schwartz, that opportunity failed to emerge as Feldman eventually made the call before being met with the good news. The aftermath was very cordial, although Feldman’s compliment of the play likely tilted Schwartz even more.


With the departure of Viffer, a void has been left in seat six that requires filling. The man for the job is Robert Williams III, who, upon entrance, performed some sort of rain dance that can only be compared to a drunk uncle at a wedding: lots of pointing, wiggling and general lack of coordination. The only problem was that Mr. Williamson II was stone cold sober.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — 39,750

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — 27,625

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — 50,915

Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 22,225

Seat 5: Andrew Feldman — 24,600

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — 23,975

Seat 8: Ben Carpenter — 13,325


Luke Schwartz raised to £150 with , Ben Carpenter three-bet to £500 with and Schwartz flat-called. On the flop, Schwartz check-called/floated a continuation bet of £600 before leading out for £2,000 on the turn. Armed with a newly found flush draw, Carpenter made the call.

The river came the and, after a brief dwell, Schwartz reached for chips, trickling £3,100 into a pot of £6,275. Carpenter clearly wasn’t overjoyed, and the stakes were likely playing on his mind, but eventually he did indeed make the call to boost his stack to £19,600 from a £10,000 starting stack.


It would appear as though Luke Schwartz’s reputation as a ‘bad boy of poker’ precedes him as he received the most amount of public votes for the next eviction. However, because he boasted the highest VPIP percentage, he was exempt from being the weakest link, and so it was Viffer who was sent on his merry way. “On ya bike,” urged Schwartz, echoing the immortal words of a former tablemate.


The scores on the boards:

Jennifer Tilly: +£28,340

Roland De Wolfe: +£22,375

Ben Carpenter: +£3,725

Luke Schwartz: -£4,375

Andrew Feldman: -£5,250

Alex Torelli — £9,075

Viffer: -£14,775

Sam Trickett: -£22,250


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — 39,750

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — 27,625

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — 50,915

Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 22,225

Seat 5: Andrew Feldman — 24,600

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — 23,975

Seat 8: Ben Carpenter — 13,325


The benefits of the PokerNews pot is that (i) it spices up the action and (ii) I get to see Lisa Marie Long pop on my screen. The latter is a home-banker, but the former isn’t, and any promise of preflop psychological warfare soon dissipated as we witnessed Alec Torelli raise and then c-bet his [Ax][Qx] on a king high flop. Sam Trickett relinquished [Ax][2x].


With the public vote looming, and half the table falling asleep, aggressor Luke Schwartz can feel safe from eviction, and even more so if he continues to double straddle. On this occasion, it lured out a raise of £750 from Roland De Wolfe who opened the action with . Viffer called with , and Schwartz defended with .

The flop was more action-packed than a first date with yours truly, and after Schwartz had folded to Viffer’s lead of £2,000, De Wolfe made a limit raise to £4,000. Viffer called leading to a turn, which is where the volcano exploded: Viffer bet £7,000, De Wolfe moved all in, and Viffer called quicker than Carl Lewis being shot out of a cannon.

A harmless river later, and De Wolfe’s stack rocketed right up to £47,575 after being all in for his final £10K with a flush draw just 90 minutes ago.


I don’t know if it’s fatigue, or a simple lack of big hands clashing / coolers, but the action has gone rather stale of late. Even Viffer didn’t play a hand on the last orbit!


After barely playing a hand since sitting down, Ben Carpenter suddenly leapt into action like a sleeping dog awoken by a burglar alarm. With Alec Torelli opening for £150 with , Andrew Feldman flat-calling with and Luke Schwartz squeezing to £600 with , Carpenter made a surprise cold four-bet with just . It worked, though, as all three enemies made the fold.


Alec Torelli:

Roland De Wolfe:

Luke Schwartz:


De Wolfe and Schwartz get all the chips in and Torelli steps out of the way.

turn doubles De Wolfe through, whilst a river merely rubs salt into already open wounds.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — 11,925

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — 32,175

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — 54,615

Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 16,575

Seat 5: Andrew Feldman– 20,775

Seat 6: Viffer — 65,650

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — 27,400

Seat 8: Ben Carpenter — 13,025


Roland De Wolfe raised his button to £500 with , Sam Trickett three-bet to £1,700 with in the small blind and De Wolfe flat-called. Trickett followed up with a bet of £2,200 on the [5x] flop, leading to a float from De Wolfe.

The turn filled Trickett up, but he decided to check in order to induce action; De Wolfe partly obliged, throwing just £3,000 into the pot. Trickett called, and after a brief dwell, checked the river in the hope that De Wolfe moved all in. But, alas, it didn’t happen, and De Wolfe checked behind, forcing Trickett to reveal his second nuts with an unavoidable smirk.


There’s a new man on campus; this time it’s Big Game veteran (despite his tender years) Andrew Feldman.


Viffer raised it up to £200 with , Luke Schwartz three-bet to £700 with and Viffer flat-called. On the flop, Schwartz led with his inside straight draw with a bet of £1,100 and Viffer called. Schwartz hit his miracle card on the turn and responded with a bet of £3,500. Again, Viffer made the call. The river came the and, after Viffer had checked, Schwartz moved all in for £17,225 into a pot of £11,775.

Viffer leant over to count out Schwartz’s chips – which was quite unusual – before pitching up tent in the tank. After a while, confirmation was requested of the chip count, which led to a T.D. assisting with the process. At this point, Schwartz waved his hand forward in an impatient manner and called for a clock. It likely had little influence, however, as Viffer soon released his hand, flashing an ace in the process.

Schwartz looked as sick as a parrot with the flu.


Quieter than a nun in a library, Tony G slipped away mid-hand to leave the eight seat open. The next man in line was Ben Carpenter who arrived armed with £10,000.


There was a strange hand where Roland De Wolfe found kings, and Viffer aces. Like my favoured football team, the encounter promised a lot, but delivered little as the pot refused to swell.

What was perhaps even odder was that when De Wolfe value bet (or so he thought) £3,350 on the river of what was a pretty dry board, Viffer made what some may have described as a slowroll (although it could have been a nitroll) with his bullets, announcing he had a small pair, asking if it could be reduced to £1,500, and generally dwelling as if he had bottom pair before finally making what many would have deemed a standard call.

A few eyebrows hit foreheads when the cards were revealed, and Sam Trickett made a face as if someone had squirted mustard up his nose.


A brief five-minute break was proceeded by an intriguing hand involving Jennifer Tilly and Luke Schwartz. It was actually Roland De Wolfe who got the ball rolling, raising it up to £250 with . Tilly three-bet to £700 with and Schwartz ([) and then De Wolfe both made the call.

The flop rolled out and Tilly continuation bet for £1,000. Schwartz nonchalantly called, and De Wolfe ducked out of the way. Schwartz then turned aggressor and fired out £2,500 on the turn, which led to a surprising call from Tilly who was either planning to turn her hand into a bluff, or was confident she was still ahead.

