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If you look at Tobias Reinkemeier’s results it’s plain to see that he basically doesn’t play in events with a buy-in of lese than €5,000, he’s a fixture in the high rollers, the super high rollers and the so-big-they-haven’t-come-up-with-a size-to-adequately-describe-them -yet rollers.

The Tough Get Going…

Those events though, according to the German are getting tougher. ““It’s obviously always getting tougher because the businessmen are very smart people. They’ve been successful in other parts of their life so naturally that when they keep playing, especially in tough fields they get better and keep learning.”

Wise words, and he’s come a long way then since his humble poker beginnings, “I played a bit with friends with first, then I saw an advert on TV for poker, where you got $50 for free, so why not give it a go. So I signed up, took the $50 and never had any intentions of depositing any of my own money. And I started off playing really low like 5c/10c cash games.”

Tobias Top 5 Tips

And he’s therefore in quite a good spot to pass on advice about how to get better here’s his top tips:

1) I think the best way to get better is mainly by playing a lot.

2) You always have to take the game seriously and not get lazy

3)I think a lot of new players over estimate themselves that’s probably the biggest mistake in poker, that players are not realistic about their own ability. It’s always easy when you win to think it’s skill and when you run bad to always say its variance.

4) Bluffing is a big part of the game, for newcomers you have to be careful you really have to look at your opponents and see what they’re doing to make it work.

5) At low stakes when I was starting out I don’t think I really every bluffed because the players would always call so there’s no point in bluffing. The most important thing about bluffing is to know your opponent and know if he’s going to fold or not.

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