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They say ‘in space no one can hear you scream‘ right? And perhaps that’s also true when it comes to playing online poker.

You’ll need nerves of steel and courage to match in order conquer this beautiful game, but the moment you start blowing up, screaming, kicking and shouting you’re going to be on tilt and in poker hell (see 7 GIFs From Your Poker Week In Hell) faster than you can spell it.

And trust us you don’t want to be there.

No one does.

So remember even though they can’t see you, it’s time to start practicing your best poker face, as trust us it’ll come in real handy for whatever those cards or life throws at you.

1. When you pull off a sick sick bluff and don’t get caught:


2. When you have it all but it just falls apart right in front of you.


3. When you just miss late reg to the weeks largest tourney:


4. When you try to pull off a fancy trick and it backfires:


5. When you go up against the table bully:


6. When you get moved to a new table, keep that table image in check…


7. When you know you have them beat!


8. When you’re setting that ‘ultimate poker trap’…must keeeepp calm




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