It’s possible that we might never know, as the river threw somewhat of a spanner in the works with the . Schwartz tapped the table, but Tilly decided that a check wouldn’t win her the hand often enough, so bet for £4,000. A perplexed Schwartz lifted his hands above his head and mulled briefly, but then made the fold.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — 31,000

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — 19,975

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — 44,650

Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 14,650

Seat 5: Marc Koehler — 17,250

Seat 6: Viffer — 64,850

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — 28,150

Seat 8: Tony G — 70,150


A pot of £4,775 was created preflop as Marc Koehler opened with [8x][8x], Jennifer Tilly three-bet with and both Viffer and Luke Schwartz called with and after flat-calling the initial raise.

Somehow, the board was checked all the way down, Tilly resisting a river value bet, yet still taking it down with second pair.


Sam Trickett kick-started the action with a raise to £400. Alex Torelli called with , as did Tony G with . On the flop, Trickett led for £900, Torelli called and Tony ducked out of the way. Trickett checked the turn, but raised Torelli’s bet/bluff of £1,700 to £4,100. Torelli seemed suspicious, but knew that it would be difficult to push Trickett off a marginal hand given the board, so shortly later released his hand.


A pattern is forming whereby someone makes a raise and both Viffer and Tony G make the call. On this occasion, Jennifer Tilly opened to £200 with , and after the aforementioned two matched the bet, Roland De Wolfe also came in for the ride with .

De Wolfe led the flop for £600, Tony G mucked , and Tilly and Viffer called. On the turn, however, De Wolfe gave up and checked, triggering Tilly to bet for £1,200. Only Viffer made the call. The river came , and this time it was Tilly who was holding up the white flag, quickly folding to a bet of £4,000 by Viffer who had made a straight on the turn with .


A pattern is forming whereby someone makes a raise and both Viffer and Tony G make the call. On this occasion, Jennifer Tilly opened to £200 with , and, after the aforementioned two matched the bet, Roland De Wolfe also came in for the ride with .

De Wolfe led the flop for £600, Tony G mucked , and Tilly and Viffer called. On the [9x] turn, however, De Wolfe gave up and checked, triggering Tilly to bet for £1,200. Only Viffer made the call. The river came , and this time it was Tilly who was holding up the white flag, quickly folding to a bet of £4,000 by Viffer who had made a straight on the turn with .


With the action folding around to him, German qualifier Marc Koehler raised his button to 300 with , and both blinds called: Viffer with and Tony G with .


Viffer bet 800 and Koehler flat-called.


Both players checked.


Viffer bet almost twice the pot to £4,000, but was unable to convince Keohler to make the call.


After a raise, three-bet and call (Roland De Wolfe as the aggressor; Tony G the initial raiser), both players checked the flop only for Tony G to bet 1,000 on the turn with . De Wolfe called with and, after the river was checked down, De Wolfe pressed Tony G into showing his hand before revealing his bottom pair.

De Wolfe seems keen to play pots with Tony G and start him off on the road to Tiltville via a gradual process of gentle needling. Only time will tell if De Wolfe will succeed in his quest, but prick a balloon enough times and eventually it will pop.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — 32,150

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — 18,050

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly —  44,225

Seat 4: Alec Torelli — 11,500

Seat 5: Marc Koehler — 14,250

Seat 6: Viffer — 63,600

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — 28,850

Seat 8: Tony G — 72,425


Five players progressed to a flop, each stumping up £1,500 for the privilege.

Jennifer Tilly:

Sam Trickett:

Roland De Wolfe:

Tony G:

Luke Schwartz:

Schwartz led for 2,500 and De Wolfe called, but Schwartz truly applied the pressure on the turn by moving all in for a smidgen over the pot, £13,025. De Wolfe mulled briefly, but soon made the fold.


I didn’t catch all the action, but Tony G and Viffer met the turn of a board. Viffer had floated the flop with , and when Tony G bet his to the tune of £3,000, Viffer turned on the style and bumped it up to £8,000.

Tony G flat-called, but folded the river when Viffer pushed out a brave bet of £14,000. Little did he know that his jack high was ahead all the way. Love him or hate him, Viffer is certainly entertaining, and has more gears than a BMX! He is now back in profit by £2,925.


Alec Torelli raised it up preflop with only for Jennifer Tilly to reraise to £2,000 from the blind. Both players checked the flop, before Tilly took a shot at the [Kx] turn with a bet of 3,000. Torelli flat-called.

Although the river was a blank, Tilly composed herself before firing out a second barrel, this time £5,000 into a pot of just over £15,000. Torelli squirmed in his seat like a three-legged ferret, and after pulling more faces than a gurning champion, made what appeared to be a very reluctant fold to leave himself with just shy of £12,000.


On the first hand since the dinner break, the whole table reached a flop with Jennifer Tilly concealing her joy with . Trickett fired out with [Tx][8x] and Tilly called. Both players checked the turn, only for Trickett to bet 500 on the river and snap-call a two-bet to 2,000, later claiming that he was betting to induce a bluff as he’d shown weakness on the turn.


Punctuality isn’t a poker player’s strong point, but after a lengthy delay, we eventually got back up and running with Alec Torelli returning to the table to replace the previously banished Annette Obrestad.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — 34,075

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — 28,525

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — 36,600

Seat 4: Annette Obrestad — 18,275

Seat 5: Marc Koehler — 14,625

Seat 6: Viffer — 51,300

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — 16,175

Seat 8: Tony G — 83,950


With the lunch-break looming, we witnessed another elimination, this time voted by the players themselves. Although there was a smattering of nominations for Tony G, and the rebellious rascal Luke Schwartz initially attempted to vote for the already-evicted Neil Channing, the player who won’t be returning post-lunch will be Annette Obrestad.

Play resumes in approximately one hour.


Players seem to have entered into a cyclical path of playing a flurry of hands, and then disappearing for multiple orbits, before suddenly becoming centrepiece again. The individual currently involved in almost every pot after a previous bout of folditus is Tony G.

His latest hand saw him call a raise of £400 from Sam Trickett (who held ) with . He then matched bets of £800 and £2,100 on the flop and turn, before facing a surprise overbet of £10,000 into a pot of £6,675 on the river.

You could almost see the curiosity dripping off the face of Tony G, but despite his urges, he maintained his discipline and made the fold, although not knowing whether he was bluffed or not will likely gnaw away at him for a hand or two… or hundred.


Tony G attempted to slowplay , but ended up in a multi-way pot with:

Annette Obrestad:

Jennifer Tilly:

Sam Trickett

Roland De Wolfe

Tony G likely thought the flop was pretty good for his hand, but little did he know that De Wolfe was performing cartwheels inside with quads and plotting to  bring the American Airlines in for a crash landing.

It didn’t happen, though, as after Tilly led for £700 and De Wolfe and Tony G called, the turn came the to slow the action down. Tony G called one bet of £2,000, but found a fold to the £8,000 bet on the river, adding, “I think you have the flush.” He made the correct decision, but for the wrong reason. Either way, he escaped relatively unscathed.


Five players checked to the river of a board with £2,775 in the pot. Schwartz bet a minuscule £300 with , which was enough to get Tony G to fold a superior . Tony G was about as happy as a penguin in a microwave when Schwartz revealed his hand.


As expected, Sam Trickett has come to play. With Luke Schwartz raising the £100 straddle to £300 with , and Tony G flat-calling with , Trickett squeezed to £1,400 with .

