I have just won the biggest pot of my life. Check out the video and recap below:

In the blink of an eye, the Big Game V has transformed into the Tony G show, with the PartyPoker sponsored pro feeding our nostalgia and proving that the boisterous, charismatic, outspoken Tony G that caught everyone’s eye those many moons ago still runs rampant in the world of poker.

The Catherine wheel was initially spun by Kristijonas Andrulis who made a standard raise to 150 with rags. As it happens, his timing was worse than a broken Rolex as Rob Yong stumbled upon two seats down and duly three-bet to £700. Martins Adeniya also peeked down at a premium hand and flat-called with .

But if Yong and Adeniya had found monsters, then Tony G had the lovechild of Godzilla and King Kong lurking on the glass with those beautiful bullets, . Although the American Airlines were boarding passengers and preparing for take-off, we didn’t expect them to rocket into the air with the velocity they did, as Tony G promptly announced all-in as if moving in preflop for circa £80K was a standard occurrence.

“All-in?” inquired the table inquisitively.

“Yeah, all-in,” confirmed Tony G as the smiles diminished.

Andrulis chuckled with a shrug and released his hand, but Yong’s body language suggested that he was in for the long haul. Sitting upright in his chair with his arms folded, he informed the table that he had pockets queens ( to be precise), forgetting, I can only assume, that Adeniya was still in the hand. After a brief pause, he announced call and the table simmered with excitement.

Then, much to their shock, the action halted on Adeniya who seemed in a state of severe quandary. “Don’t call,” advised Tony G as Adeniya pitched up tent in the think tank. “Don’t call.” After his offer to reveal a card (which would surely have altered Adeniya’s decision) fell on stony ground, Tony G requested the clock. A countdown wasn’t required, however, as Adeniya made the call.

With the hands on their backs, the dealer placed a onto the felt. “That’s quite a safe flop,” observed Tony G with a smirk. If the flop was safe, then the turn was like the Bellagio vault, and by the turn it was all over, Tony G was the victor of a mammoth pot and had sent two, wounded players busto in one foul swoop.

“There’s nobody else who can do this, only Tony G!” he exclaimed with his arms aloft. “This is the greatest show in the world!”

“Bring on more of them,” he continued, carefully evading the word “Russians”. “Give him a refill.”

“I’m going to tip like no one has ever tipped before.”

As I raced off to ringside to hang around Tony G with my notepad in hand in the hope of a Spring bonus, a stunned Yong wandered around the table shaking hands with his opponents before exiting stage left. But as Yong sucked up a £50,000 loss, Adeniya took a deep breath and called out for chips, keen to stay in the game and attempt a recovery.

As for the Gster, he’s now crushing the game and it’s going to take a crowbar and a tub of Vaseline to prise the smile from his face.

Full live updates are here.


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