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Bad Beat stories I mean come on…seriously on some level who doesn’t just love hearing all about them huh? There’s just something about them, the very agony of the whole scenario, in it there’s something that makes enjoying them oh so so deliciously wrong, like that car crash on the highway you saw in disbelief, the first corner in every F1 race or just watching the ice skating finals with your other half when inside all you’re really thinking is “come on…crash and burn baby, crash and burn”

Ohh now before the phone and emails start please don’t misunderstand me it’s wrong wrong wrong and I know it, but then again we’ve all done it right? I just wonder why? Is it purely sociological or psychological? or deep down is there some kind of evolutionary adaptive function at work. Pure survival as such. I don’t know, I just always feel there should be some kind of prize awarded to the worst bad beat story at live events, I mean Andrew Robl sure should have got something for that sick Quads over Quads story, and I know at least Jesse May feels the same as I do on this one.

Every Cloud

Meanwhile clouds, some silver linings later and luckily for one PartyPoker player aka grujo_grujo some bad beats sure turn out to pay huge divides $90k of them in fact. And so I managed to catch up with this “lucky loser”?, who walked away with a very nice payday.

What did I get back, well actually silence, white noise, nothingness is what I really got first of all, about 2 and a half weeks of the stuff and as grujo said “Dany,  First of all I must apologize because I didn’t reply till now. I was and I’m still in shock. As you know I won large amount on Party Poker and I can’t describe how I feel!”

DW: No worries, I figured you’d gone off the radar to count your winnings, huge congratulations of course, so this game o poker, tell us how you get started with it?

GG: My best friend told me about holdem a few years ago. He taught me how to play. After that the rest is history :)

DW: Well history has a funny habit of repeating, think you could pull this one off again? What’s your normal poker day look like?

GG:  Usually I play online poker with 1/2, 2/4 and 3/6 stakes on cash and MTT.

DW: That kind of cash can seriously help your bankroll, any live events planned, ever been on one?

GG: No live events yet, but I did okay in the Spring Million!

Not just lucky in Poker

DW: Cool, so outside of poker tell us what you do, any interesting facts you need to share?

GG: I like football. I m soccer fan. I watch my favorite club, Zeljeznicar. Also I like movies, music and mountain climbing. Interesting fact about me is that I survived two car accidents without any injuries.

DW: Wow, you really are a lucky son of a….So poker full time gig or passionate hobby for you?

GG: Well I’m medical technician. And Holdem is my hobby. It is hard to be professional, there’s a lot of good players all around.

DW: Well I’d for one put you up there with good players you sure have luck on your side, who’d you most like to test that luck out to the limit with on the felt?

GG: Well my favorite players are Daniel Negreanu and Tony G; Except for Tony and Daniel I’d be scared to play against Durr, Ivey, Hellmuth and Antonius that’s a one way ticket to lose your house.

The Hand That Changed Everything

DW: Let’s talk a little about that hand, what happened?

GG: Well I played cash games, I got four of kind Js and I was beaten by four of kind Ks. I had a strange feeling that my opponent was stronger than me but I called it at the end. I lost 100 USD and I felt sick (not because I lost money. I lost with four of kind-bad luck). But when I checked my account I saw huge amount on it. And in short time I realized that I had won the Bad Beat Jackpot. I still can’t believe it. After all it was good call and even better to lose.

I’m going to pay off my mortgage, renovate my house, give some to the charity, and live my life like I lived before only knowing that money is not a huge issue. I want to thank God and Party Poker. You changed my life in mysterious ways.

DW: Thanks, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. And for our readers if you feel like trying your luck check out the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion page for more, good luck?


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