Schwartz may have ducked out the way (admittedly, with a weaker hand), but Tony G is a tougher nut to crack and inevitably made the call. It was to be a non-lucrative decision, however, as Trickett snapped up the pot with a continuation bet of £1,350 on the .

Despite this mini triumph, Trickett is still in the red.


Sam Trickett raised to £400 with , Annette Obrestad called with , Viffer called with , as did Tony G with .

The flop was checked around, triggering a bet of £1,500 from Trickett on the turn. Obrestad moved all in for £8,525 and Trickett made the fold.

A few hands later and Obrestad was all in again, her chips crossing the line with bottom two pair on a . Viffer only had king high and couldn’t make the call.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — £24,000

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — £22,025

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — £36,575

Seat 4: Annette Obrestad — £8,925

Seat 5: Marc Koehler— £7,550

Seat 6: Viffer — £58,675

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — £24,900

Seat 8: Tony G — £94,875


Jennifer Tilly received Big Slick (this time ) for the third time in almost as many hands and, once again, raised it up. Marc Keohler flat called the £400 with the same hand, (hoping for a squeeze, perhaps?), which led to calls from Luke Schwartz (), Tony G () and Sam Trickett ().

On the flop, Tilly fired out a bet of 1,500 with her ace high, which was called by Tony G. Tilly then gave up on the turn – despite, little to her knowledge, being ahead – before folding to an immediate bet of £3,000 on the river by Tony G.


Luke Schwartz opened up the action with a raise to £150 with . Roland De Wolfe flat called with , but Jennifer Tilly peeked down at and raised to £600. Both foes called.

The flop rolled out a , and after both opponents tapped the table, Tilly continuation bet for £1,000. Schwartz flat-called with top pair and De Wolfe threw away his hand.

Both remaining players checked the turn, which signified Tilly holding the white flag aloft as she quickly folded to a lead on the blank river.


On the first hand back after the break, Annette Obrestad – perhaps keen to improve her image and evade eviction – raised it up to £150 from under the gun with . It was enough to win her the blinds.


PartyPoker qualifier Marc Koehler has entered the fray; he’s replacing Alec Torelli in seat five and will be playing off a stack of £8,000.


The players have been treated to a short break, during which I passed Sam Trickett in the lobby. He seemed a little fazed, in truth, either starting to feel the fatigue, or burdened by the recent hand with Viffer still playing on his mind. Either way, the interval will likely do him good and I fully expect him to return guns-a-blazing.


On the very next hand, Roland De Wolfe once again looked down at the seven-deuce. This time he took down the blinds uncontested to receive £500 from all players, likely thinking: ‘Why couldn’t that have happened the first time around?’


Roland De Wolfe found the and bumped up the straddle to £500. There were three callers: Sam Trickett , Jennifer Tilly and Alec Torelli .


De Wolfe bet £300; Tilly called and Torelli folded.

Both players checked the turn, only for De Wolfe to take one final jab on the river with a bet of £6,000. Tilly made it £14,000 and De Wolfe released his hand.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — £33,500

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — £28,900

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — £27,600

Seat 4: Annette Obrestad — £10,175

Seat 5: Alec Torelli — £17,800

Seat 6: Viffer — £57,150

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — £23,750

Seat 8: Tony G — £87,950


Soon after, Trickett dipped his fingers into the cookie jar once more, leading out for £3,000 on the turn of a board. Viffer was either displaying psychic abilities, or simply floating to bluff the river, but, either way, he spiked his miracle card when the hit the felt. Still fondling cookies, Trickett announced all-in, but had his arm bitten off by Viffer who called quicker than a jet-propelled whippet. As a result, Viffer is back up to even whilst Trickett’s stack drops back down to £28,900.


A combination of straddles and raises from Alec Torelli, and then Tony G, led to a seven-way pot involving the following players and hands:

Roland De Wolfe:

Sam Trickett:

Jennifer Tilly

Alec Torelli


Luke Schwartz

Tony G:

Everyone checked the flop, but Trickett was less hospitable on the turn and took a stab with a bet of £4,100 into a pot of £9,100. De Wolfe was the only caller.

On the river, De Wolfe checked, allowing Trickett to set him all in on a bluff. De Wolfe may have been suspicious, but not enough to make the call.


With a double straddle, Viffer made it £600 with [?] and Roland De Wolfe flat-called with , only for Sam Trickett to make the squeeze to £2,600 with in the big blind. One seat down, however, Jennifer Tilly was plotting her plan, and showed courage by making it £10,000 with . As expected, all remaining opponents folded up like – to quote the great Jesse May – cheap suitcases and Tilly took the pot.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — £36,625

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — £54,150

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — £31,850

Seat 4: Annette Obrestad — £10,425

Seat 5: Alec Torelli — £19,550

Seat 6: Viffer — £22,275

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — £27,450

Seat 8: Tony G — £84,500


It didn’t take long for Torelli to step into the battlefield. With a raise and a reraise before him, he found and, albeit not immediately, plonked his stack across the line. To his relief, his two opponents quickly relinquished their hands meaning he didn’t have to face the embarrassment of calling for chips in record-breaking time.


Alec Torelli is the next victim… ahem, I mean player. He showed plenty of guts to come into Bon Jovi, but he’s going to have to call on that same intestinal fortitude to mix it up with the current line-up. Good luck, sir; this one’s a minefield.


I feel like Davina McCall at the moment… “The votes are in, and the next person out of the Dusk Till Dawn house is…

– cue epic pause –

Neil Channing!”

In truth, Channing had been quieter than a mute mouse over the last couple of hours, and certainly wasn’t a surprise eviction. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of the karate-clad Sensei, though; it’s going to take a human catapult to get him out of the arena, so I’m sure he’ll be back.


Jennifer Tilly (small blind) and Roland De Wolfe (button) headed to a flop with and respectively. As has been her tendency, Tilly led her top pair for £1,000 but, on this occasion, she was met with resistance by De Wolfe who popped it up to £4,000 with his flopped trips.

Tilly opted to flat call leading to a turn. Tilly checked, De Wolfe bet £6,600 and, after deciding that it was push-or-fold time, Tilly chose the former and moved all in. De Wolfe made the call.

It was disco inferno on the river as a minor dealer error meant that we had to burn another card and replace the that had already hit the felt. Despite the blood-thirst of the table, the river came a kingless and De Wolfe (eventually) took the pot.


Jennifer Tilly has been enjoying the seven-deuce rule; she took down her second pot with poker’s worst possible hand. She only received monies from half the table, however, as Annette Obrestad and Luke Schwartz are playing without the burden of the stipulation.


They must be putting Red Bull in the water here in Nottingham as, seemingly out of nowhere, we witnessed more straddling than a Texan ranch. Tony G threw in the £100 under the gun, Roland De Wolfe added £200, Sam Trickett made it £400 and Jennifer Tilly completed the madness with a final straddle of £800.

For anyone with access to the hole cards, you didn’t have to be Mystic Meg to predict the action, as Viffer and Tony G stumbled upon and respectively. Naturally, all the chips flew in quicker than a cheetah on Concord.

