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Every couple of years like clockwork the Rounders II rumors seem to pop up. And just like another Indiana Jones adventure or another Jason Bourne installment Rounders II even has its own ‘In Development’ page over on IMDB. Not that that means a darn thing we know, but as a bit fun we thought we’d bounce the question around the poker room at the recent WPT Prague “Who Should Play You In Rounders II?” the answers we’re anything but predictable:

Let’s Hear Your Thoughts

So What do you think? Could Bill Murray play Jesse May? Edward Norton for Amatos? and Adam Sandler for Bodo?For me it would clearly have to be Steve McQueen, what he’s dead? Ohh cr… oh well let us know who would play you and your thoughts in the comments below and remember to follow us on Twitter for more poker greatness.


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