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Andrew Robl and Tony G are the best of friends. Perhaps not, but we’ll see where their relationship is when Andrew takes a starting seat for the Big Game, which starts on Day 1B of the WPT Vienna Main Event at the Montesino on the 11th April, running for 48 hours. A stream of all the action with hole cards, including exclusive bonuses and freerolls, will be available for all 48 hours on the blog. Robl talked to us about the cash game.

Best Friends

WL: Andrew, the organizers have offered you a starting seat for the Big Game in Vienna. Are you looking forward to re-acquainting yourself with Tony G?

AR: “I would like to take the spot but for me but the bigger the game the more worthwhile it will be. I would say I am a big favourite to take part and certainly win if Tony is at the table. I think Tony knows I am a better player than him so he gets  angry which is strange as off the felt he can be really nice. I suppose it is ok for him to rant and rave but is really not my style. Last time i took part in a event i was involved in a sickening quads over quads hand. That has left more of a mark on me than anything Tony G has said.”

On his own bike?

WL: Tony said he would step down from his sponsorship deal with deal if you got a place in the Premier League. What do you think about that?

AR: “Is that true? That’s his problem and if true it is really petty. With Tony there is a clear divide between what he says and what he actually does – i would believe it if i see it. I would like to play and am interested in taking a play-off seat  if the Main isn’t available. When it comes to playing Tony the bigger the game the better. It is clear i get to him so the opportunity to tilt him again would be great – I have more than an edge. And no… his dog cannot save him from this one!”

WL: Tony criticizes you as a ‘shameful example of a modern internet  player’ – what do you make of that?

AR: “He is entitled to his opinion and isn’t shy in expressing it but it all comes down to his insecurity about knowing that I am a better player than him. I like to concentrate on my game and headphones can be handy when there are people like Tony around.”

Tick Tock

WL: See you in Vienna then Andrew – shall we bring a clock?

AR: “Ha, ha. I look forward to it. I am heading back to the States tomorrow. I look at things very rationally and in my mind if Tony G is in Vienna I have to go as I need to make money – that’s the bottom line. I’m sure people will love watching him lose on the live stream on the internet – the idea of playing him for 48 hours straight is appealing!”


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