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Sunday is the day we’re all looking for. It’s when seasoned pros, aspiring youngsters and recreational players come together to battle it out in the biggest tournaments.

One of those is PartyPoker’s $300k Guaranteed. As you might have guessed, there’s at least $300,000 in the prize pool. That number has just recently been increased by $100,000! The 1,445 players paying the $200+15 buy in last Sunday were able to rejoice in a small overlay.

It’s A Marathon

Cards where in the air at 19:30 CET and players needed a lot of patience and stamina to get where they wanted (unless someone was hoping on busting early). It took several hours until the last standing players took their seat at the final table to fight it out for the top spot and a great payday.

Often there’s a deal made early on at the final table. Not this time. Several players were confident enough to have a huge edge over their opponents and refused to share any of the possible winnings. Eventually though, a deal was made when the tournament went into it’s final phase. The two players in heads up agreed to eliminate some of the variance.

When the dust settled, it was najden that emerged as this years first $300k Guaranteed winner. He took home almost $50,000 in cash, followed by Le_Captain88 in 2nd place and $36,000.

The Top 10 On January 6th, 2013

1. najden – $48,206
2. Le_Capitan88 – $36,694
3. xx_SiMoNe_xx – $17,700
4. semislaktarn – $14,250
5. patraulea2288 – $11,250
6. batooon635 – $8,250
7. Dr_Krimson – $5,550
8. buffyslayer2 – $4,050
9. ozshrek – $3,000
10. vaja007 – $2,550

Qualifiers for the upcoming $300k Guaranteed are running ’round the clock on PartyPoker. $1 is enough to start your journey towards what might be a life changing cash.


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