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Argentina has itself a Grand Prix KO Winter Series Main Event champion after Augusto Hagen came out on top in the $109 buy-in tournament. Hagen’s impressive victory came with a combined prize worth $51,356, made up of the $33,224 first-place prize plus $18,132 from the bounty prize pool.

Almost 900 players returned for Day 2 of the $500,000 guaranteed Main Event, which paid out more than $600,000. Alan Flannery’s shove with was called by both Adam Jakobsen and Hagen holding and respectively. Flannery could not get there and he fell in tenth place, which set the official final table.

Brazil’s Ramon Kropmanns held a massive chip lead going into the final table’s action. The Brazilian had more than 152 million chips with fellow South American Lucas Rocha in second-place with 96.3 million betting tokens.

Back-to-Back Eliminations

Alexander Jensen was the first finalist out of the door despite sitting down fourth in chips. Jensen’s stack whittled down to 21.2 million or seven big blinds, when he open-shoved from middle position with . Unfortunately for the Dane, Christian Achhammer woke up in the big blind with , and he called. Achhammer improved to an unnecessary set on the river, and the final table lost its first player.

Vinicius Amin crashed out on the very next hand. He ripped in his last five big blinds with from the cutoff, and Kropmanns looked him up from the button with the dominating . Kropmanns’ hand remained true, and Amin exited in eighth place.

Seventh-place went to Anatoliy Byakhov a few hands after Amin headed to the showers. Byakhov pushed all-in for only 3.5 big blinds from under the gun with . Kropmanns called with to put the Russian at risk of elimination. The tens of Kropmanns remained true, and the final table was now down to only six players.

Those six became five when Rocha fell by the wayside. Rocha committed his last ten big blinds with , and Achhammer called with from the big blind. A queen on the river condemned Rocha to a sixth-place finish.

Maksim Kostin was the next finalist heading for the exits. Jakobsen open-shoved from the small blind with , and Kostin called off his 11.7 big blind stack with the superior . Kostin’s hand remained best until the river when a six appeared on the board.

Double Elimination Puts Ball in Hagen’s Court

The remaining players were now guaranteed a five-figure score for their troubles, and Kropmanns was the first of the survivors to net this amount. Kropmanns lost a massive pot to Hagen and never recovered. In the key hand, Kropmanns raised 2.2-times the big blind to 8.8 million with from the button. Hagen called with in the big blind, and proceeded to improve to two pair on the flop. Hagen check-called a 9.72 million bet, leading to the turn. Again, Hagen checked, Kropmanns made it 31.2 million to go, only for Hagen to check-raise all-in for 171.1 million. Kropmanns called. The river gifted Hagen a full house and a monster-sized 383.2 million pot, while Kropmanns was left with less than one big blind.

A double-elimination ended any hopes of a Kropmanns comeback. He min-raised to 8 million, leaving only 839,304 chips behind. Achhammer three-bet to 50 million, only for Hagen to four-bet all-in. Kropmanns called off his micro stack with , Achhammer put in his last 28.4 million with , and Hagen showed . The board ran , gifting Hagen a straight.

Hagen now held 490.9 million chips to the 106.5 million of Jakobson. Unsurprisingly, the hot-running Hagen made short work of his last opponent.

The final hand saw Jakobson take a stand and jam his 20 big blind stack with Hagen called with , which held as the five community cards fell .

Grand Prix KO Winter Series Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Augusto Hagen Argentina $18,132 $33,224
2 Adam Jakobsen Denmark $3,604 $33,159
3 Christian Achhammer Germany $3,741 $20,724
4 Ramon Kropmanns Brazil $6,480 $13,773
5 Maksim Kostin Russia $589 $9,276
6 Lucas Rocha Brazil $1,751 $6,702
7 Anatoliy Byakhov Russia $1,054 $4,785
8 Vinicius Amin Brazil $2,252 $3,710
9 Alexander Jensen Denmark $2,822 $2,950

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