The flop was a rollercoaster as the potential straight draw was given, and then taken away, and when the straight did indeed come in on the turn, Tony G was the man bearing the widest grin as he’d filled up with queens full. An academic river later, and to the G went the spoils, whilst a stunned Viffer could only stare at the felt with his mouth slightly ajar.

Could life get any rosier for Tony G? He’s now £73,800 to the good and wearing a smile wider than the newly extended M1 motorway.


Seat 1: Roland De Wolfe — £21,000

Seat 2: Sam Trickett — £43,925

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly — £51,775

Seat 4: Annette Obrestad — £13,225

Seat 5: Neil Channing — £13,450

Seat 6: Viffer — £24,625

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz — £28,025

Seat 8: Tony G — £67,600


Well, I predicted that Roland could add some hot chillies to the cooking pot, and the induction of the PokerNews £500 chip was enough to lure him into the action. I believe it was Tony G who took the first stab at the added value, raising it up to £200 with . De Wolfe, however, wasn’t going to allow the opportunity to pass, and quickly moved all in behind for a whopping £20,500.

His holding? The rather speculative .

Tony G seemed tempted – if only to wipe the smile of his foe’s face – but despite De Wolfe revealing that he held “nine high”, he couldn’t bring himself to make the spite call and inevitably threw his hand into the muck.


It didn’t take long for me to witness an explosion, but it was the Poker Gods who lit the fuse rather than the players themselves.

With Schwartz straddling for £100, Tony G limped with and Sam Trickett raised it up to £450 with . Schwartz and the Gster both called.

On the flop, Schwartz bet £800, Trickett made it £2,800 and Schwartz called. It was the turn, however, that sent the commentary booth into a wild frenzy, the giving Trickett top set but Schwartz the nut straight.

Naturally, Schwartz checked the table, and, following a lead of £4,100, duly bumped it up to £11,000. Trickett mulled it over momentarily before announcing all-in (from a starting stack of circa £20,000) and Schwartz called quicker than a pack of wolves on a three-legged cat.

The Poker Gods weren’t finished yet, however, as the final card came a sadistic to drown Schwartz in the river and award the pot (a cooler, admittedly) to an elated Trickett. We waited for Mount Schwartz to erupt, but alas, there was no such explosion as he took it on the chin like a UFC fighter and stoically advanced to the next hand.


I guess the game wasn’t spicy enough for the current crop; it appears as though they’ve decided to supplement the action with the seven-deuce rule. Hold onto you hollyhock – as my mother used to say – there could be a few rollercoasters ahead…

Meanwhile, Tony G has been reported as the biggest winner so far with a profit of £47.950. Think about the BMX he could buy with that!


“It’s amazing!” declared Jesse May. “Roland has been here 11 minutes and he’s yet to look at the menu!”

It would certainly appear as though Roland is here to play rather than eat, however, as he opened up from under the gun with a raise to £300 with . Both blinds called: Luke Schwartz (small) with and Tony G (big) with .

The dealer reeled a high action flop of , which triggered a lead of £600 from Schwartz. Both players called and despite Jesse May devilishly willing out the , the turn brought the . Groundhog Day in the betting: Schwartz led (although this time for £1,500) and both players matched the bet.

The river was somewhat of a dud (), and after all three players had tapped the table, a relieved Tony G scooped with his second pair.


Five players reached a flop with the following hands:

Annette Obrestad:

Jennifer Tilly:

Sam Trickett:

Tony G:

Luke Schwartz:

Despite the potential for more action than a Die Hard boxset, any such promise quickly fizzed out as Tilly snapped up the booty with a bet of £1,000.


After a lengthy pause, play resumed with Jennifer Tilly launching out of the blocks with a raise to £300 from under the gun. Annette Obrestad, however, also had her running spikes on, and almost beat her neighbour into the pot with an aggressive reraise to £900 with . Tilly called, and the two ladies reached a flop.

Tilly meekly tapped, but Obrestad didn’t bite, immediately checking behind. No more free cards on the turn, however, and despite possibilities of a straight (a two-bet from Obrestad could have made this hand interesting), Tilly fired out with a bet of £1,000 to take down the pot.


De Wolfe is in de house! Not only is there a new face in the media room (helloooo, this is Snoopy – waves), but also at the Big Game table where Triple Crown titan and former journalist Roland De Wolfe has snapped up the vacant spot in seat one. He’ll be seated right next to local hero Sam Trickett with Tony G his neighbour on the other side, so there’s definitely the potential for fireworks and it’ll be interesting to see if Roland’s presence injects a change of pace into the game.


When we started this monumental event, Dusk Till Dawn was packed to the rafters. 12hrs later and there are a few die hards left on the cash tables towards the back of the room and eight people on our main table playing in the Big Game – and what a game it has been.

Party Poker Online qualifier Ryan Smith was the first person to be eliminated and his executioner was Viffer. In fact the early stages of the big game were dominated by Viffer. He had a range of hands as wide as the river Amazon and they just kept connecting with every board. Another person who got his nose ahead early doors and then kept it there was The Devilfish. When he got his double up it was one of the funniest and cruellest moments in Big Game history. The Online Qualifier Andre Petterson had just taken his seat when he was dealt pocket Queens. Even better for the Swede was a flop containing a queen to give him a set. Unfortunately, it also gave the Devilfish a nut flush draw and straight draw. The Devilfish hit his draw and Petterson hit the bar after only playing one hand.

Bruno Fitoussi was the first ever player to be evicted from the table by a public vote and was replaced by Luke Schwartz. Schwartz was an instant hit in the game and played well and made a decent profit all day. Another player who seemed at the top of her game and was winning money was Jennifer Tilly. Tilly then had a huge moment when she got all of her money in pre flop against Viffer in a pot worth over £50,000. Viffers early luck had left him at the worse possible time after Tilly’s pocket aces crushed Viffers pocket kings. After that hand Viffer slid very quickly to the bottom of the leaderboard and into a £30,000 hole. Tilly on the other hand rose to the top of the pile.

A few Party Poker Online Qualifiers came and went until we had our next eviction. This time the players voted and there was a dead heat between Annette Obrestad and The Devilfish. This meant that the vote went to the public and the Devilfish left the game in profit.

No sooner as the Devilfish had left than Tony G arrived on his bike. He parked it up and made an immediate impact. He took over the aggression and V Chip leads and it seemed only a matter of time before someone was going to have an argument with him. It happened after 30-minutes and his opponent was Jennifer Tilly. The pot was the second pot over £50,000 and this time it was Tilly who lost when her ace queen ran into the eight-four off suit of Tony G. Tony G had hit two pair on the turn and Tilly had top pair top kicker.

So Viffer started at the top and finished at the bottom replaced by the G-man drinking tea and riding his bike. What on earth is going to happen in the next 24-hrs is anyone’s guess!

The Biggest Winners In The Last 12hrs

Tony G £49,550

Jennifer Tilly £26,900

Luke Schwartz £22,850

The Devilfish £15,825

The Biggest Losers In The Last 12hrs

Viffer £33,120

Annette Obrestad £17,400

Sam Trickett £13,675

All Party Poker Qualifiers £8,000

Neil Channing £7,500

Bruno Fitoussi £750


Party Poker Online Qualifiers are not making any money today. Eelis Parssinen has just been sent home by Luke Schwartz. The unlucky Fin got his last £3,600 into the middle on a board of holding but Schwartz was holding for the flopped set. The river made no difference to the result.


