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The WPT Vienna will soon be upon us, and we know that it’s going to be a fantastic trip! Below is a list of the PartyPoker online qualifiers so far, for this huge $7,000 WPT Vienna packages, be sure to follow along with all the action at the PartyPoker Blog Live Event page

WPT Vienna Online Qualifiers

  • DoM1naTor777
  • Wisiniewski
  • pacmann7777
  • Cocomangos
  • H3llfire10
  • QuiteTheFritzl
  • Hfgdhfhdgfgd
  • PKRfml
  • Bagofsand111
  • MissYou
  • I_am_broke

Catching Up with new friends!

Earlier we managed to catch up with Bagofsand111 (pictured above) for a quick chat on the subject of Poker, Travel, Ian Frazer and Champagne!

DW: So of course first things first, when did you first get into poker?

BS: About 5 years ago

DW: And what’s your set up like? Online or Live, what kind of structure would we see you playing at?

BS: A mix of both. On line $100 to $400 dollars, live, anything upto about $1500

DW: Ever played a major event before?

BS: No, this would be my first

World Traveler

DW: Excting, so okay outside of Poker then what kind of interests do you have?

BS: Mostly sports, and travelling around the world to watch most sports

DW: Well you sound pretty dedicated to us, we like that on the PartyPoker Blog! So is this a full time gig or passionate hobby, do you do anything full time?

BS. Yes, I run my own company, a recruitment consultancy based in Holland

DW: Who are some of your favorite professional poker players? Any players you hope to play with?

BS. Ian Frazer, hes a bit of a mate. Don’t know any of the others, would hope to play with the best, why not…

Expensive Tastes

DW: Could be to your advantage I hope, okay say you cash big what are you going to do with it all?

BS. Buy Pink Champagne, and loads of it!!!

DW: That’s a unique answer so you get kudos for that at least, good luck and see you in Vienna!

Fancy taking a shot at the WPT Vienna?

There really is no other town in the entire universe you want to be in come April when the poker extravaganza rolls into Vienna.

We’ll be hosting the fantastic Premier League with action leading right into WPT Vienna, which is looking to build on the success it saw in its first stop ever there last year.

Best of all is that PartyPoker online players have a chance of winning a $7,000 WPT Vienna trip packages in our weekly online finals that run every Sunday, could this be your weekend?


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