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Adam Snee is the APAT WCOAP High Roller champion after he came out on top of a 284-strong field to secure the impressive $13,850 first-place prize.

Snee had already turned his $265 buy-in into at least $2,000 by reaching the seven-handed final table, but he had his sights set on a more substantial prize.

Estonia’s Tenno Tonts finished in seventh-place just as he’d done in the WPT Montreal #17 – 7-Max Turbo PKO event earlier. This latest seventh-place finish yielded a $2,018 prize.

Marc Foggin is a name many of you will be familiar with. The talented geordie ran out of steam in sixth place, a finish worth $2,517.

Then came the demise of both Adrien Delmas and Glyn Wellings to leave the final table three-handed. Demlas collected $3,224 while Wellings padded his bankroll with $4,568.

Heads-up was set when the first of two Dutch grinders fell in third. Alexander van der Swalus was the penultimate elimination of the evening. His exit in third place meant he had to make do with a $6,818 haul.

Snee locked horns and butted heads with Hugo Allen for the tournament’s five-figure top prize. He came out on top of the one-on-one battle to turn his $265 into $13,850 and leave Allen to console himself with the $9,669 runner-up prize.

WCOAP #05 – High Roller Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Adam Snee United Kingdom $13,850
2 Hugo Allen Netherlands $9,669
3 Alexander van der Swalus Netherlands $6,818
4 Glyn Wellings United Kingdom $4,568
5 Adrien Delmas United Kingdom $3,224
6 Marc Foggin United Kingdom $2,517
7 Tenno Tonts Estonia $2,018

Askar Nuridenov Crowned Mini High Roller Champion

The only thing mini about the APAT WCAOP Mini High Roller was its name because 679 players bought in for $27.50 and created a $16,975 prize pool.

Russian grinder Askar Nuridenov was the last man standing when the dust settled and this meant his $27.50 investment was now worth $2,943.

Two other finalists walked away with four-figure prizes to show for their efforts. Michael Lawson of Canada, Nuridenov’s heads-up victim, was one of them; he scooped $2,043. Third-place finisher Eduardo Escada from Brazil was the other. His elimination in third netted him a $1,418 prize.

Fourth-placed Carlos Magna Martins, also of Brazil, came close to a four-figure prize but his haul weighed in at $946.

WCOAP Mini – High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Askar Nuridenov Russia $2,943
2 Michael Lawson Canada $2,043
3 Eduardo Escada Brazil $1,418
4 Carlos Magno Martins Brazil $946
5 Felix Kohl Germany $634
6 Henrik Veldhoen Germany $488
7 Florian Anders Germany $370

Ron Jr Marshalok Takes Down PLO8 Knockout Championship

PLO8 is a fun game but even more so when there’s a bounty element added to it. Canadian Ron Jr. Marshalok certainly enjoyed himself as would you if you’d topped a field of 294 entrants to bank a combined $2,608 for your $55 buy-in.

Marshalok busted three opponents on his way to glory, including Artur Mikhailov in second-place, which is where the bulk of his $1,496 bounty payment came from. Mikhailov collected a combined $1,797 for his bridesmaid finish.

Four British players made it to the final table, but they busted one after another from sixth-place to third. Gareth Watson (6th – $332), Brian Yates (5th – $841), Sam Acheampong (4th – $712), and Gordon McArthur (3rd – $1,051) being those British grinders.

WCOAP #04 – PLO8 Knockout Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounties
1 Ron Jr Marshalok Canada $1,112 $1,496
2 Artur Mikhailov Canada $1,110 $687
3 Gordon McArthur United Kingdom $765 $286
4 Sam Acheampong United Kingdom $507 $205
5 Brian Yates United Kingdom $356 $485
6 Gareth Watson United Kingdom $276 $56
7 Kostya Sidorenko Ukraine $206 $173

Klimenti Kalitenko Shines in Mini PLO8 Knockout

Klimenti Kalitenko won the Mini PLO* Knockout event and is now $435 richer than a couple of days ago. Kalitenko had to navigated his way through 515-opponents in his way to a well-deserved victory.

The Ukrainian champion sent British amateur Dean Pearson to the rail in second-place to secure the victory. Although disappointed not to win the event, Pearson must be pleased with turning $5.50 into $344. Pearson sent 15 opponents to the showers on his way to second place, only John Myles, the fourth-place finisher, managed to bust more (17).

WCOAP Mini – PLO8 Knockout Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounties
1 Klimenti Kalitenko Ukraine $237 $198
2 Dean Pearson United Kingdom $236 $108
3 Martin Dobson United Kingdom $160 $13
4 John Myles Canada $107 $109
5 Sergey Gladyshev Russia $72 $10
6 ilia Kononchuk Russia $55 $48
7 Alan Macvicar United Kingdom $39 $10

Upcoming WCOAP Events

January 29 sees the 7-Card Stud Championship crown its champion and the Mini 7-card Stud event do the same. Joris De Baas is the man to catch in the Championship where only 20 of the 122 starters remain. Paiwand Osman is in a similar position in the Mini where he leads the final 34 players from a field of 211.

Pot-Limit Omaha fans need to fire up their partypoker accounts at 19:15 GMT because that’s when the $15,000 guaranteed PLO Knockout Championship shuffles up and deals. This is also the time when the $5.50 buy-in Mini PLO Knockout starts, which has $3,000 guaranteed to be won.

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