Viffer has been incredibly quiet since losing the monster pot to Tilly. He just had what could be a game defining hand.

He opened up from early position with a raise holding . Sam Trickett called on the button holding and so did Jennifer Tilly from the small blind holding .


Viffer bet £700 and Trickett raised to £2,400. Tilly moved out of the way and Viffer moved all of his chips in the way. There were £6,100 of them and Trickett called.

The turn was the but the river was the . Viffer wins a much needed pot but the luckless Sam Trickett next knocked back down again. Trickett added another £15,000 to his stack after losing that hand.


£ Profit

Tony G £46,600

Jennifer Tilly £27,800

Luke Schwartz £19,000

Eelis Parssinen -£350

Neil Channing -£7,250

Annette Obrestad -£18,800

Viffer -£35,475


Luke Schwartz raised to £150 holding and got two callers in the shape of Jennifer Tilly and Annette Obrestad .


We had an action flop and Tilly checked to Obrestad who bet £350. Schwartz made the call before Tilly check-raised to £1,200. Obrestad moved out of the way and Schwartz made the call.


Tilly bet £2,000 and Schwartz again flicked out a couple of chips to indicate the call.


Tilley surprisingly checked and Schwartz bet £4,000 and Tilley made the call.


Tony G raised to £300 on the button holding and Jennifer Tilly three-bet to £1,200 holding and Tony G surprisingly made the call.

The flop was and both players checked. Tilly then bet £2,000 on the turn. Tony G was sipping his tea and telling Tilly that he thought she either had ace-queen or ace-king before betting £7,000.

Tilly took ages to react to his bet and in the end Tony G called the clock on her. Tilly asked him if he had jack-ten and he said no.

“I can move all-in or I can fold.” Said Tilly.

“All-in” Said Tilly.

It was a monster pot worth £55,925 and the [5x] on th river secured Tony G’s place as the man with the most profit a mere 30 minutes after riding in here on his bike. Oh did we mention he was holding ?


Obrestad raised to £300 with , Viffer called on the button with and Tony G three-bet to £1,025 from the big blind with . Viffer just attracts these pocket aces. Viffer made the call in position and the flop was .

Tony G bet £2,000 and Viffer called to make a move on the turn or river. The turn was the and Tony G checked to Viffer and he made his move. He bet £3,000 and after an overly dramatic speech by Tony G he then moved all-in and a disgusted Viffer mucked his air.


Financial Update (£Profit)

Jennifer Tilly £47,925

Luke Schwartz £26,350

Tony G £1,450

Eelis Parssinen -£275

Neil Channing -£7,250

Annette Obrestad -£9,700

Sam Trickett -£11,750

Viffer -£27,150


Luke Schwartz raised to £300 with and Tony G called holding . Sam Trickett was on the button with and he squeezed out a three-bet making it £1,400 to play. Jennifer Tilly was sitting pretty in the small blind  holding and she called as did Schwartz and Tony G.


Jackpot for Schwartz but everyone checked.


Schwartz bet £4,100 and everyone folded.

Annette Obrestad then re-bought in for a further £10,000.


Jennifer Tilley raised to £800 with , Annette Obrestad three-bet holding when she made it £1,200. Viffer was lurking in the blinds and he called with [h] and Tilly also called.


Both players checked to Obrestad who bet £2,000 and only Viffer called.


Viffer took the betting lead making it £3,000 and Obrestad folded.


Our fourth Partypoker online qualifier has just joined the fray. His name is Eelis Parssinen and he has brought £8,000 with him.


So Who is Winning Then (£ Profit)?

Jennifer Tilly £47,170

Luke Schwartz £20,125

Tony G -£525

Annette Obrestad -£3,800

Neil Channing -£7,100

Sam Trickett -£7,475

Viffer -£28,800


Annette Obrestad raised to £300 with and Luke Schwartz and Tony G made the call.


Obrestad bet £600 and Schwartz raised to £1,600. Under normal circumstances this hand would be over but since when has Annette been normal? She made he call.


Obrestad bet £800 and Schwartz called.


The action went check/check and Schwartz won the hand with his rivered eight.


Tony G has just rode his bike into the game and taken the seat of The Devilfish. He starts the game with a £20,000 buy-in.


Our third Party Poker Online Qualifier has just been eliminated. Dinara Khaziyeva did last the longest though and played fantastically well.

She finally moved her final £2,875 into the middle on the button holding . Jennifer Tilly called in the small blind holding . The board was clear of a ten when it came down and she was eliminated.


There is another eviction but this time the players are voting! Tournament Director Marty Wilson has handed around the ballot papers and we will have our names shortly.

The player with the highest v-chip and the online qualifier is safe.

Here are the votes.

The player with the highest V Chip is Viffer so he will be exempt.

Dinara Khazyeva voted for The Devilfish

Sam Trickett voted for Annette Obrestad

Jennifer Tilly voted for The Devilfish

Annette Obrestad voted for The Devilfish

Neil Channing voted for Annette Obrestad

Viffer voted for Anette Obrestad

Luke Schwartz voted for Neil Channing

The Devilfish voted for Neil Channing

There was a tie between The Devilfish and Annette Obrestad so it went to the viewer vote and there was one 1% in it but it was the Devilfish who left the table.


Sam Trickett raised to £200 with , Tilly three-bet to his direct left making it £600 with . Annette Obrestad folding [ax][jx]to leave the two of them share a flop.

The flop was

Nobody liked it, least of all Obrestad!

The action was checked through all three streets and Tilly won the hand.


Current Financial Situation (£ Profit)

Jennifer Tilly £38,175

Luke Schwartz £17,475

Devilfish £14,900

Sam Trickett  -£975

Dinara Khaziyeva -£3,700

Annette Obrestad -£4,425

Neil Channing -££4,950

Viffer -£30,300

What a slide by Viffer and what a comeback from Trickett!


The gorgeous Kara Scott has just spiced things up by throwing another £500 into the middle for the Pokernews Bonus Pot!

Luke Schwartz won the pot when he raised to £1,200 holding a huge hand –


The Devilfish opened up the action with when he bet £300. Dinara Khaziyeva called with and so did Tilly with .


A fantastic flop for Tilly. The Devilfish checked, Khaziyeva checked and Tilly bet £600. The Devilfish folded but Khaziyeva, sensing her departure from the table was near, check-raised to £1,800. Tilly had a think before moving all-in and Khaziyeva folded.


Viffer has lost his luck. He raised with to £700 and Luke Schwartz three-bet to £2,200 holding . Viffer made the call and we saw a flop of . Viffer checked-called a £2,700 Schwartz bet. The turn was the and Viffer again check-called but this time for £4,300. On the river we saw the and Viffer checked for the third time. Schwartz moved aline and Viffer had around £9,000 behind. It was a tough decision and a wrong move could have put him out of the game. Eventually Viffer folded and survived to play another hand.


Neil Channing finds the pocket aces and opens to £225. Luke Schwartz makes the three-bet on the button holding . Channing decides whether to call or to raise and eventually decides to raise. He makes it £2,325 but unfortunately for him Schwartz ditches his garbage.


