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Mike Sexton knows poker inside and out for many people he’s the man that introduced them to the world of poker.

You’ll probably know him as the co-host of the World Poker Tour TV series next to Vince Van Patten.

Over the years Mike’s ability to bring poker to the masses through his unique commentary style in a simple yet captivating way has resulted in many of us taking up the game.

Here he thought it’d be fun to share his personal tips from over the years with us all.

In this first part we present 3 tips and there’s still plenty more to come:


Tip No.1 The difference between winners and losers in poker is that winners bet most of the time and losers call most of the time.

Tip No.2 To be successful at poker, especially No Limit Hold’em, you need to be an aggressive player. You must take the lead in the pot.

Tip No.3 To illustrate the downfall of continuous calling, we have an old saying in poker: “If you can’t beat a calling station, you can’t beat anybody”.

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