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Once a year there’s an epidemic going around. People all over the world getting the need to change their life, plan the future and reinvent themselves. So years from now they can say: that there was the First Day Of the rest of My Life.

The phenomenon doesn’t stop at the poker tables. Who knows and understands the true meaning of the so called Reshuffle if not us. We leave what happened behind after learning our lesson and start over with more knowledge and confidence.

What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

Get yourself a completely new style? Try to bully your opponents and crush them like a Cannonball? Or allow yourself to donk around? There can be a lot comfort in not having to make sense (ask Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs). If you can’t stand getting pushed around longer, start screaming “U Can’t Touch This” at everyone who tries to steal your big blind.

If you’re a player who analyzes it’s mistakes, good luck in finding your Kryptonite and avoiding it in the process. We all have our weak spots, but looking into the Eye Of The Tiger makes us stronger.

What About Yourself?

Wherever 2013 takes you, the PartyPoker Blogging Team wishes you all the best on your way.  And whether you play in tournaments or at cash tables … Don’t Stop Getting Better and may you be the one with all the chips and money at The End.

What are your personal goals for 2013? Leave them as a comment and check back a year from now to see how you did.
We sure hope our weekly playlists help you on the way of getting where you want to go.

Finally, we need your help on this and future playlists. What songs inspire you?

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