Viffer just got his final £13,625 in the middle of the board holding against Sam Trickett’s . The flop was showing at the time and the and didn’t change anything. Viffer had gone from hero to zero in a matter of two hands.

“Give me another £20,000.” Said Viffer.


Jennifer Tilley has just had a huge two hands. She has just taken £13,000 off Annette Obrestad and then looked down at pocket aces in the very next hand. That was not all – Viffer had pocket Kings!

Sam Trickett made the first raise holding trash, Tilly three-bet to £800, Viffer four-bet to £3,300, Trickett folded, Tilly five bet to £9,000 and Viffer six bet shoved all-in. Tilly snap-called.

“Have you got aces?” asked Viffer.

Tilly didn’t say anything. She just flipped over the goods and Viffer was in a world of hurt.


The biggest pot of the night and Tilly now has over £50,000.


Sam Trickett opened up from the button with . Jennifer Tilly had in the small blind and she raised to £3,000. Annette Obrestad was in the big blind and she found . She had a little thought and moved all-in. Trickett ditched his seven-deuce and after a long deliberation Tilley made the call. We think the bet was £13,000 so a win for either lady would get them right back into this game.


So Jennifer Tilly is back into this game!

Obrestad has bought back in for £10,000.


Schwartz the Nit and Channing The Maniac.

Viffer completed a triple straddle to £400 and Schwartz did not make it £800 – what a nit!. The online qualifier Dinara Khaziyeva had on the button and she made the call. Trickett woke up with and he bet £2,600. Neil Channing peered at his cards and saw and moved all-in for £11,125. Khaziyeva folded and Trickett went deep into the tank and there was a lot of dialogue between him and Channing before he threw his cards high into the air and they floated down into the muck.


Triple straddle!

Jennifer Tilly made it £400 to play with a triple straddle. Luke Schwartz squeezed out a raise making it £1,200 from the blinds holding and Tilly defended her straddle with .

Flop: with £2,750 in the pot.

Schwartz bet £1,200 and Tilly called.


Schwartz continued his charade when he bet £3,550.

Tilly showed him her pair of fours and said,

“you can’t beat that can you?”

Schwartz just shook his head in recognition.


Channing wins a pot!

He has been forced to lay hands down all night and then finally takes a stand. Channing raised to £100 with and Dinara Khaziyeva three-bet on the button to £300 holding . Trickett was in the small blind with [ax][qx]and he just called as did Channing.


Channing checked and Khaziyeva made a c-bet to £625 and Channing check-raised to £1,925 and Khaziyeva folded the hand.


Sam Trickett raised to £300 and Annette Obrestad called before Viffer three-bet from the small blind.

Trickett: [5x] [5x]




Trickett and Obrestad checked to Viffer who bet £2,000. Trickett folded and Obrestad, who had £11,350 behind, moved all-in. Viffer had a little think before ditching the hand.


Jennifer Tilly is adding an additional £10,000 to her stack after losing a few pots.


Tilly gets Schwartz to lay down top pair.

Trickett straddled to £100 and Tilly raised to £150 with . Neil Channing found but decided to just call and this brought Luke Schwartz into the game with .


Schwartz made a bet of £550 and Tilly didn’t mess around. She made the raise to £2,000 and Schwartz didn’t give it a moments thought before flicking his cards into the muck.


Sam Trickett and Jennifer Tilly are having a few tussles and here is another one.

Tricket opened to £300 with and Tilly called with . The flop was and Trickett bet £450. Tilly had already raised Trickett on a couple of occasions earlier and given her back door draws on this board she decided to do it again. Trickett who was asking Tilly a lot of questions about those raises during the break made the call. The turn was the and Tilly had indeed increased her equity and she bet £2,000 when Trickett checked but again he made the call. The river was the and both players checked and Trickett took down the pot.


Current Profit Check

Viffer £21,725

Devilfish £11,650

Jennifer Tilly £8,050

Dinara Khaziyeva £2,150

Luke Schwartz -£175

Neil Channing -£1,575

Annette Obrestad -£2,450

Sam Trickett -£11,750


If Viffer plays every pot then he can reduce surely he will maximise his potential to hit the flop? Well that is exactly what is happening. He just cannot miss. Jennifer Tilly raised with making it £150 to play. Viffer called with and Schwartz called with .


Viffer made the £600 bet and both players called before they all checked the turn. The river was the and Tilly bet £1,200 and Viffer snap-called before Schwartz folded. Viffer wins another pot.


The Devilfish limps into the pot with , Trickett isolated him with a raise to £250 holding , Channing called on the button with and then finally Luke Schwartz sorted it all out with a three-bet of £850 holding the monstrous .


Power Power From Peat!

The Devilfish raised to £150 with and Obrestad only called with on the button. Viffer was in the blinds so we got a standard call. We couldn’t see his hand but know he had the .


The flop was a good one for Obrestad and even better when the Devilfish tried to steal it with a £225 bet. Obrestad raised to £650.

“Well it is either your pot or my pot.” Said Viffer before three-betting to £7,000.

“Well is was my pot until you did that.” Said Obrestad as she folded the best hand.

Viffer had plenty of equity though as he showed .


Sam Trickett chose ace-ten off suit as a three-betting weapon from the small blind. It worked as Channing and Khaziyeva laid down their respective hands.


The Tilly raises are getting so much respect on this table.

She raised to £300 in early position holding and Channing made the call with . The flop was and Tilly check-raised Channing to the tune of £1,600 and Channing laid down the best hand.


Sam Trickett is our biggest loser here today so I am sure he wants to make an impression after the break.

Trickett raised with the monster that is and three players called to his left.


Trickett bet £550 with his wheel-draw and Obrestad was the only caller with her second pair.


Trickett turns the wheel but how was he going to get paid? It was a difficult one for him given the strength of Obrestad’s hand. He bet £1,400 and Obrestad folded.


Current Chip Stacks On The Table

Seat 1: Dinara Khaziyeva  £9,600

Seat 2: Sam Trickett            £22,975

Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly          £14,000

Seat 4: Annette Obrestad  £13,550

Seat 5: Neil Channing       £19,775

Seat 6: Viffer                         £42,475

Seat 7: Luke Schwartz       £21,450

Seat 8: Devilfish                  £21,800


One hour break!

Here is the current situation:

Biggest Winners

Viffer £17,215

Devilfish £11,560

Jennifer Tilly £4,050

Dinara Khaziyeva £2,700

Luke Schwartz £1,450

Biggest Losers

Sam Trickett £16,975

Neil Channing £8,025

Ryan Smith £8,000

Andre Pettersson £8,000

Annette Obrestad £250

Bruno Fitoussi £225


Party Poker Qualifer Dinara Khaziyeva has just doubled up through Viffer.

She opened up with a raise holding . There were a few calls before Viffer three-bet holding . Khaziyeva moved all-in for £5,350 and Viffer complained that he had made a mistake with his raise size before eventually calling.


Khaziyeva now has over £10,000 and looks like she has the game to make an impact on this table.


Sam Trickett has added another £5,000 to his stack.


