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1984 gave us the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, the launch of NASA’s Shuttle Discovery and some kid called Mark Zuckerberg was born. Meanwhile in Las Vegas another World Series Of Poker poker player named Jack Keller was in for the fight of his life!

Small Town Kid With Big Ambitions

Jack hailed from a small town named Tunica in Mississippi and would go on to gain the somewhat ironic nickname of ‘Gentleman Jack’ that he picked up when working as a stock broker, it stuck partly due to his highly aggressive, risky style of play.

Making A Name..

Keller made a name for himself in the early 80’s Las Vegas card rooms as a powerful Seven Card Stud and Lowball player. Gentleman Jack had a reputation for being a particularly ‘murderous’ Lowball player. Keller was always keen to learn new poker variants and picked up a fondness for Omaha and in turn Texas Hold’em, quickly adding them to his armory of mastered games.

A Fine Year…

1984 would prove to a pretty good year for the Gentlemen, he first took down the $5,000 Seven Card Stud crushing Harry Thomas and pocketing $137,000 for his troubles and then came the Main Event.

After what’s been described as a gruling final table Gentlemen Jack went on to win his Main Event bracelet with pocket tens against ‘Cowboy’ Wolford and picked up $660,000. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1994.

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