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The Grand Prix KO Winter Edition was a roaring success, with PartyPoker players worldwide padding their bankrolls with sizable scores from the festival’s events. Now it is time to prepare for the Grand Prix KO Summer Edition where the only thing hotter than the weather outside is the tournament action online at PartyPoker.

August 11 through August 29 are the dates for the PartyPoker Grand Prix KO Summer Series. It features 14 numbered events that have buy-ins from $5.50 up to $320, and guaranteed prize pools worth up to red hot $500,000. Each event features several Day 1s where the top 15% of finishers progress to Day 2 with at least a min-cash to show for their efforts.

The Grand Prix KO Summer Series kicks off with the $3.30 Mini Opener and the $33 Opener. Players in the Mini Opener fight it out for a share of a guaranteed $15,000, with the larger $33 buy-in Opener featuring at least $75,000 in its prize pool.

Other highlights of the festival include a $215 buy-in 6-Max Championship with $200,000 guaranteed, a $320 buy-in $250,000 guaranteed 7-Max High Roller, and the return of the popular Super 50 and Super 5 events that command affordable buy-ins of $55 and $5 yet guarantee $150,000 and $30,000 will be paid out.

Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Schedule

Event Buy-in Guarantee Dates
#01 Opener $33 $75,000 Aug 11-15
#02 Mini Opener $3.30 $15,000 Aug 11-15
#03 6-Max Championship $215 $200,000 Aug 11-18
#04 Mini 6-Max Championship $22 $75,000 Aug 11-18
#05 Main Event $109 $500,000 Aug 11-29
#06 Mini Main Event $11 $100,000 Aug 11-29
#07 7-Max High Roller $320 $250,000 Aug 13-22
#08 Super 50 $55 $150,000 Aug 15-22
#09 Super 5 $5.50 $30,000 Aug 15-22
#10 7-Max Championship $215 $200,000 Aug 18-25
#11 Mini 7-Max Championship $22 $75,000 Aug 19-25
#12 6-Max High Roller $320 $200,000 Aug 22-29
#13 Closer $33 $100,000 Aug 22-29
#14 Mini Opener $3.30 $20,000 Aug 23-29

$500,000 Guaranteed Main Event

Of course, no festival worth its salt would be complete without a Main Event, and the Grand Prix KO Summer Edition has two of them.

Event #05 is the $109 buy-in Main Event that comes with at least $500,000 in its prize pool. The winter edition of this tournament saw almost 900 players cash for a share of more than $600,000. Argentina’s Augusto Hagen defeated Denmark’s Adam Jakobsen to secure a combined first place prize worth $51,356. No doubt Hagen will be among the thousands of entrants in the summer series’ Main Event.

Running alongside the $109 Main Event is an $11 Mini Main Event, which is only mini in name because its prize pool is guaranteed to reach $100,000. Both the Main Event and its Mini Main Event companion’s flights have the same 12 levels of late registration, single re-entry, and the same blind structure. The only difference is the $109 players play to an eight-minute clock while the Mini Main Event blinds increase every seven minutes.

Satellites From Online $0.01

We want as many PartyPoker players as possible to enjoy the thrill of playing such prestigious events, so we are running dozens upon dozens of satellites throughout the Grand Prix KO Summer Edition. Those satellites start with our famous $0.01 buy-in centrolls, which open to the door to everyone.

It is worthwhile following PartyPoker on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as we will be giving away Grand Prix KO Summer Edition tickets to our followers!

August 11 cannot come round soon enough!

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