Schwartz moves immediately into profit. He opened up for a bet of £150 with and Khaziyeva, Tilly and Obrestad all called.


Schwartz led for £550 into the three ladies and Khaziyeva and Tilly both called.


Schwartz launched his second bet and it was for £1,100 and both ladies folded.


VIffer is like Lionel Messi tonight. The man just cannot miss anything. He has just hit quad nines against Khaziyeva and won a £3,500 pot. The he called a raise from the Devilfish from the small blind. The fish had pocket queens and Viffer had [kx][jx]. The flop was of course and Viffer called a £600 Devilfish bet. That was the last of the action and Viffer won a £1,900 pot.


Here Comes The Money!

Viffer £20,990

Devilfish £12,585

Jennifer Tilly £5,875

Dinara Khaziyeva £2,725

Annette Obrestad £1,550

Neil Channing -£10,125

Sam Trickett -£16,825

Annette Obrestad has just added an extra £5,000 to her stack. The Norwegian originally sat down with £10,000 and is in profit as well.


Annette Obrestad raised with when she made it £450 to play. Viffer called with and then the Party Poker Qualifier Dinara Khaziyeva made a move at the wrong time – or so you would think?

Impressively and unusually Annette Obrestad flung her ace-king into the muck quicker Stallion jumps onto a mare. Viffer, who has never laid down pocket tens in his life, made the call after asking Khaziyeva for her phone number if she stacks him.


Both players checked.


Khaziyeva checked again and you knew she had given up on her bluff. Viffer made a bet of £1,600 and the Party Poker qualifier folded.


Luke Schwartz has just jumped into the seat that was once occupied by Bruno Fitoussi. It should be fun watching him tell Viffer how to play the game. Schwartz has sat down with £20,000.


Tilley raised to £180 holding and the Devilfish called with . The Fish had been very quiet of late and was Viffers bet to be the last eliminated player.


Tilley bet £300 but the fish didn’t go anywhere and made the call.


Both players checked.


The fish hit the nuts and bet £900 but it raised the suspicions of Tilly who folded the hand after a bit of verbal.


The pocket aces have made an appearance again. Trickett raised to £200 with and Jennifer Tilly also limped with . Cue Annette Obrestad on the button and she didn’t disappoint when she raised to £800 with . Trickett got out of the way and Tilly made it £2,700 and Obrestad folded.


Kara Scott came to the table to announce the first elimination from the table. The elimination was voted for by the fans and the two players with the most votes were Neil Channing and Bruno Fitoussi. A drum roll later and Fitoussi left the table.


The Pokernews Bonus Pot!

Pokernews have added £500 to the next hand and here it is:

Everyone limps into the pot and it was the Party Poker Qualifier, Dinara Khaziyeva, who raised. She did it from the button and it was for £475 and four people called. The flop was an unimpressive and Khaziyeva bet £1,500 and won the hand.


The Party Poker qualifier Dinara Khaziyeva has just three-bet Viffer out of the blinds. She was holding and Viffer laid it down.


Everybody decided to have a limpers party until Trickett came along and made it £850 to play holding pocket queens from the small blind. Low and behold it was Viffer who was the only person who decided to call.


Trickett bet £1,200 and Viffer called before they both checked the turn.

The river was an awful for Trickett. He lead out for £2,700 and Viffer raised to £9,700. Tricket took a long time to make his mind up. He kept talking about the previous bluff that Viffer had shown him and eventually he talked himself into folding the hand.


Current Winners and Losers

Devilfish £10,860

Viffer £9,615

Jennifer Tilly £5,800

Annette Obrestad £1,975

Dinara Khaziyeva £1,475

Bruno Fitoussi £600

Sam Trickett -£5,900

Neil Channing -£8,425


Viffer just showed Sam Trickett the [7x] [2x]. Judging by the look on Tricketts mush that may well be the start of something!


It has taken three hours for the pocket aces to reveal themselves and when they did they were in the sweaty palms of Sam Trickett. A recently active Neil Channing raised to £100, Viffer three-bet to £200 and Trickett four-bet to £650 and only Viffer called.


Both Channing and Viffer checked to Trickett who bet £800. Channing folded but Viffer made the call holding .


Viffer tapped again and this time the Trickett bet was £2,600 and Viffer surrendered his hand.


Annette Obrestad just made the first four-bet bluff. No bets for guessing who it was against – yes the man with the tables widest range Viffer. Obrestad opened to £150 from the hi-jack and Viffer three-bet on the button holding trash. Obrestad held but that didn’t stop her four-betting to £1,650 and Viffer folded.


The last thing you want when you pick up pocket Kings is to have the whole table calling your raise pre flop. Well on this table that is pretty standard. Five people saw the flop after Tilly made it £300 to play. Incredibly the board missed everyone and Fitoussi bet £600 into all five players with absolute air! Tilly brought some sensibility back into proceedings when she made it £2,000 and everyone ran to the hills.


Viffer took a pot away from Obrestad and Channing when he rivered a straight on a board whilst holding [7x] [6x].

Trickett limped into the pot with a pair of tens. He flopped top set but could not get paid by Obrestad who folded to his CB.

Viffer then took a teeny weeny pot away from Jennifer Tilley when he bluffed the flop from position.

The Devilfish then took down a £950 pot holding on a board against Fitoussi and Obrestad.


Party Poker Online Qualifier Dinara Khaziyeva is still here after three hands!


The two stalwarts at the table have just clashed in an interesting hand. Bruno Fitoussi raised to £175 holding and the Devilfish called with . Trickett also came along for a ride on the button holding .


The action checked to the Devilfish who bet £500. Trickett is no Channing and tosses his five-four offsuit into the muck but Fitoussi called with bottom pair.


Fitoussi took the lead but checked to the Devilfish who bet £1,000 and Fitoussi called.


Fitoussi checked again and the Devilfish celebrated the arrival of his flush card by betting £2,000. Fitoussi really didn’t know where he was and told the Devilfish that he thought he was bluffing all the way. The Devilfish pulled out his harmonica and played the Frenchman a tune. That was enough for Fitoussi and he called and the chips were shipped into the port of Hull.


Neil Channing just loves that five-four off-suit. Tilly opened the action with a raise to £150 and both Channing and Fitoussi made the call.


Tilly bet £300 holding and Channing made a cheeky three-bet to £875 and Tilly and Fitoussi folded their hands.


A new Party Poker Online Qualifier Dinara Khaziyeva has just joined with a stack of £8,000. Let’s hope she can last longer than the last one!


With the range of hands that Viffer plays re-raised pots with sooner or later he is going to get himself into trouble. But that is why we love the guy!

It looked like Viffer made a £100 straddle and Bruno Fitoussi raised to £400 holding . The Devilfish called with and so did Viffer holding .


Just the flop where you would think Viffer was about to lose some money. He checked to Fitoussi who bet £450 holding the best hand. The Devilfish got out of the way and Viffer called. Then the dealer came to the Viffer rescue when he flicked a onto the felt. Viffer checked and Fitoussi bet £750 and Viffer called. The river didn’t change much when the was laid down and Viffer again checked to Fitoussi who bet £1,175.

“I am 99% sure I am calling but 99% sure I am losing.” Said Viffer before making the call and scooping the pot.



