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Going to heads-up Antonio Esfandiari had a 1,948,000 to 452,000 chip advantage over Scott Seiver. There was a bit of back and forth before the first major confrontation ended things.

It was Seiver who shoved, moving his last 407,000 with , Esfandiari calling with . The fell on the flop, the fell on fourth street and Seiver asked if the dealer could deal him the river, I didn’t hear the response but the dealer burned and turned the river – the – in the usual spot. It was no good for Seiver, he had to settle for 11 points whilst Esfandiari took 16 points for the win. The bottom three going into this heat finished 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively meaning this group is now wide open.

Group A, Heat 3 result:

1st. Antonio Esfandiari (16 points)
2nd. Scott Seiver (11 points)
3rd. Phil Hellmuth (8 points)
4th. Sam Trickett (6 points)
5th. Jonathan Duhamel (4 points)
6th. Marvin Rettenmaier (3 points)
7th. Daniel Negreanu (2 points)
8th. Jungleman (0 points – bagel)

Overall Group A standings:

1st. Jonathan Duhamel (31 points)
=2nd. Sam Trickett (19 points)
=2nd. Antonio Esfandiari (19 points)
=4th. Jungleman (18 points)
=4th Phil Hellmuth (18 points)
6th. Daniel Negreanu (16 points)
7th. Scott Seiver (15 points)
8th. Marvin Rettenmaier (14 points)

It’s so tight that bar Jonathan Duhamel, who’s already in the final, second to seventh are only separated by five points. A win for anyone in the last heat will guarantee them an automatic spot in the final, a second place finish for any of the top six should also be enough for a top three finish and an automatic spot in the final.

One thing’s for sure the final heat is going to be epic, it’s going to very interesting to see what Jonathan Duhamel does once the antes kick in as he can really apply the pressure to the other stacks and by that point he should know a little bit about how they’re approaching the heat. It’s really only Marvin Rettenmaier who’s going to outright have to go for the win.

Join us tomorrow for the third heat of Group B, it’s slated to start at 2pm, so the live stream will be up and running around 2.30pm GMT.

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