We said earlier on that Neil Channing was playing tight after he laid down the ace-queen to a raise earlier. Well we think Channing is here for the long term and that is why he is building the image that he is. Annette Obrestad just raised with and Channing three-bet in position holding and Obrestad folded.


Here are the biggest winners so far:

Viffer £8,565

The Devilfish £7,360

Bruno Fitoussi £5,650

Jennifer Tilly £4,925

Annette Obrestad £3,100

Here are the biggest losers so far:

Ryan Smith £8,000

Andre Petterson £8,000

Sam Trickett £7,225

Neil Channing £6,735


Our second Party Poker online qualifier entered the fray to replace the unfortunate Ryan Smith. You kind of knew it was not going to be his night after his intro music was London calling (The guy is from Sweden!) His name was Andre Petterson (was being the appropriate word). He went around the table and shook everyone’s hand and then literally minutes later he stood back up and shook them again as he left the table!

The poor unfortunate Swede picked up pocket Queens on the button and raised to £500 and Channing and the Devilfish called.


The Devilfish was sat holding and you knew there was going to be fireworks. The Devilfish bet £600, Petterson raised to £1,800, The Devilfish moved all-in and the kid (as Devilfish called him) called.



It was a horrible moment for the online qualifier but also one of the funniest (sorry kid!)


The Devilfish and Viffer just chopped a pot. The Devilfish fired two barrels into Viffer on a board holding and Viffer called with . The river of was checked by both players and the spoils shared.


Annette Obrestad has not played a lot of pots but when she does they are always in position. She raised again on the button holding trash. This time it was . Both Channing and Viffer called in the blinds.

Flop: and all three players checked.


Viffer bet £400 and Obrestad called before Channing folded.


Viffer stole the pot when he bet his second barrel. It was £700 and it was enough to force Obrestad to lay down the best hand.


Five people saw a flop of .

Bruno Fitoussi bet first when he made it £200 to play and The Devilfish and Jennifer Tilly both called.


The Devilfish now had two pair [jx][9x] and he made it £500 to play. Tilly was holding the flush draw on the button and she made the call. Fitoussi folded and it left the two of them to see the river.


Tilly made her flush and The Devilfish tapped the felt to indicate a check. Tilly bet £1,000 and The Devilfish knew she had it. He folded his hand face up and whether or not that comes back to haunt him remains to be seen.


Our Party Poker Qualifier Ryan Smith just found out what it is like to play in a cash game with Viffer. Smith made the raise holding pocket Jacks and there were numerous callers including Viffer with .


You felt for Smith as soon as you saw the flop. He bet £750 and everyone folded except Viffer who raised to £1,500. Smith had a think before just calling.


It just got a whole lot worse for Smith. He checked to Viffer who bet £2,175. You could tell by the look on Smith’s face that he was likely in trouble but he still moved all-in. The price was £6,400 and Viffer snapped him off. The was irrelevant and Smith was the first person to leave the Big Game V party.


Annette Obrestad opened up on the button to £150 with the lowly . Neil Channing was sat in the small blind and he called holding . The flop was all action when it came down . Channing bet £150 and Obrestad raised to £600. Channing just called and we had a turn of . Channing checked and Obrestad made it £1,350 to play and Channing called. The river was an action killing . Channing decided to lead this time and he made it £2,350 and Obrestad called and won the pot much to the surprise of Channing.


The Party Poker Qualifier Ryan Smith has just won his first pot playing on television. Everybody including the cat limped into the pot before Smith raised from the button holding . Trickett was the only person with a decent hand – pocket sixes – and he decided to call.

The flop was and Trickett checked to Smith who bet £1,200 and took the pot down.

“That is the first pot I have ever won on TV” said Smith.


Bruno Fitoussi opened up with a standard raise of £150 and Jennifer Tilly called on the button with pocket sevens. Sam Trickett had a nice hand in the small blind and he made the squeeze making it £600 to play. Fitoussi discarded his garbage and Tilly had a decision to make and she decided to call.


Trickett led for £800 and Tilly decided to raise and define her hand immediately. She made it £3,000 to play and Trickett folded – the second time he has folded to the Tilly raise.


Annette Obrestad raised to £150 with and Bruno Fitoussi made a min-three-bet making it £300 to play from the button with . Jennifer Tilly called in the small blind holding . The flop was and a Tilly £600 bet won the pot.

So far, apart from the Trickett pot, the cards have not thrown up any action yet.


We have had our first double up in an extraordinary hand. Bruno Fitoussi raised and there were four callers which included Sam Trickett who was holding pocket jacks. Our dealer gave us a flop of and Fitoussi bet £350 with his gut shot [ax][5x] and everyone folded except Trickett who just called. The turn was horrific for Trickett when a landed on the felt. Fitoussi checked to Trickett and Trickett also checked. The river was and it was time for Fitoussi to get some value out of his hand. He bet £800 and Trickett asked Fitoussi how much he was playing with before incredibly moving all-in for £20,525. Fitoussi snap-called and we had the first double up. Trickett told Fitoussi that he thought he had [kx][qx]and had turned his pocket jacks into a bluff.

Trickett then called Mad Marty Wilson over so he could add a few more pennies to his stack and now has £30,000.


Annette Obrestad raised to £150 from early position. Neil Channing called before Bruno Fitoussi raised to £675. Everyone folded to the Fitoussi squeeze and this included Channing who was holding . Very conservative play from Channing early on.


The Party Poker qualifier decided to get into the action amongst his salubrious opponents. He raised with to £150 and a three-bet by Annette Obrestad to £450 put Smith back in his place. The lady did have the ladies though good enough for our Norwegian.


Bruno Fitoussi started the action off with a raise from first position holding . jennifer Tilly called with pocket deuces before Viffer defended in the big blind with . The flop was perfect for Viffer when it came down and he did get attached to it with a bet of 600. Fitoussi called with his second pair and Tilly got out of the way. The turn was the and a £1,150 bet by Viffer was enough to force The King out of the pot.


Viffer raised with and Trickett put in the three-bet from the button holding .


Viffer checked and Trickett bet £400 and Viffer called.


A great card for Trickett and when Viffer checked to him he bet £1,100. Game over right? Wrong! Viffer checked and unless he was going to make a move on the river he must have thought his King high was good.


Trickett hit his flush and after Viffer checked to him he made an overbet of £6,000 into a pot of £4,050. Viffer put some thought into it before finally folding his hand.


Sam Trickett takes the first pot down in the Big Game V at DTD.

Viffer was the first person to raise, no surprise there, Bruno Fitoussi called in the cut off and Devilfish called on the button. Tilly folded her small blind and Sam Trickett called in the big blind.

Our first flop was and Trickett lead out into the field with a bet of £250 holding [tx][6x] and his only caller was the Devilfish on the button holding .

The turn was the and a £800 Trickett bet took down the pot.


The “winner takes it all” is blasting from the sound system, Jennifer Tilly’s chest is blasting from her dress and the Devilfish’s eyes are blasting from his head!

Dusk till Dawn is full to the brim and right in the middle of all of the action is the gorgeous Kara Scott as she starts to introduce the players.

The reports from the blog will start in 30-minutes time so stay tuned.

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